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  • Blake George

    Blake George

    General Manager

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    Blake George

    Blake George

    General Manager

  • Scott Brown

    Scott Brown

    Used Car Director

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    Scott Brown

    Scott Brown

    Used Car Director

  • Brittney Dupaul

    Brittney Dupaul

    E-Comm/Marketing Director

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    Brittney Dupaul

    Brittney Dupaul

    E-Comm/Marketing Director

  • Ceasar Kondo

    Ceasar Kondo

    New Car Sales Director

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    Ceasar Kondo

    Ceasar Kondo

    New Car Sales Director

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    Alex Ahmadi

    New Car Sales Manager

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    Alex Ahmadi

    Alex Ahmadi

    New Car Sales Manager

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    John Blackburne

    Used Car Sales Manager

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    John Blackburne

    John Blackburne

    Used Car Sales Manager

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    Sam Abraham

    New Car Sales Manager

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    Sam Abraham

    Sam Abraham

    New Car Sales Manager

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    AJ Vega

    Used Car Sales Manager

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    AJ Vega

    AJ Vega

    Used Car Sales Manager

  • Mike Buffenbarger

    Mike Buffenbarger

    Fleet Sales Manager

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    Mike Buffenbarger

    Mike Buffenbarger

    Fleet Sales Manager

    Mike’s Customer Reviews

    G.C. – November 6, 2021
    Mike did an excellent job helping us select and purchase our new Highlander. This is the fourth new Toyota that he has helped us buy in the last ten years. Mike is very knowledgeable regarding Toyota vehicles and a kind gentleman. We will be calling him again when we are ready to purchase our next Toyota.

    E.K. – September 30, 2021
    Mike was helpful yet again in getting me the vehicle I was looking for. He sent me constant updates about the vehicle and its transport to San Antonio. It was a really easy car buying experience. Mike was great!

    D.A. – July 10, 2021
    Mike Buffenbarger is an asset to the Red McCombs sales staff. Throughout the process of trying to find the Highlander that I wanted, he didn’t give up until he found it and and had it delivered to San Antonio and to me. It was a pleasure to work with Mike before, during and after the purchase of my new Toyota Highlander.

    Chris & Erin B. – July 2, 2021
    Mike B. is a real genuine person! We have made the rounds and seen all the games other dealers use to get your business. Mike is a straight shooter, that is why this is the 3rd vehicle we bought from him since 2019.

    M.S. – May 19, 2021
    Second car we bought through Mike Buffenbarger. No hassle, polite, knowledgeable. Mike is how all auto salesmen should be.

    Barry R. – March 9, 2021
    We bought a new RAV-4 XLE premium from Mike. This is the second vehicle we purchased from Mike, the other is a 2018 Highlander. Mike is a straight shooter. You tell him what you want and he will find the vehicle. We purchased both of the vehicles through the Costco buying program and that is how we got in contact with Mike. I have referred a friend looking at a RAV-4 to visit with Mike. Mike knows your products and takes plenty of time to explain all the new features.

    Charisse T. – February 12, 2021
    Mike Buffenbarger is the ideal salesman! Never pushy, always attentive to the customer, and with all the knowledge in the world (about cars) at his fingertips. Although I knew that Mike is a consummate salesman, I never felt that he was trying to foist any car upon me. As he kindly let me testdrive the RAV4, Venza, and Highlander cars, I felt safe and comfortable and was assured of his genuineness and warmth at every step of the way. I truly enjoyed buying my first car, a white RAV4 XLE, from Mike. He gave me all
    the assurance I needed and truly went above and beyond. I am so glad he is the fleet manager as there is no doubt as to his capabilities. Please buy a car from Mike today!

    N.L. – October 9, 2020
    Mike Buffenbarger is a true professional and second to none! Mike made my purchase experience seamless and help with choosing the right vehicle. Once the vehicle arrived, Mike called and informed me the vehicle had arrived at the dealership. Once I arrived the documentation process was painless and quick, I was in and out ready to enjoy my truck in a short time. I’m very excited about my purchasing the 2020 Tacoma 4X4 TRD Off-Road with the professional assistance of Mike Buffenbarger. Thanks to Mike and the team at Red McCombs Toyota!

    M.C.S. – September 21, 2020
    Mike Buffenbarger is the epitome of a truly professional automobile salesman! He definitely should remain as Fleet Sales Manager. His positive, helpful, attention to detail, demeanor, and follow through with communication is truly exceptional in all the interaction my wife & I had with Mike in purchase of our 2020 Highlander.

    Y.R. – August 23, 2020
    My husband and I were very pleased with Mike. He is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He helped us make the purchase very easy. He was confident in my ability to back in the 4Runner back to the parking space. Haha. We hit it off right away. We will surely recommend him to all our family and friends who are looking to buy a new Toyota! Thank you.

    Eduardo M. – August 15, 2020
    I can say I had a very good experience with Mike Buffenbarger in the process of purchasing my 2020 Tacoma. He helped and assisted me in making the right choice for the specific vehicle I wanted. It was a pleasure to meet him and will highly recommend him as a professional in his field. Thank you.

    S.N. – July 23, 2020
    We had a wonderful low stress experience with Mike who was informative and an all-around great guy.

    Guillermo G. – June 1, 2020
    I was completely satisfied with Mike Buffenbarger’s service. He absolutely did not pressure me to buy nor did he rush me at any point throughout the process. He even stayed with me in the waiting area as I waited for the finance person. Thank you.

    William H. – May 9, 2020
    Mike did a great job with the service I received. I am pretty happy with the new car. I am glad I purchased it at red McCombs Toyota. Thank you.

    I.L. – April 30, 2020
    Mike Buffenbarger was a pleasure to work with. I have never had a car buying experience so low stress as this one. We communicated through email and agreed on a price and when I got to the dealership my truck was upfront for me to inspect. Long story short I drove home in my new Tacoma. Thanks Mike!

    M.D. – April 11, 2020
    Mike Buffenbarger was a pleasure to deal with. He really cares about his customers and works hard to get them the car they want. Thank you Red McCombs Toyota. I look forward to working with the service team.

    A.R. – April 3, 2020
    I would like to thank Mike for his help in helping me locate and purchase my Rav.  In dealing with Mike, he was always professional and answered my texts, calls and emails promptly making my experience with your company excellent.

    T.T. – April 2, 2020
    Mike is a great salesman and this is the second truck I purchased from him. He gets straight to the point and gets me what I want at the best price, plain and simple. I will be back in several years for another truck.

    Tom M. – March 7, 2020
    Do yourself a favor and buy a car from Mike Buffenbarger…he is knowledgeable, efficient, and has become a good friend…this is the seventh vehicle our family has purchased with Mike.

    K.S. – January 26, 2020
    I want to thank Mike Buffenbarger for his assistance with my vehicle purchase. The process was hassle free and a very pleasant experience. Mike did not attempt to up sell me, but instead he listened to what I wanted and then delivered. I will recommend others to shop Red McCombs when purchasing a vehicle. Thanks!

    J.Z. – January 14, 2020
    The salesman on our first Toyota (16 years ago!) was Mike Buffenbarger. We were so pleased to work with him again on our latest RAV4 purchase. Mike is simply the best, and all of the other folks at Red McCombs Toyota were very pleasant and professional.

    L. M. – January 5, 2020
    Thank you, Mike Buffenbarger, for my awesome 2020 RAV4! I named her “THE ENTERPRISE” due to her all her safety technology. Mike… I appreciate your patience in answering all questions. You helped me transition from a Honda fan to a Toyota fan!

    Victor M. – November 18, 2019
    Mike Buffenbarger helped me place an order to get my Prius Prime XLE the way I wanted, which is remarkable to me due to I heard that the Prius Prime is not an easy car to get from Toyota motors. Mike was in contact with me anytime he had any news about my Prius prime order. When my car arrived he helped me with the purchase process and made it easy for me. He also gave me valuable information about my new car which helped me to understand the features on my Prius Prime.

    M.S. – September 7, 2019
    The easiest car buying experience we have had. We used the Costco car buying program and Mike was referred to us. He was helpful, professional and easy to deal with. There was no high pressure. Everything was explained and we weren’t pressured to take things we didn’t want. The car was ordered and came in exactly as we wanted.

    L.C. – September 6, 2019
    Michael was great, and I have gotten a few trucks from dealerships but he was by far the best salesmen I’ve talked too. He helped me get into a 2020 tundra and only have good things to say about Red McCombs Toyota.

    R.B. – August 16, 2019
    Mike Buffenbarger is a professional. He listened and asked the right questions to put me into the vehicle that I wanted. I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that he showed.

    T.C. – July 30, 2019
    Mike was excellent in giving us the best deal for our new RAV4. He was very knowledgeable with all of the vehicles and gave us superb service.

    Jim E. – April 1, 2019
    I recently purchased a car from Mike Buffenbarger. Mike answered my Dealership email. He sent me the info I requested. I called and made an appointment the next day. Not with the intention of buying as I was just starting my “shopping”. However, Mike was very professional, had the car ready for me to drive and answered my questions. Within an hour I was finalizing my purchase. He agreed to store my car in their garage and pick me up at the airport when I return in May. At that time he said he would take all the time necessary to go over everything in the car and set any programs I desired. Like most, I hate buying a car but Mike put me at ease and treated be as a valued customer.

    C.C. – March 18, 2019
    Must say I was very impressed with Mike’s honesty in getting me the best deal ever!

    P.L. and B.L.- January 19, 2019
    We have known Mike for a long time and he has always treated us like family, which is why we always go back to him when we purchase our vehicles. We are very pleased with our new purchase!

    S.W.- September 29, 2018
    Mike Buffenbarger made purchasing my new Prius a very nice experience. No hard sell, he was very patient over a few days, while I made up my mind and actually visited another Toyota dealer. My experience with Red McCombs Toyota was very positive. I love my second Prius!!

    Z.A.- July 20, 2018
    I had a good experience leading a car from Mike . I thought he was sincere , patient and eager to help in whatever he can .  I went to the dealer to accompany my daughter only . His attitude was the reason that I leased Rav 4 . I like to thank him for his professional service

    K.D.- June 1, 2018
    Mike Buffenbarger was my salesman and he was outstanding.  From the moment we met to the time we drove away in our new Highlander he was professional in every aspect of the sale.  My wife and I enjoyed his no nonsense approach to auto sales and how helpful he was to us as we considered our car purchase options.  I would gladly recommend Mike and Red McCombs Toyota to anyone interested in purchasing a new Toyota vehicle.

    Richard G. -May 14, 2018
    Mike made the buying process easy and stress free, I would definitely recommend him and McCombs Toyota to anyone who wanted to buy a Toyota. I feel that Mike went above and beyond to make our car buying experience great and example of this is that when we went home we found a sticky substance below the drivers door. We could not get the substance off of the car so we bought it back and I asked Mike to help me with the problem, he immediately sent the car to have it taken care of, I left and thanked him for the help. When I got home I found the sticky substance was still there so I brought it back to Mike and told him. He personally went to get the cleaning solvent and got on his hands and knees to make sure the substance was removed. I was really impressed by his dedication to make the customer happy and satisfied. Thank you Mike.

    Barry and Nancy R. – April 23, 2018
    When we started looking for a new Highlander we used Costco buying service. For a Toyota dealer in San Antonio we were given Red McCombs. We were contacted by an internet sales representative Mr. Mike Buffenbarger. We arranged an appointment with Mike to see what the availability and price was for a 2018 Highlander. He explained everything we were concerned about and showed us the Costco invoice for pricing. Mike found us a new vehicle coming in from the port and he worked with us on a trade of our 2011 Highlander. Mike has provide us first class service and we very are pleased with our new XLE Highlander. Thanks for all the professional help on purchasing a new Highlander.

    Sean Z.- January 13, 2018
    Mike did a fantastic job and made the whole process fast and easy. He was very personable and took care of what we needed without being pushy. This was probably the best experience I’ve had getting a car and I’d recommend Red McCombs Toyota to anyone looking for a new car!

    RJ- December 14, 2107
    The experience at Red McCombs Toyota was a very pleasurable one. Mike was knowledgeable about the product and also professional. My family and I would refer family and friends to Red McCombs Toyota if they were in the market to purchase a Toyota.

    Chapel – October 9, 2017
    I had a great experience. Everyone involved was professional and helpful. My wife, who ultimately I bought the car for, went back several times with questions concerning the phone sync etc and someone was always willing to help.

    Gerald – July 18, 2017
    Mike Buffenbarger was a great salesperson and very helpful. He answered all questions and made the truck buying process easy. His experience in helping us set up Bluetooth and navigation was so important and he was very interested in making sure I was happy with my truck. Roman Galindo in the service department is also great. He has handled all our service issues and is very knowledgeable and friendly. We have had three Toyotas and have always had excellent performance with these vehicles. The maintenance program keeps our vehicles in good working order and we cal always rely on them.

    Julia E. – July 11, 2017
    I was very pleased with the assistance in finding our new vehicle. Mike was professional and answered all our questions, bringing in someone else into our discussions with the right expertise to specific questions. Also was pleased with the no pressure, hassle free, friendly and easy experience

    LJH – April 4, 2017
    We had made an appointment with Mike to buy a pre-owned vehicle I found online. He treated us (my husband and I) with the greatest respect, and took time to meet all of our needs throughout the entire shopping and buying process. He made the process enjoyable and was as a friend to us. I am happy to refer friends to come to Mike at Red McCombs Toyota for their vehicle purchasing needs!

    JB – March 28, 2017
    I had a great buying experience with Mike Buffenbarger. The 4 Runner drive out price reflected a fair trade-in offer and price I was hoping for. It was presented without spending a lot of time negotiating which I was grateful for. I highly recommend Mike!

    Joey C. – March 28, 2017
    Mike was excellent in helping me decide what vehicle I was looking for. He didn’t come on to aggressive. Being in sales myself, I know we are always looking to make the sale. So I appreciated him not being too pushy. Gave me space and time to think about this big purchase. Mike was very helpful in my decision making. Thank you!! Joey C

    Dana K. – January 06, 2017
    I enjoyed my experience with MIke. He was easy to work with, and I never felt that we were being pressured to do something we didn’t want to do. He took great care of us through the process, and even came out to the parking lot after we had left to help us to get a great deal.

    Will C. – January 1, 2017
    I stopped in by chance to Red McCombs Toyota on Christmas Eve and was greeted by Mike Buffenbarger. Mike was knowledgeable and respectful of my time. He answered all my questions thoroughly and explained all my options without coming across as pushy. Mike helped me get the perfect truck as my Christmas gift! All in all, I was in and out from driving up to walking out with the keys in two hours. Thank you for time and expertise Mike!

    Morgan S – August 23, 2016
    “It was a very pleasant experience to work with Mike. He was helpful, friendly and honest. Thank you.”

    Becki R. August 22, 2016
    “My husband and I thinking about purchasing a new Tacoma. I went on line, built the truck and Mike emailed me right away. We then realized that we had not added the 4×4 or running boards. We updated this information with Mike and he told us he had a 2017 coming in a few days that we might like. He called us to let us know the truck was in and we made an appointment to see it the next day. We looked at the truck, test drove it and wrote a check. Mike made this the best, easiest, quick and enjoyable experience. We were home with our new “baby” in less than 1-1/2 hours. In comparison, we had purchased a new 2015 Highlander in October 2014 through Alamo Toyota and it was the worst experience EVER. It took over 5-1/2 hours and the vehicle was never made ready, had an empty gas tank, they did not sync our phones to the vehicle and the list goes on.

    We would recommend Red McCombs to anybody buying a Toyota. It truly was a happy experience.”

    William M. – August 19, 2016
    “Mike was very helpful and knowledgeable about the vehicle I looked at and purchased. Even before I finished purchasing he went over some of the features of the truck, and after the purchase he walked me through more of them. Due to the late hour he as not able to introduce me to the maintenance techs, but offered to do so the next time I came in. I did come by the next day and he introduced the maintenance personnel then. I asked Mike about some off-road accessories and he told me of a good place to go that Red McCombs uses and since he was taking a truck there that day I followed him. While there he introduced me to the manager of the store and this helped me get a good deal on a bed cover. After taking Mike back to Red McCombs he helped me with changing the way my locks behave when I unlock the doors very quickly and easily. I was very pleased with the efforts of Mike.”

    Lis R – August 16, 2016
    “Mike Buffenbarger provided us a great customer service. People like Mike is what makes us come back to Red McCombs. Thank you red McCombs for hiring great customer service employees.”

    Xiao H – May 24, 2016
    “Quick response, time saving efficiency, honest and care about customer, fundamental car knowledge and excellent internet sales technique.”

    Ryan M – April 12, 2016
    “I did enjoy the service I received at Red McCombs Toyota. Mike Buffenbarger was truly exceptional as y’all like to say. Though I think his name should be Buffenbargain for the deal he worked out for me on my Tacoma. He was very customer friendly, didn’t lie to make things sound better than what they are, which I like, and he didn’t make me try and sign and put a security deposit down before building my truck like all the other Toyota dealers around here were trying to get me to do. I never once stepped foot in to the other dealerships and they were already wanting my money for nothing. Mike unknowingly helped me learn the other dealers were trying to stiff me. I definitely like the way Mike does business. Keep it up!”

    René – March 30, 2016
    “Mike was great at handling our transaction! He explained the difference between the various Prius models and patiently walked my wife through some of the initial settings on the dashboard. He was thorough, professional and because of him, we will continue to be loyal customers of Red McCombs!”

    James H – March 28, 2016
    “I can’t say enough about Mike Buffenbarger I hope you guys realize what a true asset he is to your organization along with Ceasar Kondo. I was treated as a person rather than a quota, they truly made it the best buying experience I’ve ever had and will be a Toyota owner for life. Mike was very knowledgeable and informative through the whole process and hope he can be recognized for it, I will definitely refer all my friends and family to Red Mcombs. Thank you for making buying our vehicle a pleasure.”

    Rosalie M – March 05, 2016
    “Great experience. I was able to do all the dealing by email. The Prius 4 is a fantastic car and Mike Buffenbarger is a excellent person to deal with.”

    Robert R – March 02, 2016
    “Just wanted to sent a complement about Mike Buffenbarger, he did a wonderful job helping me on a new car purchase of a 2016 RAV4. Most trouble free process of any Vehicle I have purchased in the past, he was diligent at keeping me informed and explaining all the details. Thank You!”

    Barney – February 20, 2016
    “Shopping for a new truck I was open to all makes and models. My wife said I should look into a Tacoma. I met Mike Buffenbarger and he got me exactly the truck I wanted. I enjoy driving the Tacoma and plan on keeping it for a long time.”

    Barry L – February 10, 2016
    “Our 1st experience with Red McCombs Toyota, Mike Buffenbarger, and Kenny Reyes was so pleasant, and Red’s team so professional, that we came back for seconds. Two very easy purchases. Thanks to all!”

    Jessica R – January 27, 2016
    “Mike was great to work with. A few things were needed to be taken care of and he had it all done in days. I highly recommend him and will work with him In the future as we are loyal Toyota customers.”

    Phillip C – January 20, 2016
    “Mike Buffenbarger hooked me up right away with a splendid 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road vehicle and he made me a swell deal to go with it. From the get-go, on the phone and then in person his good manners and professionalism were exemplary. He’s surely an asset to Red McCombs and surely an asset to the town of San Antonio. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to do business with him. Mike didn’t just make a sale, he made a friend.”

    Eric C – January 07, 2016
    “I was referred to Mr. Buffenbarger by the Costco auto purchasing plan. Mike helped me in deciding which Camry would best suit my needs and my budget. He did not pressure me into a deal that I was uncomfortable with. Instead he presented my options and helped me decide what was best for me. The actual buying process was seamless. It was not drawn out and took less than two hours. I was very pleased with my experience.”

    Keeley C – December 04, 2015
    “We are so happy that we decided to go to Red McCombs Toyota to purchase out new vehicle. Mike Buffenbarger helped us find the perfect car for our family. We ended up purchasing a 2016 Toyota Corolla. Mike was very knowledgeable and helped us out so much. We brought our two young children with us and he went out of his way to make them happy and comfortable as well. Whenever we end up purchasing our next vehicle we will definitely be going to Mike and to Red McCombs Toyota. From our family to you we thank you for the excellent service!”

    Irving N – October 10, 2015
    “In 2007 Mike Buffenbarger assisted me in the purchase of a 2008 Tundra through the USAA car buying service…..I drove from OKC to San Antonio to pick up my truck….The service was outstanding….Upon my arrival, the truck was ready to go, and all I had to sign was paperwork…In September of 2015, I purchased another Tundra, 2016 model, and received the same great service… Mike is a credit to Red McCombs Toyota, and the USAA car buying service.”

    Iean G – March 13, 2015
    “Although I did not buy a car today, I was given estimates of different models and treated with respect. What I liked the most was the suggestions that Mr. Mike gave me, something not, if at all, of sales reps do.”

  • Shane Mitchell

    Shane Mitchell

    Sales Professional

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    Shane Mitchell

    Shane Mitchell

    Sales Professional

    Shane’s Customer Reviews

    S.A. – March 21, 2022
    Shane has been very helpful in all aspects both sales and service. We have purchased 5 vehicles from him over the years. Would not hesitate to purchase another in the future.

    Samuel V. – February 14, 2022
    Shane Mitchell was awesome and gave me the most attentive service possible. He truly is an asset to this organization. Thanks for getting it right.
    L.A. – February 14, 2022
    Shane Mitchell made my recent purchase of a Toyota Highlander a true pleasure. From finding the exact vehicle I was looking for, to assisting in setting up all the features, Shane was patient and helpful.

    A.L.H. – February 11, 2022
    Shane provides great customer service and is very attentive to his customers needs. I will only deal with Shane due to past positive encounters. Shane is the best!!!

    T.G. – December 21, 2021
    Excellent buying experience!  Shane Mitchell was prompt, attentive and got us exactly what we asked for!!

    W.T. – November 27, 2021
    Shane was able to work with me to find a good trade in value for my car. He also talked numbers with me as far as the new car and the payment. I didn’t feel pressured into having to buy anything that day, although I did because everything worked out to where I felt at ease in making this decision. Thanks Shane, I will be back.

    P.S. – August 18, 2021
    We just bought our new RAV4 from Red McCombs Toyota with the help of our salesperson extraordinaire Shane Mitchell.  Our 6th  Toyota from Shane and Red McCombs Toyota. Honest, considerate of our time, full of product knowledge, with years of experience, Shane’s the man. For a Toyota, I’d never go anywhere else.

    R.P. – July 9, 2021
    Thank you Shane for a smooth purchase. You delivered on the truck I wanted. I look forward to bringing it back to RMT Customs for future upgrades and accessories.

    K.H. – April 13, 2021
    Shane provided me with the best car purchase experience I have ever had. He worked miracles in locating the exact vehicle I wanted and ensured that I was prepped and ready for finance when I arrived. From beginning to end, I spent less than 2 hours at the dealership – a record! He also took great care in making sure I understood all of the features of the new vehicle and offered his future guidance if I needed it. We will purchase all of our vehicles from Shane and will refer everyone we know.

    Diana G. – April 6, 2021
    I was already stressed and shopping for a car was not in my budget or agenda. I was referred to Shane Mitchell by a relative. He insisted I give Shane a chance to help me purchase a car. I have no words to express my gratitude for such amazing customer service. Shane put me at ease, made my decision my own. He gave me options! I walked out of Toyota with my dream car, and it was so hassle-free. I felt like a person not just another number! Thank you, Shane! I am your loyal customer. Forever grateful!

    G.T. – April 4, 2021
    Shane Mitchell was my salesman. When I sat at his desk I noticed probably 20 awards for salesman of the year and I can see why!! He made me feel at home! He offered me something to drink, his service was fast, friendly and he made sure I understood everything! He is very good at his job and is an asset to Red McCombs Toyota!! I highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a new vehicle!!!

    J.F. – March 19, 2021
    Shane and Rudy in Finance were both very helpful and they are amazing. I would highly recommend them to all my friends. They deserve a big promotion 🙂

    J.L. – February 20, 2021
    Salesperson Shane Mitchell and financial advisor Jerry Martinez were really awesome through the whole process! I would recommend anyone interested in a new vehicle to speak with them!

    William C. – February 8, 2021
    I just bought my seventh straight vehicle from Shane and Red McCombs. He has always been honest, trustworthy, and always gets me the best deal he can provide, when my family needs a new car. Thank You Shane, and I am looking forward to buying the next seven from you also when the need arises.

    R.J.W – January 18, 2021
    Red McCombs Toyota is a great place to do business. I recently purchased a new to me pickup from you that I am very happy with and the help and service that was given was over the top. Shane Mitchell helped us through the process and we feel we have a great vehicle and a new friend. Thank You Shane.

    D.L. – December 23, 2020
    Shane has helped us with our automotive needs since 2016 when hail destroyed two Toyotas. We have gone back to upgrade our vehicles as our family and needs required. When we are ready Shane always gets it done.

    J.D. – October 7, 2020
    Shane was great as always. He makes the process seamless. I look forward to doing business with Shane in the future.

    Ken B. – September 23, 2020
    Shane did an amazing job! He makes buying from Red McCombs so easy. We got exactly the Highlander we were looking for to include the color my wife wanted and all the options I wanted. Keep up the great customer service!

    E.V. – May 9, 2020
    Just want to say that there are a lot of car dealers in San Antonio, but I’ve been coming to Red McCombs for many years because of Shane Mitchell. He is very professional and very knowledgeable about cars. He’s a good listener you just tell him what you’re looking for and price range. He has never disappointed me. He always goes the extra step so why wouldn’t you want to buy a car from Shane?

    O.M. – April 30, 2020
    Shane Mitchell is a people person who takes care of customers in a way that when you leave with a new vehicle, you also leave with a new friend.

    M.S. – April 22, 2020
    Thank you, Shane Mitchell is awesome. Best buying experience I’ve ever had.

    Edward L. – March 16, 2020
    Shane was truly amazing. The entire experience was professional and effortless. Buying a new car is usually a stressful event, but Shane changed that completely. I will certainly return to him and recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

    David L. – February 18, 2020
    Shane always makes the deals work for us.  We will not go to anyone else.  He is the best.

    Robert L. – February 18, 2020
    Shane was awesome! Straight forward, kind and informative. Knew what we wanted, gave us options and did what he could to get it done. Will definitely go see Shane again!

    Samuel C. – December 4, 2019
    Shane was great to work with. This is the second vehicle I purchase from him.. He went above and beyond for me. I am extremely happy with my purchase and experience at Red McCombs Toyota.

    Jorge G. – August 27, 2019
    Shane was very pleasant to talk to, I told him what I wanted to buy, described what I wanted and got me two vehicles to choose from. This is the second Tacoma I buy brand new rom Red McCombs and the BEST experience I’ve ever had since I started buying cars back in 1987. Shane is very professional, lots of experience, never pushy or overwhelming with his approach, the process went super smooth and never tedious. I remember Shane when I bought my 2005 Tacoma but didn’t buy from him then. It was a pleasure and delighted to know Mark Kumler is still with your dealership as he was my service person back then and he will continue to be my guy to call to when needed. My Finance person was Rudy, again very professional young man, explained everything with ease, paperwork was done in no time. Best Toyota buying experience ever! Thank you!

    G.M. – August 24, 2019
    Shane has always taken care of us! This time was no different! He gave us a great deal on our trade in as well as our new Highlander. Will continue to go to shane for all my new car needs and send all my friends as well.

    W.G. – July 30, 2019
    Shane and I have been doing business together for many years.  He is a great guy and as near as I can tell completely honest for a car salesman. Only kidding Shane has always treated me great.  Haven’t done business with anyone else for about 15 years.

    T.D. – July 30, 2019
    Shane helped me buy 2 toyotas actually in the past 60 days. My first was a 2019 camry that was totalled only 5 days driven off of the lot. Shane helped me through the entire process of replacing my vehicle including dealing with the insurance agency and got me into a 2019 TRD OFFROAD 4X4, 4runner instead! So happy with the team from redmac. You have earned
    lifetime customers with me and my family. Thank you truly for everything.

    J.D. – July 24, 2019
    To whom it may concern, my experience was very well worth it and Thank Shane for his outstanding and professional help in getting my new vehicle. I would recommend him to anybody in Texas on purchasing a vehicle. Thank You Red McCombs.

    Angel E. – June 28, 2019
    Shane hooked us up like always! Also shout out to Rudy in finance ??

    N.P. – May 21, 2019
    Shane is a true asset for the Red McCombs Family. This is the third vehicle I purchased from Shane over the last 7 years and he continues to remember each customer and treat everyone like family.

    W.M. – April 1, 2019
    It was a breath of fresh air working with Shane Mitchell. While other dealerships would not consider working the details out over the phone and insisted I go in and sit at their dealership for hours while they work over details, Shane was able to take care of everything over the phone and get back with me with details and we worked the entire process over the phone and I only had to show up to sign papers and grab the keys. Having owned a Toyota I already knew the reliability and did not need to be sold on the product. I just needed someone understand my needs on the trade in and handle my individual need. I’m self-employed and always very busy and he showed the respect for my time and accommodated me. That has gained Red McCombs a loyal customer.

    A.M. – March 23, 2019
    I had the best sales experience with Shane Mitchell. We talked with him over the phone prior to going in and once we were there he made the process smooth and seamless. It’s been a week since I purchased my first Toyota 4Runner and I am very happy with my decision. Thank you Shane for making my experience so great.

    M.P. – March 18, 2019
    Shane is an awesome salesman, no time wasted and gets the deal done!

    Gwen H. – January 22, 2019
    My husband and I recently purchased a 2019 Highlander Limited from Shane Mitchell. Shane was highly recommended by more than one person and he did not disappoint.   We had a great experience at Red McCombs. This was our third time buying from the dealership   and definitely will not be our last.

    Diana W. – January 9, 2019
    This is my third Toyota that I have bought from Shane Mitchell and I would highly recommend him to my friends or just anyone looking for a new car. I feel Shane is very honest and not a pressure salesman like they have at other dealerships. He seems to always know what type of car I am looking for and he finds the right one. After purchasing three cars from Shane he has always been a phone call away to answer my questions or concerns with the new car. Thank you Shane for being an awesome salesman and person!

    Stephanie A. – November 28, 2018
    My experience with Shane Mitchell was great, he was knowledgeable and professional and I love my new Toyota Rav 4.

    Anonymous – September 20, 2018
    Shane Mitchell was our Salesman and we had a wonderful experience.   He is very knowledgeable, patient and informative. He showed us many cars as I was unsure what I wanted between the Toyota Highlander or the 4 Runner. The ease of working with him makes us refer people to him and Red McCombs Toyota and also will return for another vehicle.

    Zoe S. – September 11, 2018
    Shane Mitchell is amazing. He got us into the truck we wanted with only $1000 down. He really listened to us and worked hard with the finance department to get us the monthly payments we wanted. Shane truly cares about his clients.

    Alfredo G. – September 10, 2018
    Shane has helped me with several Toyota vehicles.   He has always been very professional in his manner of performance. Listens to cover the issue for my needs. Thank You, Shane.

    Debbie C. – September 10, 2018
    I had an awesome experience buying my new car with Shane! I have bought at least my last 3 cars from him, so that should speak for itself! He is very personable, honest and always gives me the best deal. I wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else! Thanks Shane!

    Andrea O. – September 5, 2018
    Shane was excellent and our experience was a great one!

    Cody M. – August 25, 2018
    You’re in no better hands than with Shane Mitchell at RMT Customs. He truly cares about his customers and has an awesome Tundra! As long as I’m in SA I will always get my genuine parts and vehicles from him!

    Felix L. – August 25, 2018
    I Recently purchased a 2018 Highlander from Red McCombs Toyota. Shane Mitchell was my sales advisor and handled the transaction flawlessly. He was professional, knowledgeable on my specific questions and a pleasure to work with. This is not unusual as I have had great experiences with the Red McCombs Toyota team for the past 15 years. My service advisor is Thomas Bundick and he has been great to work with. I also appreciate the service of Frank Driffill and Winfred James as well as the entire service team making service visits a positive experience.
    Many thanks to the Red McCombs Toyota team for making car buying so easy.

    David L. – July 30, 2018
    Shane Mitchell is the best.  This is the second vehicle purchased in just over two years.  Will come back again when another vehicle is needed.  Shane works with you to put you in the vehicle you can afford and want.  That means everything when making a major purchase.  Thank you Shane.

    Guerra- July 17, 2018
    I would like to recognize Shane Mitchell for his outstanding customer service and going above and beyond for my wife and I.  He got us in the perfect car with low miles at the perfect price and it was exactly what we were looking for.  Thank you Shane!

    JL – June 30, 2018
    Your dealership needs at all costs to retain Shane Mitchell.  He would be successful anywhere he decided to go and increase sales and customer base thereby weakening your own.

    Karen F.- June 9, 2018
    We had purchased our previous Toyota from Shane and it was an easy , very smooth experience. Naturally i phoned him to ask about timing to trade in the car for a new 4runner. He advised me of the pros and cons( really none) and arranged for me to compare my two choices. Once decision made i had the car in short time. He is very professional ,organized and kind. I would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat. Have a blessed day!

    Carlos R. – April 14, 2018
    Thank you for the opportunity to give some feedback. I had gone to a Chevrolet, Honda and Ford to look at their vehicles. I told them I was not ready to buy and wanted to compare vehicles, I was not sure what we were looking for and I was waiting for my wife to say “that’s the one I cant live without” . Chevrolet and Ford ignored us, and when I asked to look in one of the vehicles they just walked away, so we left. Honda sales person would not leave us alone and kept pressuring us to buy one of their vehicles, so we left. A friend from work told me about Shane and I called him. I told him we were thinking about a 4 Runner and he said he could set up a meeting. I told him that we just want to go by and look and if the wife said that what she wanted I would call him. We went by and one of the salesmen showed us the vehicles with no pressure, and was happy to help us out, the wife found what she wanted. I called Shane, met him a few days later and within an hour and a half the paper work was done and we were out of there. Shane was great and we left feeling like we got the best deal. He answered all our questions and worked with us to get the most out of our budget. We were looking at the 4 Runner S5 and left with the TRD off Road and my wife just loves her new vehicle

    January 18, 2018
    This is 4th time our family bought a car from Red McCombs Toyota. As my wife and I walked through the entrance door a nice gentlemen by the name Harvey met us. He was so kind that we felt like we have been knowing him for years. He directed us to Shane Mitchel. Shane is not trying to sell what he wants, he listens to us to understand what is our need. He did a good job find the car exactly like we were looking for. Mini van with 8 seats, rear camera, and bluetooth. In less then 40 min Brian filled the papers, and we were driving back home. We come all the way from Houston to buy cars at Red McCombs Toyota because of people and the experience. Everyone we met said that they are here to serve us. We can feel the culture of the business that puts customers as high priority before their income.

    Juan R.- November 14, 2017
    I am very Satisfied with Shane Mitchell. Shane Mitchel went out his way to please our needs. The car my wife wanted was not in the stock. he located one that was in the distribution center in Houston. The vehicle was deliver the day it was promised without flaws. Thanks for all the help, we’re a very satisfied costumers.

    Brian J.- November 13, 2017
    The dealership and staff are top notch. We have bought multiple cars and trucks from Shane Mitchell and will continue to buy our vehicles from Shane and Red McCombs Toyota. We always receive the vehicle we want, the way we want it and never have any issues getting that delivered to us with a smile.

    George G.- October 28, 2017
    Please know how satisfied I am dealing with Red McCombs. I have been dealing with Red McCombs since he had a dealership on San Pedro. Shane is always very professional and knows his product well. He is an excellent salesmen and goes above and beyond to work with his customers. He is a great asset to Red McCombs dealership.

    Arturo H. – March 09, 2017
    Shane was referred to me by a friend of mine. Shane took a interest in what was best for my family and I which we appreciated very much. Shane was honest and upfront about my options regarding the purchase of a new vehicle. I will continue to work with Shane as long as he is part of the Red Mccombs dealership. He is an asset to your company.

    Gregory P. – December 23, 2016
    “This is the 5 vehicle I’ve bought from Shane that should say everything.”

    Mike H. – December 5, 2016
    Good morning red mccombs Toyota,
    Shane Mitchell helped me purchase my first Toyota in 2012. He was the reason we came back to red mccombs to purchase our second vehicle. He is a superb salesperson. He is incredibly efficient, very personable and made the process extremely easy.We had some special requests and he was able to make them happen. Thanks again to Shane and Red Mccombs Toyota

    Tom S. – November 23, 2016
    I have bought a few cars from Red McCombs over the past years and Shane Mitchell, my salesman, is the major contributing factor for my continued patronage. He has always been honest, up front, and takes care of me each time like I am buying the most expensive car in the dealership even if it is a used car I am purchasing at that time. Luke, in finance was also nice to work with. I was impressed that there was not a lot of high pressure on me to buy each product that McCombs has to offer, he just explained each one in great detail which made my experience and car dealership anxiety so much less. Lastly, I would like to thank the first salesman that assisted me, I believe his name was Amad. He knew that I was Shane’s customer and he was probably not going to get a commission, but yet he took time with me to find the car I came to see since Shane was not there that night, and let me look it over and offered to test drive. He went out of his way to make me feel like the only thing that mattered, was that I was treated well at the dealership he worked for. He is an asset to your company, and I expect he will do well with many returned customers as they see how he works so well with customers.

    Candace M. – November 14, 2016
    Shane Mitchell by far went over and beyond to make a car buying experience the way it should be for everyone! I have bought from many dealership and after having dealings with RED MCCOMBS and Shane Mitchell I could never imagine going or dealing with anyone else! Everything was simplified and made easy for me as a buyer as it should be! I love that he was straight and did not beat around the bush like he said “it is what it is and this is what I can do”. For once I felt comfortable to be in a dealership and not overwhelmed with salesmen attacking me. WHAT A RELIEF to know that there is quality dealerships and salesmen like Shane Mitchell out there that care about the customer and their happiness more than anything.

    Darlena R. – October 12, 2016
    “This was my second purchase from Red McCombs Toyota, both were sold by Shane Mitchell. The experience was pleasurable. I would recommend anyone to come see him for their next purchase. Great job!”

    Brian J. – July 11, 2016
    “Shane Mitchell is top notch, I have bought many cars and trucks from Shane.
    He goes above and beyond to make sure my wife and I get the exact vehicle
    We are looking for and the options we want .

    I will continue to buy vehicles from Red mcombs and Shane in the future.
    Thanks for all the great experiences!”

    Lina A – June 07, 2016
    Just bought my tenth (I think) vehicle from Shane Mitchell. I am impressed by his excellent personal knowledge about your product, his passion for superb customer service, and his attention to detail! Thanks to him and Red McCombs Toyota for outstanding customer care!

    John S – March 08, 2016
    “Thanks very much, Shane, for your friendly-cheerful-personable assistance in my purchase of my new RAV4 Hybrid; that’s the shortest amount of time ever to do the deal and drive home in my new car!”

    Chuck M – January 15, 2016
    “I would really like to thank Shane for his help in getting my new Camry. He is very knowledgeable on all of the features of the new year model compared to older models, and also about the finance options. He explained all of my options in a way that made it easy to understand and choose the best one for me.
    Overall I’m very pleased with my the process from start to finish and would highly recommend Shane and Red McCombs Toyota!”

    Henry C – December 24, 2015
    “They were professional and was very respectful. I would highly recommend them for salesmanship and professional.”

    JD Q – November 06, 2015
    “Shane Mitchell is freaking AWESOME!!! Hang on to this guy before someone steals him away! Shane made my wife and I very comfortable during our purchasing process. We were so impressed by him, that I didn’t even test drive my truck, that our choice to purchase my ’16 Tundra was solely based on his excellent customer service he offered.”

    George G – October 23, 2015
    “Shane is a great sale man this is the second tundra i have purchase from him that is why he has all those awards.He goes out of his way to please you .Hope is is there for my next tundra buy.”

    Juan Jr. B – September 08, 2015
    “It was a wonderful experience. Shane was a true professional. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction and made me feel very comfortable. The whole experience makes me want to go back when I’m in the market for another vehicle. Thanks for a wonderful car Shane.”

    Val V. – May 15, 2015
    “AMAZING DEALERSHIP W/ GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I recently purchased a brand new ’15 Toyota Tundra on 5/6/15 and was blown-away at the incredible customer service of this dealership. I was referred by some friends who have a long-standing relationship with the salesman, and I will vouch that this was THE EASIEST (and actually fun) car buying experience I’ve ever had. Rick, Shane and Mario went above and beyond to make this truck purchase possible — giving me a perfect trade-in amount, finding the perfect truck style/model for my budget, and working hard to get me financed at the best rate. I cannot say enough good things and sing praises of this dealership! Go see Rick, Shane or Mario — you will not be disappointed – and they will take VERY good care of you!!”

    Mathew P
    “Shane Mitchell is the man to go to if you want your Truck to look great! I love my truck and I am always receiving complements on how nice it looks. Very pleased with the purchase and would definitely recommend Red McCombs Toyota to anybody!”

  • Kenny Reyes

    Kenny Reyes

    Sales Professional

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    Kenny Reyes

    Kenny Reyes

    Sales Professional

    Kenny’s Customer Reviews

    R.R. – January 20, 2022
    Honestly, working with Kenny on this Corolla purchase was the smoothest, least-stressful car buying experience I’ve ever had. I highly recommend both Red McComb’s Toyota and Kenny!

    D.Z. – January 17, 2022
    I want to thank Kenny Reyes for the patience and professionalism in purchasing my new/used vehicle.  He was very helpful and provided me with great customer care from afar.  He showed and proved to me that he really cares for his clients from the beginning to the end of purchase and most importantly he was not very pushy.  I would highly recommend Kenny Reyes to family and friends.  Thank you so much Kenny during my time of need.

    Jo Ann G. – October 7, 2021
    Kenny Reyes is an awesome sales agent. This is the second vehicle we purchased from him in the past 2-3 years. He has a professional skill set that includes excellent follow-up even on his day off! I have recommended my colleagues and family members to Kenny for there vehicle needs!

    A.L. – October 1, 2021
    Kenny was personable, knowledgeable, and flexible! He made the process easy for us.

    A.N. – September 4, 2021
    Kenny was very helpful and very professional.

    Benjamin Y. – July 29, 2021
    Kenny Reyes is the Best!! Everything worked perfect for my son and my family!!!

    Kacey G. – July 27, 2021
    Kenny was excellent to work with. He’s a class-act and I highly recommend anyone to work with him. Thanks again!

    A.T. – June 21, 2021
    Kenny Reyes provided extraordinary service in the ordering and delivery of my new car.  He was available by phone, text or email in a very timely fashion and was very patient and thorough in explaining and demonstrating all the features of the vehicle. An A++ experience!

    D.M. – June 17, 2021
    It was great working with Kenny. I couldn’t have asked for someone better. He was honest, patient, and worked with me to get what I wanted. Thank you Kenny!

    Claudia and Rene G. – May 15, 2021
    Keney Reyes and Rudy have always treated us with great respect, professionalism and courtesy. We’ve been coming to Keney and Rudy for many years and continue to be repeat customers. Keney always has our interest at hand, honest and able to meet our needs. Keney and Rudy go out of their way to meet our needs with our purchase including financing our vehicles with Toyota Financial. We’ll keep coming to Keney and Rudy. Thank you Toyota Thank you Keney and Rudy. They are the best!!

    M.F. – April 19, 2021
    My wife and I were referred to Kenny Reyes via a friend and a business acquaintance (two people).  Kenny was very accommodating and assisted us graciously every time we visited (two test drives and two surprise question and answer sessions) during five days or so of research.  We purchased the Highlander Limited edition through the Costco program and walked away with the color and accessories we wanted.  No buyer’s remorse—it was actually a pleasant experience.

    Mike N. – March 15, 2021
    Kenny Reyes is THE MAN!!! I’ve purchased several dozen automobiles over the years and this time was by far the most enjoyable and hassle-free ever. Kenny’s professionalism and attention to detail was the DIFFERENCE MAKER. Thank you and Cheers!

    E.J.W – January 9, 2021
    I was very impressed and pleased with the professionalism of Kenny Reyes. Not only did he have extensive knowledge of the vehicles he sells, but he went the extra mile to ensure I was completely satisfied. Thank you Kenny Reyes for making my experience buying my fourth Toyota at Red Mccombs; the best yet!

    C.R. – January 9, 2021
    Kenny made the buying experience super easy. He responded to all of my questions very quickly over the phone so all I had to do was go into the dealership and sign paperwork. He helped me get into the 4Runner I wanted within my monthly payment price range. I love my brand new truck! Thanks for all your help Kenny!!

    T.M. – December 15, 2020
    Kenny Reyes was wonderful to work with as I navigated the purchase of my Toyota. He was responsive and took time to answer questions. On the purchase day he walked me through all the features of my vehicle, helped me set up and configure the vehicle. I would highly recommend you visit Red McCombs Toyota to purchase your next vehicle and ask for Kenny.

    J.G. – November 30, 2020
    Kenny was very friendly and knowledgeable in the vehicle and was easy to talk with. Responded to my questions quickly. Overall great experience and will call him the next time I need a vehicle.

    Don H. – November 28, 2020
    Kenny Reyes did an outstanding job for me on this recent purchase. Provided guidance and expertise in this transaction above the standard. What a great attitude during these times.

    Geraldine S. – November 14, 2020
    We have nothing but positive response to the service, friendliness and knowledgeability of our salesperson Kenny Reyes in the purchase if our new Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum. Thanks to him, and Ceasar Kondo, who found the exact vehicle we desired and your Finance Manager Rudy Lizaola for his efficient processing of our paperwork and registration. All were absolute gentlemen. We will definitely send prospective customers to Red McCombs Toyota.

    Marty N. – November 6, 2020
    The best car buying experience we’ve had. Mr Reyes, Kenny, was responsible for it all. He was knowledgeable, patient and the customer service top notch. We would highly recommend Red McCombs Toyota and Kenny Reyes.

    Ron C. – September 19, 2020
    We had a great experience dealing with Mr. Reyes. Very patient and fun to deal with. Highly recommend.

    Michael & Rebecca B. – July 24, 2020
    I cannot say enough good things about Kenny Reyes. He delivered our new RAV4 in late May. Yesterday, we tried to start the RAV and the battery was dead – with less than 700 miles on the car. Kenny drove out to our house in New Braunfels, picked up the RAV and took it to your shop. He took care of everything, and delivered the RAV back to us to today with everything taken care of. Great customer service!

    Micke & Beckey B. – June 1, 2020
    I can’t say enough good things about Kenny Reyes. He was referred by a friend and we conducted the whole buying process over the phone and email. Not only are we very satisfied with our Rav4, but we sent our niece and her husband to him and they purchased a new Camry. Our family experience with Kenny Reyes and Red McCombs Toyota is overwhelmingly positive.

    T.H. – May 28, 2020
    Kenny was very helpful on the purchase of my new Tundra – this is the second Tundra I’ve purchased through him and Red McCombs and highly recommend them. Also a shout out to finance (Mr Martinez?), often the worst part of purchase – he made it a pleasant experience.

    S.G.N. – January 26, 2020
    Kenny Reyes was welcoming, knowledgeable, and personable. He helped us find a vehicle that fit our needs and stay within our budget. A great car buying experience. Thank you!

    Shannon S. – Januray 22, 2020
    This was my first time at Red McCombs Toyota. Working with Kenny to return my lease and buy my next car was a better process than I anticipated. Kenny was helpful in showing me new cars without being pushy or having a sales pitch. He also made sure all the loose ends with my lease were tied up, making sure that I had all the information I needed to avoid extra charges.
    I appreciate how personable he is and the attention he gave me.

    Kim F. – January 11, 2020
    Kenny was awesome! Very respectful of my time and patient as I thought things over. Very happy with my purchase!

    E.D. – December 23, 2019
    Kenny’s knowledge, patience and pleasant personality made purchasing a new vehicle a breeze.

    Sarah H. – December 17, 2019
    Kenny conducted himself in a very friendly professional manner. Just looking at him I knew  he’s the one that has experience in answering all my questions. He was honest and made me feel comfortable. Kenny gave me the 411 in regards to the Toyota C-HR 2018. I considered Kenny Top Sales man in my book. Made me feel right at home especially in my Toyota 2018. Don’t ever let him leave. You got a good man!

    Brandy W. – December 9, 2019
    Kenny made sure I was well taken care of. He got the car I wanted and was quick and efficient! I appreciate him helping me out.

    H.S. – November 29, 2019
    Kenny Reyes took our request and found the exact vehicle we wanted. He was so helpful from the beginning, through the paperwork, picking up the vehicle and explaining how it works. The best car buying experience and we love our new 4Runner!

    Joel D. – November 26, 2019
    I truly enjoy shopping at Red McCombs Toyota. I have owned 7 Toyotas that I have bought through Red McCombs over the last 13+ years. I have bought several vehicles through Kenny over the past few years. I really enjoy the purchasing experience with Kenny he is very flexible and works with you through all the possible financing options as well as finding the vehicle that fits your price range. Thanks again Kenny.

    J.J. – November 2, 2019
    Kenny Reyes is the most competent and professional car salesman I have ever interacted with. He is extremely honest, direct and fair. I would recommend anyone seeking to purchase a new vehicle to ask for Kenny. You will be 100% satisfied with his customer service. In addition to Kenny, I worked with Ceasar in order to negotiate and agree to a deal that was fair and equitable to both parties. Ceaser is the most professional sales manager I have ever interacted with, and both of these Men have earned my trust and loyalty. In 10 years, when I purchase another new truck, I will seek these Men out again in order to purchase another truck. Thank you. From a member of the United States Special Operations Command.

    Yvette C. – July 8, 2019
    Kenny Reyes did a truly exceptional job of helping me find my perfect match! He listened to what I wanted, worked tirelessly trying to fit what I was looking for with the budget I was willing to pay. He is a fantastic salesman. You have a gem with him! Instead of my husband and I walking the parking lot sweating and straining, he brought the vehicles to us! Priceless!! I can’t thank Kenny enough, and I am thrilled to be driving my beautiful Toyota 4Runner!! I will recommend Red McCombs Toyota to my family and friends! Thanks Again!

    R.G. – July 1, 2019
    Kenny Reyes is the best and Sharon Goodson is right up there with him! The efficient, cordial and responsive service before, during and after my purchase could not have been better. Now they can turn me over to Gilbert Galvan, my most favorite service technician, to complete the circle.

    D.D. – May 14, 2019
    I couldn’t have been more satisfied with Kenny Reyes, the service he gave me …his attention to detail and the overall process was a great experience. Kenny is a real pro, it was a pleasure to work with him. I would recommend him to anyone …he truly cares about the people he is serving. I know I can come to him if I have any problems with this vehicle he will get it taken care of. Great experience thank you Kenny.

    K.M – April 23, 2019
    Kenny Reyes did a wonderful job, I don’t know much about cars so I dragged my boyfriend a long and I would like to say thank you because he went out of his way to explain every little thing to me. He answered all of my questions and still follows up with me to see if I have any, wonderful customer service! Thanks Kenny!!

    N.S. – April 12, 2019
    Our experience with Kenny Reyes has always been nothing short of exceptional! He makes our car buying so easy! Our family has purchased 6 vehicles from Kenny in the last couple years… We will look for him when we are ready again! Good job Kenny!

    M.C. – April 8, 2019
    Kenny Reyes, thank you for working with us. You are definitely there for the customer and we thank you for that. If you need to buy a vehicle and want a great experience ask for Kenny Reyes.

    K.C. – December 26, 2018
    I enjoyed my experience at Red McCombs Toyota. Kenny Reyes is very professional and caring. He’s honest and most importantly, he cares about the customer. He is definitely a Rock Star!! Thank you, Kenny for all your help and making me feel comfortable and excited to purchase my new 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro! I love it!!

    Larry and Harriet P. – December 10, 2018
    We were really dreading the process of leasing a new Toyota Corolla as our old lease was expiring . But Kenny Reyes made the transaction easy and pleasant. He is knowledgeable and extremely helpful and got us a very fair price. We are delighted with our new car and would happily recommend Kenny to any of our friends.

    David D. – October 2, 2018
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give some feedback on Kenny. Kenny was a consummate professional in our encounters from the moment he responded to my email of inquiry. He was friendly, informative, candid and very helpful. He made the process of purchasing a car painless, efficient and quick. He constantly exceeded my expectations!

    Kimberly K. – September 4, 2018
    Kenny Reyes made buying my new 4-runner a very easy and great experience. His professionalism is what everyone in the automobile selling business should strive to exemplify. I would highly recommend Kenny as well as Red McCombs Toyota.

    Nolberto G. – June 30, 2018
    Kenny was fair, honest and worked with us to find the right 2018 Highlander for us.  I would recommend him to my family and friends.  When I’m looking to buy an other Toyota I will go back looking for Kenny.  He’s Kenny King Toyota.

    Albert S.- March 17, 2017
    I had the most pleasant experience with my new car purchase and especially with my salesman Kenny Reyes.

    D.V.- December 16, 2017
    I was looking for a late model certified used Toyota Prius. Kenny Reyes located one I had found on the Red McCombs website, and let me take a test drive. He was very thorough when explaining the features of the Prius, basic warranty, roadside assistance, and other features. During negotiations, he went below my asking price. Throughout the sales process, he did not pressure me to purchase additional options I did not want. Since the sale, he has been very responsive in making sure the Prius was detailed as well as answering any questions I had. It’s been a pleasure working with him.

  • Rick Paskovich

    Rick Paskovich

    Sales Professional

    (210) 530-3000
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    Rick Paskovich

    Rick Paskovich

    Sales Professional

    Rick’s Customer Reviews

    T.B. – March 20, 2021
    Richard Paskovich, our sales representative at Red McCombs Toyota, provided my wife and I with outstanding service.  He was pleasant and professional at all times and provided us with the information we needed to make an informed decision on the purchase of a 2021 Toyota Tacoma.  He also made the extra effort to locate a truck for us with the color and the options that we wanted.  Extremely pleased, we wish Mr. Paskovich the best.

    Cindy M. – January 14, 2021
    Rick Paskovich is a man of integrity who has helped our family purchase six vehicles since 2017. We always recommend others who are looking for a vehicle to come see Rick. He truly is that rare salesman who genuinely wants to make sure that everyone gets the best deal possible. It is a blessing & an honor to know him. May the Lord continue to bless him abundantly as he continues to help others in making the right choice when purchasing vehicles.

    Dan M. – January 4, 2021
    Richard Paskovich was outstanding in his delivery of our new Toyota 2021 4Runner. He made it easy and convenient and we were in and out in an hour. Best experience I have had at a dealership and leasing a vehicle. We will be back at the end of our lease.

    C.D. – November 4, 2020
    Over the last 18 years my husband and I have purchased numerous vehicles from Rick Paskovich. So amazing at getting the deal done. He got with Becky in finance and the process was quick and painless. Love my Red McCombs team…. Rick is the best and would not purchase from another salesman and Melissa in Service is amazing too!!! See y’all soon for next trade in.

    M.B. – October 19, 2020
    My experience with Richard was awesome he went above and beyond to get me into the vehicle me and my husband wanted.

    L.D. – August 24, 2020
    Rick did a wonderful job from when we got there to when we left…Great salesman.

    Isabel R. – August 22, 2020
    Rick Paskovich was very helpful.  He answered all my questions.  He also made me feel welcome.  He made sure I was happy with my car.  I will definitely refer him to my family and friends.

    Richard C. – August 17, 2020
    This is the second car we have purchased from Rick! He is professional, attentive, and ALWAYS takes care of me and my family! I call him any day and he responds immediately. I cant say enough of how much Rick has made the car buying experience amazing! I will be forever a Red McCombs customer because of people like Rick and my service rep Mark Davis! Best EVER! 10 stars!

    J.P. – April 13, 2020
    Rick was very kind and helpful during the process of buying my first new vehicle. He was very patient which made the entire experience comforting. I will definitely come back and see Rick for my next vehicle.

    Mary F. – March 12, 2020
    Rick was very helpful. He was able to give me options on what I could get with my income and credit score, which was awful. He did not make me fell like I had no options. He made me feel very confident in my purchase and because of that I have given his name to family members.

    J.B. and T.B. – March 9, 2020
    Rick was wonderful to work with. He was straightforward and knowledgeable. Buying a car is inherently stressful, but Rick made it less so. Rick is definitely the one we will go to for our next car. Many thanks Rick!

    Richard C. – February 27, 2020
    Rick was amazing! I have never had a car buying experience and service as I did from Rick. He took care of every detail with my trade and getting the PRO. He took the time even when he was off to answer all my questions. I have to say I have bought may cars, Rick is the best salesman I have ever worked with! Thank you Rick, I love my 4Rnr TRD PRO!

    Ben and Ro C. – February 16, 2020
    We’ve just purchased our 4th or 5th vehicle dealing with Rick. We trust him with his professionalism and his opinion to our needs in such a large purchase. Rick has alway holds the value of customer relationship, therefore we feel comfortable and confident that he will be our sales representative. He has always made us feel comfortable and as if we are his only client, which I feel is extremely important, since there are so many other dealerships we can purchase from. I believe without saying the fact that we always come back and we encourage our family and friends to seek him out when looking for a vehicle, shows his dedication to Red McCombs as an outstanding part of the
    Toyota family. Again, we appreciate Rick as our sales representative and we hope to continue this relationship with Rick and Toyota.

    S.M. – February 13, 2020
    My husband and I had such a great experience with Richard Paskovich. This year he helped us get a 2020 RAV4! He also helped me get my first car purchase back in 2017 – so I knew he would help us out financially this year. He is very understanding and very easy to talk to. We appreciate all the help he has given us. Very recommended! Thank you again, from the Martinez family!

    L.H. – January 24, 2020
    Richard is my go to guy for buying cars. I have bought my last four cars from him. He is always honest straight forward and answers all my questions. Definitely recommend him for your car needs!!

    C.W. – December 22, 2019
    Rick is a very friendly, knowledgeable salesperson. We would recommend him to our friends and coworkers.

    Susie M. – December 10, 2019
    When I made the decision to purchase a new vehicle, I knew that the only place to go was RedMcCombs to see Rick Paskovich.  I knew that this puchase was going to be a tricky one, and needed someone I trusted and that knew the business well. He came in on his day off, was patient, and walked me through every last detail. I have purchased several vehicles from him over the last 20 years, and actively refer friends and family to him. We will be back in a couple of years to purchase a new truck and SUV once we are in a better place. Thank you Rick for all of your hard work!

    Antonio B. – November 22, 2019
    I’d like to say Rick did an outstanding job in my perception. I shared my hesitations with dealing with car dealerships and salesmen and how it made me feel very uneasy to be hounded. He completely understood and was attentive to my every question and concern respectfully. I was able to understand the circumstances and ask questions about the vehicles I was interested with ease making it a very pleasant experience. I was able to locate and purchase a vehicle that I liked and drove off the lot same day. I appreciated Ricks friendliness as well as professionalism throughout the process. I never had a hesitation in buying a vehicle when I arrived I just wanted to be comfortable and not feel hurried to make my decision. This is important to me to the point that at my last attempt to look at vehicles I left two dealerships due to that exactly. I thank you for having great service and Rick embodies everything I expected for a great truck buying experience.

    Robert G. – September 13, 2019
    Richard Paskovich did an outstanding job getting us through the new car buying drill!

    R.H. – September 11, 2019
    Once again, Rick Paskovish is our hero! I have heard many people say going to a dealership to buy a car is one of the most stressful experiences you can have. I actually have found both times we’ve bought a car through Rick at Red McCombs Toyota a very enjoyable experience. He’s supremely courteous and professional, and I never feel pressured or hassled to buy something I didn’t want. He finds us the right car at the right price every time! Thanks, Rick!

    J.C. – July 9, 2019
    Thank you Rick P. For your service to Toyota. Rick is very knowledgeable in his line of work. I have been dealing with Rick for years and as always he gives excellent service. I recommend him to anyone that is looking for a vehicle with Toyota. I drove 350 miles just to deal with Rick P. In getting my new vehicle. Other than being a great sales associate he has a great personality, easy to get along with and hard worker. Once again thank you Rick P. and Thank you Toyota.

    C.C. – July 1, 2019
    Rick Paskovich is always FANTASTIC! He is polite, efficient, and very personable. This is the third or fourth car he has sold to me, and he never ceases to amaze me. He is respectful of my needs, and imparts his vast experience and knowledge in terms I can understand! He also worked with finance to meet my needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle! He is an awesome representative for Red McCombs and Toyota!

    P.M. – March 4, 2019
    Richard Paskovich was absolutely AMAZING! One of the best customer services I have ever had and he went above and behind to help me find what I was looking for! He was incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable, and great at conveying everything to me. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle!

    H.B. – February 22, 2019
    Rick was extremely efficient and respectful of my needs and my time. I was impressed with his professional knowledge while also remaining attentive to my particular circumstances. I had a great experience with Rick. Great representation of the brand.

    Ryan H. – January 22, 2019
    Never felt more cared for by a car salesperson! My wife and I recently bought an SUV, and we had the most fantastic sales experience I’ve ever had in my life. Rick Paskovich was our sales guy. He patiently took us up and down the lot as we combed over several choices. He answered all our questions meticulously, and even drove us up into the parking garage where there were other options to make sure we left with exactly the vehicle we wanted. During the negotiating process, I always felt like he was an ally for BOTH us and the dealership — which I have no problems with, since they ARE a business. I felt like we got an extremely fair price and actually enjoyed the negotiation — does that even happen in a dealership?! Thanks, Rick, for the best car-buying experience we’ve ever had! We’ll hopefully do it again soon!

    Gabriel & Lani F. – November 1, 2018
    I’ve been purchasing my vehicles from Red McCombs for over 13 years. Rick was a pleasure to work with as usual. Rick is very respectful, kind and professional. If I decide to buy another Tundra next year, I’ll be coming back to see him. I’m loving my new Sequoia. Thank you again Rick.

    TP. – October 30, 2018
    Richard did a great job with creative financing for my daughter’s new car, I appreciate his help.

    Gil L. – October 16, 2018
    I purchased an Avalon from Red McCombs last week. Richard Galvan was the Sales Professional that sold me the automobile. Richard was excellent and it was a pleasure working with him. I was never pressured and it was the most pleasant experience I have ever had in purchasing an automobile. He went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable in making the purchase and was a gentleman in all aspects. You can be assured that my next purchase will be with Richard and I will highly recommend him to my family and friends. Mr. Galvan was recommended to us by another customer of yours. Mr. Galvan referred me to Rudy Lizaola to handle the financial portion of the transaction and he was excellent in closing the purchase. It has been a very unpleasant experience in the past but Mr. Lizaola certainly changed my dislike of this experience. He was so knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining the forms and options we had available. Please make sure you keep both of these gentleman on your staff. Another gentleman that is on your staff that was so helpful was Rick Paskovich. He helped to make our experience very comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you for having such great persons on your staff.

    Nellie N. – October 8, 2018
    Hello. Jaime Cuevas gave me a great online deal.  Rick Paskovich also helped me out.   Test drove the vehicle with me for 2 days and I finally did purchase it.   Rick was great, answered all my questions and I’ve been happy ever since.

    E.L. – September 24, 2018
    I have NEVER met such an amazing salesman until I met Richard Paskovich. He truly values his customers, and he makes sure to do everything he can to show he cares. He pushes for his customers, and so, overall my family and friends have bought five vehicles in less than a year! We love Richard! Thanks Rick.

    Elena R. – September 21, 2018
    This is the third vehicle I have purchased from Rick. He always goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy with our purchase. He is always courteous and professional.

    Bianca A.- August, 28, 2018
    Rick Paskovich was so patient and helpful throughout the shopping and purchasing process. Since 2004, I’ve always gone to Rick for all of my car purchases – 4 to be exact! Rick was very attentive and knew exactly what I was looking for, making car buying easy and enjoyable. I will continue to purchase from Red as long as Rick is there.

    Cathy W.- July 10, 2018
    I had a great experience buying my car with Rick Paskovich and I look forward to filling out the survey so that I can brag on him.

    John P.- June 30, 2018
    I was very impressed with Rick Paskovich as my salesperson. He is friendly, responsive and very knowledgeable. I would consider my dealing with him as an outstanding experience. I would recommend any of my friends and relatives to him if they were buying a vehicle.

    Karion K. -June 27, 2018
    Rich Pascovich has sold me 3 Prius. He is very thorough, making sure I have all the information I need to make a decision. After purchase he showed me every detail and helped me with settings. It’s like spending time with an old friend every few years.

    Carolyn T.- March 27, 2018
    Rick is a great person to work with when buying a vehicle from Red McCombs Toyota. Last week, I originally reached a deal with Rick on a 2018 Highlander SE, but changed my mind to a 2018 4Runner SR5 Premium, then changed my mind again to a 2018 4Runner Limited. Through all of my indecision Rick was very patient and accommodating making sure I ended up with the vehicle I really wanted. This is the second time I have worked with Rick on purchasing a new vehicle and it will not be the last.

    JB.- February 27, 2018
    Our experience with Rick was excellent. He explained everything thoroughly and we think that he made us the best deal possible. He was professional and courteous.

    Elena R.- December 28, 2017
    This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Richard Paskovich. He understood what I was looking for in a vehicle and provided excellent advice and very friendly service that made buying a vehicle simple. He and Rudy Lizaola (Finance Manager) took care of everything and I was very happy with my purchase.

    Terry T.- November 30, 2017
    I would like to let you know that when I found the truck online ,I emailed Caesar Kondo and his team responded quickly. I got a text that night and I received a call the next morning from RICK PASKOVICH.

    Dennis R- November 20, 2017
    We have been Red McCombs customers for many years and Rick has been our salesman for all these years. He has always given us great deals and service and it has been one of the reasons we will continue to be McCombs Toyota faithful customers.

    Sylvia B.. – January 17, 2017
    Thank you Rick Paskovich for helping me with my new SUV! You made it so easy & effortless. I highly recommend calling Rick to any of my friends. Professional, motivated and pleasant to work with. A shout out to Sam in Finance! What a great team!!! You guys made my purchase a pleasure!!!! ;)) Great to have met two new “friends”!

    Steven A. – January 16, 2017
    Rick is the only person I do my car business with. He’s taken care of my family and I for close to 10 years and he takes care of us every time.

    Joel H. – January 10, 2017
    Rick has been the main reason we continue to buy new vehicles at Red McCombs Toyota. He’s able to find us the best vehicle to fit our needs and always get us the absolute best deal without all the hassle. We are customers for life!
    F.M. – December 26, 2016
    Rick did a fantastic job for us as usual. We are repeat customers and have always received great service from Rick and and staff.

    Melissa C – July 30, 2016
    “I’ve bought multiple vehicles from Rick in the past 6 years. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. He’s also very trustworthy. I’d recommend him as a salesperson to anyone, and I have!”

    Hector L – July 9, 2016
    “This was my 15th new car purchase in USA, the 4th from you Guys and without a doubt, this was the most pleasant, sharp and best customer service of all. Rick’s positive attitude and understanding of what time and needs are, made this experience simply the best.”

    Sandi R – June 20, 2016
    “We could not be more pleased with out recent car buying experience with your new dealership! Evidently we were the first at this dealership to purchase a vehicle (s) and were treated superbly! They actually made our day fun and Rick P, Cesar and Mo were easy and comfortable to deal with. Rick went above and beyond to explain the features of the Rav and even set up my cell phone and favorite radio stations . This was after he’d brought the Rav and my husband home to show me the car and took us back to the dealership! We wont hesitate to refer others to his expertise in sales and will definitely use the dealership and Rick again!! He’s pleasant, knowledgeable and competent! Loved our experience!”

    Paula Hubbard – November 10, 2015
    Rick, your good! I only wanted to exchange my tire. You had me drive off with four new ones… 2016 Camry!

    Patrick Galloway – September 16, 2015
    “This was the second vehicle we’ve purchased from Red McCombs Toyota and the sales experience could not have been smoother or more effortlessly on our part. Rick Paskovich could not have been more courteous and was immediately responsive to our questions and requests. Our new Rav4 is exactly what we needed. Thank you Rick, for being so patient with us as we kept changing our minds about the color. Red is delightful and now we never lose our car in the grocery store parking lot.”

    Artie Soto – September 05, 2015
    “Just wanted to say there is no other place i go to purchase a vehicle. Rick P. my sales rep is awesome just purchased my 5th vehicle from him and couldn’t be more happy with my purchased. Red McCombs is my Dealership.”

    Tremonti4628 – July 29, 2015
    “Rick Paskovich made me feel comfortable excellent friendly service Rick provided me. Samantha Peacock in finance very friendly explained everything to me excellent, I will always shop at Red McCombs Toyota.”

    Rosa Jackson
    “Never had bought a new vehicle, let alone a Toyota, and the process was nonstressful. Salesman Rick Paskovich is tremendous and the service team is more than awesome. I refuse to go to any other dealership. This is the place to go!!!”

    Danny Gamez
    “I want to give a big shout out to my dude Rick Paskovich @ Red McCombs Toyota! If you need a new vehicle go see Rick! Thanks Rick “My Friend” for my new Camry! Also, I appreciate you Dustin Hall for putting up with me!”

    Dale Richey
    “Go see Rick Paskovich. He will take good care of you.”

  • Alec Hardy

    Alec Hardy

    Sales Professional

    (210) 530-3000
    Email MeMore Info
    Alec Hardy

    Alec Hardy

    Sales Professional

    Alec’s Customer Reviews

    R.C. – February 5, 2022
    I had a great experience at Red McCombs Toyota. Alec Hardy was very helpful in finding me what I was looking for and getting all the paperwork done so I could enjoy my new car. He made the experience enjoyable and I will definitely use him for future purchases!

    E.R. – October 23, 2021
    Alec Hardy was excellent. We really got along with him and really explained a lot to us. He really knows his Tundras. We will definitely be going back and recommending family and friends.

    J.G. – August 9, 2021
    Alec did a great job of informing me of my options pertaining to my Tacoma lease. He gave me choices and I made the best decision based on my needs. I highly recommend Alec to help you with all your automotive needs!!

    I.F. – June 23, 2021
    You have a good sales person, Mr Alec did everything I expected. He helped us get the car that we needed and looked for. Thanks to him I would recommend friends and family and will return to buy other cars and trucks. Thanks Mr Alec.

    M.S. – March 30, 2021
    I was very satisfied with the attention of Mr. Alec Hardy. His kindness and patience were decisive factors in the purchasing of the vehicle. I had already gone to various dealers but I didn’t see any interest in the salespersons who contacted me. Mr. Hardy was very concerned in helping me to find what I need. I really appreciate his dedication.

    Dana F. – March 13, 2021
    As always, Alec Hardy is the greatest! He is knowledgeable about the cars, knows how to set up the electronic features, and was always clear and direct in his communications. This is the third new Toyota I have bought from Alec at Red McCombs and every experience has been excellent. This one was the first time (out of eight Toyotas since the early 1980s) that I special-ordered exactly the car and features I wanted. Alec explained the special-order process to me and kept me updated by phone every couple of weeks as the car progressed from the factory to the dealership. He was also very reasonable throughout the pricing negotiations. Also, Ibrahim in the finance office was very helpful. He was patient with me as we walked through all of the service plan options and costs. As a result, this is the first time ever that I bought the top-end service plan. Time will tell if it pays off as expected. I am loving the new car-it’s everything I wanted. Thank you Alec, Ibrahim and Red McCombs!

    Jerry H. – January 23, 2021
    Happy Camper! Alec Hardy is one of the most knowledgeable, conscientious, and friendly car salespeople I have EVER met. Will send him all the referrals I can.

    J.B. – July 11, 2020
    Alec was easy to work with. Answered all my questions and provided a positive buying experience.

    M.L.D. – May 20, 2020
    I am very happy with the 2017 Yaris which I recently purchased at Red McCombs Toyota, and grateful to Alec Hardy for his able assistance. Alec works hard to help you get what you need, while making it an enjoyable process. Thanks!

    N.A. – July 31, 2019
    If you got a question about Toyota, Alec Hardy is your man!

    Arnold and Cheryl S. – June 7, 2019
    Alec Hardy was the best salesman we’ve dealt with EVER! He was very kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the products. We would recommend anyone shopping for a vehicle to work with Alec. Many thanks.

    R.S. – January 14, 2019
    I live in Austin and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I decided to try San Antonio and called Red McCombs, luckily for me Alec Hardy answered the phone. He wasted know time getting a list together for me and zeroing in on what I asked for. Upon arriving I found a knowledgeable sales person and the vehicle I had been looking for, sold! Thanks Alec!

    Mary D. – November 27, 2018
    Alec Hardy makes every effort to understand your needs and desires, and helps you find the best deal on the right vehicle. He patiently provides all the information needed to make your decision without pressure, and remains friendly and entertaining throughout the process. Thanks Alec!

    Martin R. – August 29, 2018
    We want to thank Alec Hardy with helping us purchasing our Dodge Ram 1500. My wife scoured the network and found this truck. She got in touch with Alec and he was very courteous and helpful. My wife added that he answered his emails and returned all her calls. He didn’t pressure us at all, we went and had a late lunch to talk over if we wanted the truck or not. He will shoot you straight and take care of you!!!

    Norma P. – July 30, 2018
    The process of purchasing a vehicle was made so much easier for me thanks to Alec. I explained my situation and kinda of vehicle I was looking for and he knew exactly what vehicle to place me in. Thank you Alec & Thanks  Red McCombs for making my vehicle purchase experience fast & easy.

    Melanie M. – December 30, 2017
    Alec Hardy is the epitome of an ideal sales professional. He went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied from the communication before our arrival, to the test drive, and even after care. He was attentive, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. If you have the opportunity to request a sales professional, Alec Hardy is definitely your person. After years of buying at Universal Toyota, he made our family a Red McCombs Toyota buyer now!

    Danny L. – March 04, 2017
    My experience was awesome! Alec was amazing and very knowledgeable of all of your products. I love my truck and very happy with my purchase. I will definitely send you inquiries of anyone looking for a car/truck. Tell Alec thanks for all of his assistance!

    Raquel T. – February 27, 2017
    The service was great and I am very satisfied. Alec was great but it was Stephen Reynes that helped me and he was just wonderful. I am definitely recommend my people to go there. Thank you so much for everything. You guys have been great

    Rebecca M – May 21, 2016
    “Alec Hardy is the most genuine person I have worked with when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. His professionalism, patience, and ability to find the perfect car is truly unmatched. This from a mom of three who brought her entire family to test drive a Sienna and walked out a very happy first time Toyota owner! Thank you Alec!!”

    Myrna M.
    “Extraordinary experience. 100% recommendation for Alec. He breathe car sales!”

  • Jesse Mancillas

    Jesse Mancillas

    Sales Professional

    Email MeMore Info
    Jesse Mancillas

    Jesse Mancillas

    Sales Professional



    Jesse’s Customer Reviews

    R.M. II – December 24, 2021
    Jesse was honest upfront and got down to business right away. He answered my email quickly and let me know that the truck was in stock, we test drove it, I told him where I wanted to be on monthly payment and he got me there, awesome experience I appreciate his work ethic.

    L.M. – December 20, 2021
    My parents bought the vehicle for me so I didn’t have much interaction with Jesse. But my parents raved about him and he’s answered all my questions since I got my 4Runner. Thanks for being part of my amazing surprise!!!

    E.R. – November 27, 2021
    We were pleasantly surprised to be driving out of the Red McCombs parking lot in a 2022 Toyota Tacoma the same day we just happened to call Jesse to inquire about possibly trading in our current truck. When we got there…
    1. He was Prepared by have a brand new Tacoma waiting up front for us to test drive.We didn’t expect that!
    2. He wasted No time in getting our truck appraised at the same time we were test driving.
    3. When we got back he Listened to our Financial concerns and questions.
    4. He showed us different options that could work for us while keeping within our budget..
    5. NO PRESSURE TACTICS. He and his manager made it happen in our favor and All done within a few hours on a Saturday eventhough the banks were closed.
    Bottom line–Jesse Mancillas is a very knowledgeable, savvy, pleasant salesman that is cool,calm and collected during the entire sales transaction. This why we’ve purchased 2 vehicles with him and would refer him and RedMcCombs in a heart beat! Thanks Jesse!

    R.A. – August 17, 2021
    Jesse, Harvey, & Rudy (F&I) were a pleasure to work with. Let’s be honest, it’s exciting buying a new vehicle but it’s not fun. This is our 2nd vehicle we have purchased through these same 3 individuals & have referred them to both a good friend & to my son who are going to buy new vehicles very soon. They make the process as painless as possible given how short inventory supplies are currently. Jesse has always been crazy responsive to any phone calls I’ve made to him. Good organization, including their service & parts departments. As a life long Minnesota Viking fan wasn’t crazy about Red as the team owner, but he owns some nice auto dealerships. Highly recommend them!!!

    Barry D. – June 28, 2021
    Jesse is great to work with. Very helpful & responsive. I have already referred several people to him.

    J.C. – June 13, 2021
    Mr. Mancillas helped my family find a vehicle during an inventory shortage. Mr. Mancillas helped track the truck we needed and kept us informed through the process of getting the vehicle to the dealership to close the deal.

    M.D. – May 16, 2021
    Jesse did a great job for us. He was courteous, respectful and professional. It was a painless experience to purchase our new vehicle, which I greatly appreciated.

    L.H. – May 12, 2021
    I had been to several Toyota dealerships in the last 7 months trying to find the right vehicle for myself. Jesse was patient with me and took the time to listen to my concerns. Never once did he make me feel like I was being pressured or rushing me for an answer. Over all, I’m happy with my new Tacoma and the service I received at Red McCombs! Thank you Jesse!

    T.W. – May 10, 2021
    Jesse was awesome! He listen to what I wanted/needed and focused on that. He got what I wanted. Love my new car & had a great experience!

    Jeffrey M. – May 4, 2021
    Jesse Mancillas is amazing. This is the second car I have purchased from Jesse, both times I was pleased with his performance. I will always recommend red McCombs to all my friends and family.

    Lisa U. – March 27, 2021
    Jesse Mancillas was excellent! He listened to us. He worked with us. He was excellent.

    B.G. – March 19, 2021
    Jessie was quick to respond. We really liked him. I love my new truck.

    C.A.B. – February 27, 2021
    Had a wonderful, quick experience when getting my 2nd lease car from Jesse Mancillas! He and the finance manager were so kind and helpful!! Will be back in 3 years!

    D.F. – December 23, 2020
    Purchasing a vehicle from out of state, sight unseen can be extremely scary. Working with Jesse Mancillas was a pleasure. He was very helpful and answered all my questions promptly and honestly. I would recommend him and Red McCombs to anyone looking to purchase a new Toyota.

    Andrew D. – December 11, 2020
    Jesse is one of the best salesmen I’ve ever met. Friendly and helpful. Professional and Honest. Thanks again.

    Francisco U. – December 4, 2020
    Jesse Mancillas has to be RMT MVP salesperson. He is the easiest person to work with when buying a car. He listens to his customers and was able to get me EXACTLY what I was looking for. I am so happy with my 2021 Toyota Tacoma Sport. I’m planning to come back and get my wife a car soon. There’s no other place I would buy a new car from. Thank you.

    X.D. – October 26, 2020
    Jesse was a big help for my purchase. Was completely honest with me and gave me no issues. Gave me accurate dates about the vehicle. Highly
    recommend him.

    Barry D. – October 19, 2020
    This is the third Highlander that I have purchased from Red McCombs Toyota, Jesse Mancillas sold me my last two. I have Jesse’s information saved in my cell phone, I contact him direct & he gets everything taken care of even if he has to bring the vehicle in from another dealership. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

    E.F. – October 17, 2020
    Jesse Mancillas was great! He went above and beyond to get me in the vehicle I wanted! Thanks Jesse!

    A.M. – September 29, 2020
    Jesse was great to work with. Very polite, professional, and straight forward. He was very clear on what the dealership would or would not be able to do and gave me a fair deal without any games or hassle.

    J.C. – September 23, 2020
    Jesse Mancillas was very professional and helpful. He answered all my questions in a timely fashion. He didn’t pressure me and did what he said he’d do. If my Toyota Tundra performs as I expect it to, I will drive the 220 mile one way trip to deal with Jesse on my next vehicle purchase. Rudy in finance was also very professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

    A.R. – August 30, 2020
    Jesse was very friendly and helped out a lot…the fact he spoke Spanish was also very helpful. Thanks Jesse!

    Scott K. – July 15, 2020
    Jesse Mancillas was very professional, responsive, and helpful.  We ordered our vehicle, and Jesse provided us periodic updates until we took delivery.  The purchasing and delivery process went very smoothly because of Jesse.  He gave my wife and I a very detailed hands-on orientation of our new vehicle at delivery.

    I.S. – July 3, 2020
    Thank you Jesse for your time and expertise in finding the car I wanted and the right price.

    A.W. – June 4, 2020
    The experience at Red McCombs Toyota was the best vehicle shopping experience I’ve ever had. Jesse was not pushy at all and let me test drive many different vehicles till I found the one that my daughter (she was my advisor that day) and I loved. My son is getting his drivers license in the short future and will definitely be making the trip out there again.

    J.A. – May 16, 2020
    We could not of been more satisfied with working with Jesse Mancillas. Mr. McCombs you have a great employee. Thanks Jesse, stay safe and I love my new 2020 Toyota Tacoma.

    Don C. – May 7, 2020
    My salesman was Jesse Mancillas. He made the entire process painless. He gave me the best quote off of the internet from multiple dealerships, and didn’t hard sell me. It was a very quick and easy process. The accounting representative was easy to deal with on the warranty and it was very straightforward. I would buy here again and would recommend.

    P.B. – March 14, 2020
    Jesse was outstanding, probably one of the best salesman and experience we have ever had. We love Red McCombs Toyota!!

    R.R. – March 7, 2020
    Mr. Mancillas was outstanding. We had to re-visit for some “additional “ instruction and questions which he afforded with patience and understanding. He invited us back anytime we felt we encountered a problem or a question. He promised to help us with accessories if we wanted any later. Thank you!

    J.C. – February 29, 2020
    Extremely satisfied with Jesse and all the folks at Red McCombs (Dome dogs are a must on Saturdays)! Jesse took us through the inventory of Tacomas twice to make sure we had the right fit. We have come from Midland 3 times and have never left disappointed.

    Paulino G. – February 18, 2020
    I’m extremely satisfied with the customer service I received from Jesse! This is our second purchase from him. Jesse went above and beyond to get me qualified and into a vehicle!

    P.G. – February 10, 2020
    The absolute best first time buyer experience! Thanks again!

    M.N. – January 31, 2020
    A shout out to Jesse Mancillas, who has now sold me two Toyota vehicles!! When I first came in to find my new car, Jesse quickly made me feel like I had a trusted professional to guide me through the car buying process and also that I had made a friend. Finding a knowledgeable, professional salesman was important to me, but as a bonus, I was also treated with genuine care and concern.  I knew that my best interests would be taken care of through the process. Thanks, Jesse!

    Stephanie B. – January 15, 2020
    As a new customer to Red McCombs Toyota, we were treated with excellent service by Mr. Jesse Mancillas. From the moment we came in to the facility we were greeted and asked if we needed assistance. I explained my situation to Mr. Jesse and he reassured me that it was fine that he assisted with our needs until Mr. Shane arrived. On that note, we were provided with the numerous information about (ie. cars, quotes, interest rates, lenders, etc.) We were treated with phenomenal satisfaction through the entire time we were at Red McCombs Toyota up until we bought the vehicle!! That’s quality excellent service under 4 hours.!!

    P.R. – January 8, 2020
    Jesse Mancillas did great as a sales person when assisting me in purchasing my new vehicle. I am a very busy person and don’t have time to keep going into dealerships to test drive or haggle, but Jesse was willing to work with me over text which helped me out extremely and overall sealed my purchase with Red McCombs. Excellent sales manager. Will highly recommend him to friends and family.

    L.W. – January 8, 2020
    Jesse is great to work with. Bought two cars through him. Pleasant experience both times.

    E.C. – December 25, 2019
    Jesse as always was awesome. Gets me great deals. I will continue to come here because of him.

    R.S. – December 17, 2019
    Excellent experience. Jesse was very professional and helpful.

    E.B. – December 14, 2019
    Jesse made car buying easy and quick! He showed me a vehicle I didn’t even know I’d want and I fell in love. He was very patient and understanding with my two toddlers which made the entire process that much more stress free. I see upper management in his future.

    Robert G. – December 2, 2019
    Jesse Mancillas sales was outstanding. He listened to what we wanted rather than telling us what needed. Never was there any pressure. I strongly recommend when you ready to look for auto ask for him. Everyone there was friendly and respectful of our time. Thanks again.

    Charles S. – December 1, 2019
    We had a wonderful car-buying experience with Mr. Mancillas. He hit just the right balance of helpfulness, courteousness and knowledge. Never pushy, but always responsive, this was probably the most pleasant auto purchase I’ve ever made.

    J.T.G. – September 14, 2019
    Can’t say enough good things about Jesse Mancillas! Purchasing the Toyota from Jesse was by far the best car buying experience I have ever had. Jesse is a true professional. I will be recommending Jesse to anyone that mentions buying a new car.

    M.V. – September 9, 2019
    Our salesman Jesse had outstanding customer service. He truly made car buying experience great and will reach out if I decide to ever get another vehicle.

    B.M. – August 31. 2019
    Jesse was great throughout the process. He helped me find a vehicle to fit my family’s needs at a price that fit our budget and we couldn’t be happier. He made the process very fast and simple and my family will never go to another dealership. Thank you for the great customer service.

    A.O. – August 24, 2019
    Everything was smooth and fast on purchasing my vehicle. Jesse ensured everything would be ready from the time I left Laredo and got into San Antonio. All I had to do was test drive and sign. Again a great experience with your dealership and salesman. Thank you.

    M.R. – August 24, 2019
    I would like to thank Jesse Mancillas for all the help he gave me when I was looking for a car. He was also very patient with me. He made me feel welcomed. He’s very professional and knowledgeable. I will certainly recommend him and Toyota to my friends and colleagues. I’m so glad that I am now part of Red McCombs Toyota family. I would also like to thank Ibrahim in finance for helping me get my paperwork done. Y’all are awesome!!!

    J.R. – August 9, 2019
    We had an amazing experience thanks to Mr. Jesse Mancillas. The buying process was quick and painless. We’re from Laredo, Texas and would definitely recommend Red McCombs to everyone. Thank you for everything!

    M.A. – July 22, 2019
    Jesse asked us what we wanted in a vehicle first. He showed us what the dealership had to offer and we didn’t find what we wanted. Jesse followed up with us and told us he can get us the vehicle we desired. We weren’t in a rush so we waited (less than two weeks) and Jesse delivered. He was always reaching out to us and making sure we were happy with what we were getting. We didn’t feel pushed or pressured when working with Jesse, and that made us comfortable and allowed us to think before buying. Jesse gave us the best deal in San Antonio, and we went to all Toyota dealerships to find the Highlander SE we wanted at an affordable price.

    L.W. – July 1, 2019
    Jesse was professional and very accommodating for the models I was interested in. He was patient since I took a bit longer than usual to look at different vehicle options. He worked with me to arrange pickup with my schedule which made the whole experience smooth.

    Tom – June 7, 2019
    Jesse did an excellent job. It was not a straight-forward transaction, mostly complicated by me. Jesse was patient, persistent, well-organized and communicated very well (quick and thorough). I can’t say enough good things about him and will call on him again. (Do what you must to keep him happy) Thank you.

    Josephine, Larry and Nicholas Y. – June 5, 2019
    Jesse Mancillas listened to our needs and sold a used beautiful Camry for our son. Moe Arafati and Rudy Lizaola helped with the finance. We are a Red Mccombs Fan. Jesse has sold us every vehicle that we purchased and we will continue to be a Red Mccombs fan. This is the 5th vehicle we have purchased. We are always treated as family and this team is the reason why we keep coming back to Red Mccombs Toyota. Thank you for being the best and exceptional Team.

    K.S. – May 24, 2019
    Jesse is simply exceptional at his job! He listens to your needs, and will make sure you leave completely satisfied. Simply the best of the best.

    Matthew and Betty L. – May 24, 2019
    We loved having Jesse as our sales representative. He is very knowledgeable and helped us get the best deal possible. Would recommend him to our friends and family. My first Toyota ever. Was out of there with keys in hand in under two hours.Thanks.

    Sebas G. – May 1, 2019
    Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I would like to start with stating that this was my first purchase with Red McCombs Toyota and it has been the best one I have ever had. Jesse Mancillas contacted me immediately to schedule an appointment when I sent the request through the Costco Auto Program. The vehicle I was interested in was not in stock, but Jesse showed me a similar one and told me when to expect the one I wanted. He showed me a great price and I just showed up to make the purchase immediately after the car made it to the lot. The entire experience was stress-free and I felt valued and respected. The best car-buying experience I have ever had. Thank you.

    Frank and Lonnie R. – March 28, 2019
    We consider Jesse our family Toyota asset. We came back to him after our first Red McCombs Toyota because he intervened to help us with our 2014 RAV4 purchase. We had walked out the door and were talking to Honda when he called with a deal that got us back to Toyota. This time it was a no brainer. He understood our needs and pointed us to a great solution. He has our thanks and loyalty.

    J.G. – March 26, 2019
    Jesse goes above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction when purchasing a vehicle. This had been our second purchase with Jesse and we will continue to seek his assistance for future vehicles. Red McCombs is well represented!

    S.O.J – March 16, 2019
    The experience as a whole was outstanding and very easy to work out a price on a Toyota Tacoma. All I did was told Jesse Mancillas what I was looking for and in what color. When he was able to tell me when the dealership was going to receive what I was looking for. We were able to workout a deal. When the truck arrived. I was able to drive to the dealership to purchase
    the vehicle within about a week. The gentleman at the finance department was also very easy to work with. That was by far my best financial experience of the three new vehicles that I have purchased at Red McCombs Toyota. I know that at this dealership they will have what I am looking for or that can get it for me. When I am ready to purchase my next Toyota vehicle, I will definitely be contacting Jesse at Red McCombs Toyota.

    John & Judy H. -February 1, 2019
    We took possession of our new Camry 2019  XLE SE today and were very pleased with the services of  “Jesus S. Mancillas” who provided sage advice as well as outstanding personalized guidance throughout the lengthy process of completing the numerous forms and all documentation required for our vintage 2004 Camry.   This young man is very impressive not only as an integral member of the team at Red McCombs, but he was instrumental in making this ordeal a terrific enjoyable experience as well!  We have been old line customers at Red McCombs for over 20 years and will definitely continue to deal with this firm ad infinitum. We also would like to submit our comments regarding another fine gentleman, “Rudy Lizaola” who shepherded our financial process with remarkable ease!   He deserves accolades for his abilities to diligently provide accurate and thoroughly understandable information about the buying and selling of vehicles in the Great State of Texas.   He worked very hard to make absolutely certain that we clearly understood all of those costs right down to the very last penny! Red McCombs has built his firm into one of the very finest in the entire USA.  His dedication to fairness as well as taking great care of his “Flock of Employees” is exactly what we need to revise this Nations Greatness. Thanking you all for allowing us to express our thoughts regarding our treatment by the Staff.

    Matt C. – January 28, 2019
    I had a great experience at Red McCombs Toyota! The team of Brittney, Jesse, and Jaime were informative, helpful, and patient. They answered questions, gave me a clear understanding of the vehicles, and did not pressure me in any way! They made the process as easy and convenient as possible! Jesse and Jaime even brought the car to me! Jesse continues to answer my questions after I have bought the car. I know that I have resources in them as I continue to learn. I definitely would recommend Red McCombs Toyota to anyone in the hunt for a vehicle! Thanks!

    N.V. – January 12, 2019
    As always, Jesse’s service was exceptional! His commitment to customer service is five star. This is the fourth vehicle we have purchased from Mr. Mancillas and we will continue to purchase the Toyota brand from him!

    C.M. – January 11, 2019
    The purchase of our 4Runner was the best car buying experience we’ve ever had. Jesse is the best! We highly recommend Jesse Mancillas at Red McCombs Toyota. We will purchase all future vehicles from Jesse!

    Kris S. – January 10, 2019
    Best buying experience EVER! Jesse Mancillas was awesome. Made the whole experience surreal!

    J.S. – January 9, 2019
    Best car buying experience of my life! Jesse was straight up–no running to sales managers–accepted his first offer.

    D.F. – December 28, 2018
    We recently purchased a Highlander for Red McCombs Toyota and love it!  Jesse Mancillas answered all our questions that day and followed up to make sure we did not have more questions. We even have his number for future reference! Thank you, Jesse, for all your help!

    B.D. – December 4, 2018
    Jesse did a great job of getting us out the door quickly. We also appreciated his honesty. The best part of the experience was the privacy he gave us to make our own decision.

    A.A. – November 16, 2018
    Jesse was quick efficient and to the point. He helped moving me to the used vehicles finance department after he noticed I waited too long to meet with financing at the new cars building. Thanks Jesse.

    T.W. – November 16, 2018
    Jesse was very knowledgeable and made the buying process quick and easy. Great job!!

    J.G. – November 14, 2018
    Jesse Mancillas was very helpful from beginning and very prompt. I requested the truck and he delivered . He also had patience on my wait of decision making for my purchase.

    H.A. – September 29, 2018
    Jesse is a great guy & I’d definitely refer friends and family to him.   He answered all my questions without being pushy.   It felt like I was dealing with a good friend.

    James T. – September 28, 2018
    I recently purchased a 2018 Tundra from your facility. Jesse and Andrew were very helpful and Knowledgeable when it came to my purchasing experience. I contacted Jesse early Saturday morning and he had the Tundra waiting for me when I arrived for a test drive. While Jesse was taking care of paper work Andrew had my new truck spotless, ready for inspection. Andrew did a great job showing my wife and I how to operate and understand the the options on the Tundra. The fellow that processed the paper work was smooth and helpful also. I returned to purchase a set of wheel and once again Jesse helped coordinate the transaction with Jay at your parts counter. Jay was very knowledgeable and friendly. Finally Kenny contacted me and asked about my experience which was nice. Thank you.

    Walter and Filomena R.- September 1, 2018
    I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised and extremely satisfied with our recent car buying experience and we feel that this was because of Jesse Mancillas, our Sales Professional and Rudy Lizaola, our Finance Manager.  here was no pressure in making us make our purchase.  Jesse was very courteous, patient and a very helpful as he answered any and all questions we had. He made sure we were happy with the Camry XSE we finally decided on. If anyone asks me where to go and who to go with for their next Toyota purchase, I will definitely be referring them to Red McCombs Toyota and Jesse Mancillas. As for any of our future vehicle purchases, we hope we can work with both Jesse and Rudy again.

    VS.- August 15, 2018
    This is the second car that we have bought from Jesse.  The first one survived a hail storm and a car accident (which my family walked away from unscathed, thank God).  We really appreciate him working with our expenses, entertaining a 2 year old, and for letting us shop around for the perfect fit.

    Jose V.- July 30, 2018
    Hi…wanted to thank Jesse Mancillas for his very courteous & professional attention he gave us.  We are very happy with our purchase and are recommending Jesse to our friends and relatives of their next new or used car purchase.  Congrats Red McCombs for having professional personnel like Jesse.

    Janelle C.- June 25, 2018
    I wanted to thank Jesse, so much for his assistance and help in making this process as seamless and smooth as possible! I was not actually ready to purchase a new vehicle but as we all know things sometimes happen, Jesse and the other staff were extremely professional, communicated clearly, openly and definitely earned my business both now and will again in the future! I appreciated the help and support to make it a positive experience.

    Servando I.- May 21, 2018
    Great salesman. Very professional and knowledgeable, will definitely buy my wife’s next vehicle at Red McCombs.

    Lionel G. – April 30, 2018
    Working with Jesse made buying our new truck an easy experience! He’s very professional and hard working!! He’s very knowledgeable and quick to find answers to all of our questions. We look forward to working with Jesse in the future!

    Janet H.- April 2, 2018
    Jesse Mancillas was great. He was friendly, efficient & did everything he said he would”no game playing or delays. His salesman Jaime was also great.

    AB. – April 2, 2018
    I can’t say enough about Jesse Mancillas as my sales contact. He was outstanding. No slick sales gimmicks, no pressure, no attempts at manipulative ploys. Jesse went above and beyond to make sure I purchased the vehicle we were most comfortable with. He gave us suggestions and his advice was in no way pushy. After we decided on the SE model of the Camry, the process was absolutely painless. Just great, accommodating service. I ended up purchasing the vehicle I was interested in, for a price that I was comfortable with. No hassles. Just civil, relaxed negotiations. So quick and professional. I would recommend Jesse and Red McCombs to anyone who is looking for a new vehicle.

    Ines R.- March 29, 2018
    My experience at Red McCombs Toyota was beyond my expectations. Jesse and Andrew were both amazing. They asked me what I wanted and they delivered. It was exceptional customer service not only from sales but everyone in the facility. Thank you very much! I love my RAV4!

    Al C.- February 28, 2018
    Jesse Mancillas with Red McCombs did an outstanding job in getting me what I wanted in buying my 2018 Toyota Tacoma. It was a really good experience and I can’t wait until I upgrade my tuck in a couple of years from now. If gasoline stays low, I am going for a 2021 Tundra. See you then, Jesse!

    Joel V.- February 23, 2018
    I think Jesse is the best sales agent that I have come across. He did waste my time and went straight to the point. Also, he was honest with me since day 1. I will not hesitate to contact Jesse for my next purchase.

    Benjamin C.- January 17, 2018
    I just wanted to thank Jesse for his help. It was a pleasure having him as our sale agent. At no point did we feel pressured to buy the vehicle. It was definitely the best experience we had so far when purchasing a vehicle. Again, Thank You Jesse for being such a professional

    Jason D.- January 8, 2018
    I’d like to recognize and thank our salesperson, Jesse Mancillas for providing my wife and I with a wonderful buying experience. He was great to work with. We would gladly recommend him to friends and family for their next vehicle purchase. Thank you Jesse!

    Serina- December 6, 2017
    Awesomely service! Jesse was the best! I was not pressured into buying something I didn’t want. Jesse was very patient with me.

    Gerardo C. – October 10, 2017
    Buying from Red McCombs was a great experience. The sales person I dealt with was Mr. Jesse Mancillas, very professional and no pressure salesperson. Mr. Mancillas knows his vehicles well and he explains any questions the buyer might have. After the sale, Mr. Mancillas futher explained how to operate the GPS, radio, wipers, etc.
    I was referred to Mr. Mancillas by my daughter who also bought a Highlander prior to me buying mine. I have bought a few vehicles in my life time but by far this has been one of my better experiences when buying a vehicle. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    Tony S. – March 10, 2017
    “Both Caesar and Jesse were very helpful in getting the deal done. Caesar for getting the vehicle, and Jesse for closing the deal”

    Anthony M. – January 05, 2017
    Thank you for all your hard work, we enjoyed it and appreciated Jesse Mancillas’ product knowledge.

    Alexander P. – December 23, 2016
    Love this place. They make u feel like ur home. Get with my guy Jesse Mancias. He will get u the near deal.

    Julia G. – Decemeber 20, 2016
    Thank you Jesse for going above and beyond to help us get into a vehicle! You were so kind, efficient and thoughtful, which made us so happy to shop with Red McCombs! Thank you again!

    Edna S – November 21, 2016
    “My experience at Red Mccombs was really great, Jesse was very professional and very knowledgeable. I will gladly refer all my friends and family to Jesse Mancillas and again
    thank you for awesome service from all the staff at Red Mccombs.”

    Gigi O. September 1, 2016
    “Jesse did an awesome job in walking me thru the purchase.
    He was very up front with the pricing of my trade in as well as the pricing and perks of my new Tacoma. Thank you for having such a caring employee.”

    Kimberley B – August 31, 2016
    “I spoke with people at several dealerships and Jesse was the most organized and efficient. We spoke on the phone and he verified that he had the Highlander I was looking for. We quickly negotiated a price and set an appointment to see the vehicle. When I arrived at the dealership, the car was parked by the entrance prepared for viewing. He had also prepared paperwork in advance. Jesse was knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I drove away in my new Highlander less than an hour after arriving at the dealership. Thank you Jesse!”

    Masha M – August 9, 2016
    “Jesse Mancillas is a very good salesman. I especially like that he doesn’t push to make a sale. I told him I needed to think about it, and he said that would be fine. Of course, this is the second Tacoma I have bought from him, so he probably knew I’d be back for it. Thanks for finding me what I wanted and getting it here, Jesse.”

    BJ D – August 4, 2016
    “Jesse Mancillas and James Phavion were very professional, they were able to answer all my questions related to car I was interested in as well as other vehicles. They did not pressure me at anytime and allowed me to take my time in deciding on what I would purchase. I recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.”

    Casey B – July 30, 2016
    “My experience at toyota was the best that I have ever had. Jesse was not only personable and knowledgeable but also not pushy. His personality and attitude towards my purchase made everything so much easier. I have already recommended people to use him.”

    Keith H – July 27, 2016
    “My experience at toyota was the best that I have ever had. Jesse was not only personable and knowledgeable but also not pushy. His personality and attitude towards my purchase made everything so much easier. I have already recommended people to use him.”

    Kay R – March 29, 2016
    “Jesse was terrific, he made us feel like best friends. This is the first time since we bought our first vehicle in VA in 1976 that the process was scary easy thanks to Jesse! Jesse not once put any pressure on us, was quick to respond to questions via text and/or email and just a genuinely nice man.”

    Julian – March 25, 2016
    “Jesse went above and beyond to get Me a brand new truck.. I love it. And his customer service department is amazing as well. I now ride around in a truck that can allow me doing extra outdoor activities. Thanks Jesse.”

    Stephinine – February 23, 2016
    “Jesse was very help and would give referrals anytime for him! Thanks again for all of Jesse help!!!”

    Alice O – January 11, 2016
    “Jesse Mancillas did an excellent job. Very courteous and informed me everything about the vehicle I purchased. I had been to another dealership previously and did not feel the same treatment I received from Jesse. He above and beyond and got me financed through my bank Security Service. I am very satisfied with his expertise. Again thank you Jesse.”

    Chris B – December 26, 2015
    “I would like to thank Jesse Mancillas for a great experience at Red McCombs. He helped us once with buying a 4runner and once again with my new truck. I originally intended on buying used but he made me an awesome, painless deal on my new Tundra that was hard to pass up! Even now he is working to get me great deals on some accessories. Stellar customer service that will keep us coming back.”

    Virginia F – November 22, 2015
    “Jesse was a delight! For it being my first time buying a brand new vehicle without a cosigner or anyone’s help, he made this transition easy! I’m absolutely in love with my new vehicle and I loved that he got me in a car I love and enjoy. I will definitely come back for my next vehicle, and it will definitely be a Toyota!”

    Elizabeth H – October 16, 2015
    “He was a good salesman, he expressed himself and was excellent! He knew his work!”

    Amanda C – April 16, 2015
    “If you are in the market or even if you arent… stop by and meet Jesse Mancillas !!!! Buying from him feels like buying from a best friend… best and quickest experience I’ve ever had !!! The best for sure and what a classy organization Red McCombs Toyota is !!!!!”

    Iris M
    “Jesse and Ricardo helped me with my very first purchase on a 2015 4 runner. It was fun guys thanks I am enjoying my nice ride!!”

    David Hernandez
    “Wanted to thank Red McCombs Toyota for the great customer service! You guys stayed very competitive! Thanks to Jesse Mancillas for all his help before and especially after the sale!”

    Swatz N
    “If u r buying a car. Jesse is the guy u should be looking for at this place. He is the best! In general the staff is friendly and helpful in answering all your questions. I had a very good experience.”

  • Obed Terrazas

    Obed Terrazas

    Sales Professional

    (210) 530-3000
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    Obed Terrazas

    Obed Terrazas

    Sales Professional

    Obed’s Customer Reviews

    N.M. – October 25, 2021
    Obed was an excellent salesman. He really went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my vehicle and made sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted. He’s very friendly and made the process so much easier than I had ever expected. I highly recommend him and this dealership to anyone who is looking to buy a new vehicle.

    J.L. – July 31, 2021
    Obed is great at his job! This our 5th toyota. Excellent service will be back when we are ready for our next purchase.

    P.A. – May 10, 2021
    It was a pleasure working with Obed. He was very communicative and went above and beyond to address any questions and concerns I had throughout the process.

    Edward B. – April 23, 2021
    Obed Terrazas was fast with responses to questions we had before buying our van. He was also helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend Obed and RedMcCombs Toyota.

    Jose C. – March 22, 2021
    Just purchased a 2018 Tundra from Red with no issues/no hassle. Obed Terrazas was great at getting me set up to test drive the Tundra and helping me drive out in the vehicle I wanted. Overall glad I came by to make this purchase. Shortest time it has ever taken me to buy a vehicle! Thanks for your help.

    Joe R. – April 18, 2020
    We had a wonderful experience last Saturday when purchasing our new F-150, Obed Terrazas was very helpful and patient with us, he even took us over to get free hotdogs and a drink, I think that was very nice of him. Thank you.

    G.D. – April 11, 2020
    Obed was courteous and professional. No nonsense , straight to the point.

    L.B. – February 27, 2020
    Obed was great and didn’t push anything or pressure me anytime throughout the process. Best car buying experience I’ve had. Will recommend him in the future!

    P.S. – February 8, 2020
    Obed is a fantastic representative of your company. He went well beyond the call of duty to make sure our needs were met. He was readily available days after the sale – when we had questions. He always replied promptly and kept his promises – what more could you ask for!

    K.M. – December 19, 2019
    Obed was pleasure to buy our car from, from the initial budget and preferences to the test drive he was thorough and very patient and professional. We will certainly be returning for our next car here. This was the only dealership that was quick and no messing around on on what we wanted.

    J.L. – August 3, 2019
    I have brought cars from Red Mccombs, so has my family, Obed is the best salesman. I will continue to buy from Obed.

    Alejandro G. – June 30, 2019
    We just purchased a Tundra 2 weeks ago. We had the pleasure of working with Obed Terrazas at Red McCombs Toyota. He was nothing but professional and helpful after we had a bad experience at another dealership. At no time did we feel pressured to buy a vehicle. Obed was willing to show us any of the Tundras on the lot! Obed listened to what we wanted and did not waste our time. We are completely satisfied with our purchase and the help we have received from Obed. He has contacted us since asking us if we are happy with our purchase. He didn’t just forget about us after the sale. I will definitely recommend Obed to family and friends when they are in the market for a new vehicle! Thanks Obed for being part of our family’s new Tundra!!!

    AS.- October 31, 2018
    Obed Terrazas is a solid character. No runaround with this man. Thank you Red McCombs. Thank you Obed for your hard work sir.

    BD.- October 23, 2018
    Obed has made this experience of being a first time car buyer simple and an easy process. I would recommend my friends and family to see him personally, because it was
    so great!

    TWL.- July 17, 2018
    Obed Terrazas was an excellent salesman.  He was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable.  My daughter and son-in-law liked him too. Highly recommended.

    Jose G.- April 16, 2108
    Had great experience and was helped by Obed , he went above and beyond by making promises and following and fulfilling those promises and even delivering the vehicle to Kyle as they had to do some body work to the vehicle I had purchased. I will definitely be coming back when i am the market for another vehicle.

    JS- December 13, 2017
    Obed was awesome! He kept the process simple and quick. He was interested in us as people not just as a sale. We will definitely be working with him again!

    Lee L.- December 11, 2017
    My experience purchasing a car at Red Mccombs Toyota overall was excellent. My sales person Obed treated both my wife and I with courtesy and respect knowing that purchasing a car can be a timely process and a bit stressful. I started off looking at the vehicle online and once I put in an inquiry about the vehicle I was immediately contacted by Obed my sales person that night to schedule a test drive the following day. So when I say that the service was excellent I mean that I could not have asked for a better response time. I truly feel that I received the best customer service and deal for my 2017 Corvette Grand Sport and could not be any happier!

    Lauren L. – March 11, 2017
    Obed you have done it again! We did not expect to be buying a SUV so soon. You have made it happen again thanks so much for getting us a great deal!

    Huseyin U – December 14, 2016
    I had a great experience in Red McCombs Toyota. I was just about to close a deal in Alamo Toyota but unfortunately they could not help me. I have talked to around 5 sales person in different dealership no one could actually understand my need. Obed Terrezas is the person who help me buying the car i want. I told him how much i can pay and what kind of vehicle i want and he brought few options in front of me. Very polite, profesional. Just go there he will help you find the car you need. Finance department in this dealership also did a great job. They handle paper work very quick. Got my loan right away. Very satisfied Thank you

    Mackenzie S. – November 28, 2016
    “Came in for service on my 2013 Camry. Ended up leaving with a new 2016 Rav 4. Been about 2 months and I’m still in love with my car. My salesman, Obed, has been awesome about answering my questions 24/7 and my finance guy, Mo, was awesome about getting me the warranty I wanted at a price I could afford. Got a great price for my Rav and 0% interest! (Also, can’t forget about that college student discount!) About a day into owning my car, I noticed the tinting was messed up and they fixed it the next day, no issue. They have been great about not only getting me in a car I love, but taking care of me ever since.”

    Celeste L. – November 25, 2016
    Obed Terrazas was very helpful and professional!! If you are looking for a new vehicle come visit him.

    Gina U. – November 27, 2016
    Very helpful and friendly staff. Obed, salesman, was very informative. Rene, finance, stayed late getting all our signatures even though he had places to be. Overall great experience.”

    Leona T. – November 22, 2016
    “I had a great experience today with Obed Terrazas. He was very courteous and worked very hard to get the what I wanted. Also the Rudy Lizaola, floor manager provided a meal for me and my husband because we missed lunch. Because of the customer service and courteous the staff I continue to come to Red McCombs Toyota for all my vehicle needs.”

    Alma T. November 19, 2016
    This was my second time purchasing a vehicle from Red McCombs Toyota. Their service is amazing!! I recommend Andrew Roth, Obed Terrazas, Rudy Lizaola and Trae Jones. They took care of me and made sure that I was satisfied with my purchase!!

    Michael D. – November 14, 2016
    I loved Red McCombs Toyota! I just purchased my first new vehicle from here and Obed was very helpful and a very genuine and nice guy. He got me the price I wanted and helped out a great deal!

    Laura L – September 10, 2016
    “Got my red truck, love it, thanks to Obed Terrazas! Thanks for everything you did that day to get us where we need to be on payments!”

    Amanda Martinez – November 10, 2016
    About 2weeks ago I went to Toyota because my car was messing up & learned I needed a new car! Thats where I met the sales men Obed!!!! He was great! He helped me Get a brand new 2017 Camrey!!! He was very nice & made sure I understood everything! i highly recommend going & ask for Obed!! He will make sure you get what you want for a good price!!

    Jodi G. – August 13, 2016
    “The last time I bought a new car was 10 years ago – a Toyota Sienna. A great car so I bought the same model. Our salesperson, Obed was knowledgeable about all the features and very helpful. He delivered on everything he said he would. His sales manager, Ceasar was also very helpful.”

    Clay S. – June 23, 2016
    Great customer service! This was the third truck I’ve purchased from them and the experience gets better every time. Obed took great care of me throughout the process.

    Marco A. – February 15, 2016
    “It’s always a pleasure to work with obed, it’s the second time that he take care of me in your business, he is really good. Thanks so much.”

    Eva F. – February 04, 2016
    “I would like to let you know that my experience was great. I came in on a referral from a friend (Guillermo Trevino) who himself has purchased cars from this dealership in the past. Because I have very little credit, I had small hopes of getting into a car, not even a new car. Obed Terrazas was very helpful with his service. He was courteous, respectful and professional but most of all friendly. He not only made it possible to get me into a car, but into a 2016 Scion iM! All I can say is that I’m in love with my car and all thanks to Obed!”

    Laura L. – January 23, 2016
    “Great deal on a great truck, thanks Obed.”

    Alexis G. – November 14, 2015
    “Went in to get a car Obed Terrazas helped us with everything and we loved the service. He made it easy for us and he went above and beyond to help us with everything. I highly recommend him . Thank you Obed.”

    Munoz E. – September 30, 2015
    “Went in for my 2nd car a few weeks ago and Obed Terrazas helped me out. He went above and beyond, it reminded me of why I keep coming back to this dealership. He was very professional and made the whole experience very simple. Anyone looking for a new car, go see him at Red McCombs! Thank you for having such an awesome employee like him!”

    Armando A. – September 30, 2015
    “Obed Terazas @ Red Mc Combs, Very outstanding salesman,has alot of potential! Very knowledgeable, nice, professional, and Bilingual which is a Huge Plus for us! Knows how to really please a client. Our experience with him was simply the best, he listened very well and knew just what we were looking for! Explained everything with deatail, and his service was just Top Notch! We have already started recommending him with our close friends and family members! Awesome Experience.”

    Crystal V. – September 25, 2015
    “I had a great experience here! I knew what i wanted and i got exactly what i was looking for. Obed was very professional and knew a lot of information about the cars i was considering. He made sure i was not just settling and got exactly what i was looking for. Everyone overall was very helpful and friendly!”

    Alan M. – September 22, 2015
    “Really a great agency and business, the dealer who helped us out Obed Terrazas made everything simple for us and offered us their best product both quality and financial wise.”

    Melissa A. – September 11, 2015
    “Excellent Service! This is my 2nd purchase with this dealership in 6 years. They have yet to disappoint. Obed Terrazas was the one who helped me out. The first vehicle he brought out to show me had everything I asked for. He was sharp and courteous! His manager Scott Brown and Kenny Reyes came out to introduce themselves. They also wanted to make sure Obed was taking care of all my needs. When it finally came down to the financing Trae Jones helped me out. I got to the dealership late, so they graciously stayed till all my paperwork was completed and questions were answered. Trae was very thorough in explaining the paperwork and I felt comfortable with the rates I received. I would highly recommend this dealership and the salesperson who helped me, Obed Terrazas. I told him he will be successful in whatever he does!”

  • Christian Morf

    Christian Morf

    Sales Professional

    (210) 530-3000
    Email MeMore Info
    Christian Morf

    Christian Morf

    Sales Professional

    Christian’s Testimonials:

    B.K. – January 6, 2022
    We recently purchased an SUV from Red McCombs Toyota. We were pleased with the dealership and everyone involved in our purchase; however, Christian Morf went above and beyond. We left an item in our trade-in, and since we do not live in San Antonio, we called Christian and asked him to look for our item. He said the item was no longer in the vehicle as it had already been checked for items and any items were removed. I told him how important it was to us to retrieve the item. He could have very easily said, “Sorry, it’s not there,” but he did not. He went out of his way and found the item for us. That’s customer service after the sale!

    M.M. – December 29, 2021
    Christian Morf is an excellent salesperson and customer service representative. He is smart and knowledgeable about the Toyota lineup of vehicles. He is professional and courteous.  I purchased a vehicle from him a year and a half ago.  I recently started a new job and wanted to trade my vehicle in for one with better gas mileage.  I was so pleased that Christian was still employed at Red McCombs. He works well with all the departments involved and expedited the sale.  He has patience and understanding.  Christian Morf made my car buying experience at Red McCombs a fabulous one!

    V.H. – March 8, 2020
    Christian helped us get into an awesome 4Runner!! He was friendly, knowledgeable, and straight to the point. We had a great experience at Red McCombs and would definitely recommend to others. Thank you.

    Michael and Deborah W. – February 13, 2020
    We love our new RAV4 Hybrid Limited. Christian Morf went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we had a pleasant and seamless experience. We are looking forward to our next new Toyota lease through Red McCombs Toyota. Thanks so much, Christian! Thanks so much, Red McCombs Toyota!

    M.D – February 4, 2020
    Professional, easy communication, and works fast. Christian is the man! Thank you, I love my new car.

    S.Z. – February 1, 2020
    We want to let you know of the excellent service we received from Christian. He listened to all our concerns and was very patient with us as we progressed through the whole buying experience. He made a three hour experience seem like an hour due to his sincere interest. Please let him know just how much grateful we are for his excellent customer service.

    D.H. – September 11, 2019
    Best car purchase we have ever had. Christian was great and helped us tremendously. Best dealership by far.

    A.G. – August 12, 2019
    Attentive and gave the extra mile to assure we were 100% satisfied with the purchase. Very glad he was our sales person.

    L.H. – July 30, 2019
    I have bought 3 cars from Red McCombs Toyota now the latest being a 2019 Tacoma Duel-Cab. I have been very satisfied with the service department as well as the sales staff namely Christian Morf. I didn’t feel like I was ever being talked down to as has happened at other dealerships. Everyone is extremely nice and knowledgeable even when I ask silly questions. I would send anyone to talk to Christian if I knew they were interested in a new or used car. I hope to keep my Tacoma for a long time but if I am ever in need of another vehicle, I will be looking at Christian to sell it to me.

    Troy B. – June 10, 2019
    I’ve purchased a ton of cars in my 79 years, and most of the experiences left a bad taste in my mouth by the time the sales team was finished brow-beating me and trying to pad the total, taking my deal backstage to “get it approved”. I’ve even had a few bait-and-switch experiences, from which I simply walked away and never returned to that dealership. My purchase yesterday was by far the smoothest, most congenial and honest experience I have ever had buying a car. We have been a loyal Toyota family for years, and we’re now proud owners of a beautiful loaded RAV4 Limited. Christian Morf, my sales rep, did you and your whole team proud! What he arranged for me was an excellent deal, for starters. And, when I showed up yesterday, my deal was just as Christian and I had agreed – no surprises! Rudy did the paperwork, and he also was very professional, personable and a pleasure to deal with. Please know that I will recommend your dealership, and especially Christian, to others who ask – without hesitation. Thanks for a great buying experience. They are harder and harder to find these days.

    C.T. – May 6, 2019
    Christian Morf was my salesperson and he did an excellent job! Very knowledgeable and helpful for everything I needed. Questions he could not answer he got the people who could answer them for me. Excellent service and respect from this person. More people like Christian is what keep people coming back and purchasing from Red Mccombs! Thank you for your professionalism!

    D.M. – January 19, 2019
    Christian was very professional and helpful during the buying process, couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    B.K. – October 19, 2018
    Christian was wonderful! I told him exactly what I wanted and he showed me what he had. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicles and the prices. Treated me with great respect.

    Tom G. – October 2, 2018
    Mr. Morf did a great job making sure that the he make the buyer 1st. We found the process easy in and out of the dealership. The entire experience from Christian was easy to get the deal done and we had to order the Land Cruiser which took a little longer into the dealership he keep us informed as to the ETA. I would trade again with Christian a fine young man. Thanks.

    Francisco P. – September 7, 2018
    We had a wonderful experience at your dealership. We got a fabulous deal and Rebecca and Christian were awesome. I appreciate how Christian took the time to tell us about all the special features that the RAV4 offers and even programmed my phone into the audio system. We left your dealership very satisfied and happy customers. We will definitely tell our friends and family.

  • Ali Alhemiry

    Ali Alhemiry

    Sales Professional

    (210) 995-6665
    Email MeMore Info
    Ali Alhemiry

    Ali Alhemiry

    Sales Professional


    Ali’s Customer Reviews

    S.J. – February 19, 2022
    Ali Alhemiry understood that being a Nurse I wasn’t willing to give up one of my only days off to spend all day at a dealership, so he made my car buying process over the phone/email as easy as possible. He championed for me in the financial process as well and made sure I was getting a fair deal. I have never had a better car buying experience. Ali was personable, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I wouldn’t refer my friends or family to anyone else! 5-star service all around!

    Victor P. – June 5, 2021
    Ali was very detailed oriented and ensured all our needs were met. There was never a sense that we were being taken advantage of like previous experiences we have had at dealerships. We came in knowing what we wanted and he was able to make it happen without it being an all day battle. We were so pleased with the service that my wife and I ended up buying two vehicles with Ali only a couple of days apart. We will definitely continue to use Red McCombs and Ali for future purchases.

    I.B. – May 31, 2021
    I bought my Lexus used from Red McCombs Toyota. Ali Alhemiry was my salesman. He was great to work with, very friendly and helpful. It was an awesome experience and it didn’t take all day. Ali is an awesome salesman.

    T.F. – March 16, 2021
    Ali was very helpful, courteous and friendly. He made the buying experience pleasant, and my daughter is happy with the outcome. Thank you.

    P.B. – October 3, 2020
    Ali Alhemiry took really good care of me through the purchasing process including arranging for some bodywork to the previously owned Camry I was buying. He was meticulous regarding all the details and stayed in communication the entire time. Bravo Red McCombs for hiring Ali!

    Beau P. – September 25, 2020
    I would like to say a big thank you to Ali! In one email and 2 phone calls, we finalized a sale on an awesome 2020 4runner. Absolutely no hassle. I made an offer, they accepted, I showed up the next day, within 1 hr, I was out the door in my new ride. (And that was WITH a trade in)! This is my second purchase at RMT, I will be back!

    Kenneth K. – July 30, 2020
    We first bought a car from yall in 2017. The old 97 car I drove gave away and I had to junk it. I work two jobs and so I need a good car so i took our car we bought in 2017 for work. We didn’t want a car payment so we decided to get a used car. My wife needed a car we could depend on. So I called your lot and Ali helped us. He has gone out of the way to help us with the car. We took it back twice about different concerns of the car. Even though the car is sold as is, he helped us both times. His customer service is a testament to why we came back to Red Mccombs. With sales people like him you give me confidence in buying cars and building trust in todays world. Thank you sincerely.

    M.F. – July 13, 2020
    Ali made our visit to Red McCombs Toyota very smooth and enjoyable. He was very knowledgeable of car features and very helpful through out the buying process.

    Jose M. – July 9, 2020
    I want to thank Mr. Ali Alhemiry for helping us on our purchase of our vehicle. Mr. Alhemiry allowed my family and I to take the vehicle on a test drive and made us feel very comfortable. He was never pushy or aggressive. He was very informative and knowledgeable. The vehicle and price spoke for itself. The entire buying experience was enjoyable. I would definitely work with Mr. Alhemiry again if the opportunity presented itself again. Thank you.

    S.S. – April 10, 2020
    I want to sincerely thank Ali Alhemiry for being so helpful in the process of purchasing my new vehicle. He introduced himself by sending me a video of the car. That was instrumental to made us -my wife and I- to fall in love with our 2020 Toyota Corolla. He was sincere and went beyond my expectations. His integrity and transparency when answering my questions persuaded me to travel from Laredo to San Antonio to meet him and complete what we have talked about. He never made any false promises or exaggerate on the benefit of purchasing this vehicle. I will recommend Mr. Alhemiry for his professionalism to my all friends and co-workers that live in San Antonio and Laredo, TX. Thank you!

    H.H. – March 19, 2020
    Ali was professional, friendly, and customer focus driven. Great service made me want to work in Sales!! Good job.

    Jasmine D. – January 20, 2020
    Thank you so much to Ali for all of his help he surely made my car buying simple. He quickly responded to my initial interest, set a time that worked well with my schedule, answered all my questions and was very nice and professional the entire way through. I had such a great experience I’d be glad to recommend you and Red McCombs Toyota to everyone.

    A.T. – January 17, 2020
    I would like to thank Ali, Ed and Ibrahim . They all did their best to help us fit our needs in all ways. Financial and vehicle comfort wise. Y’all are all the best. Thank you for the experience.

    Andrea M. – November 30, 2019
    Ali Alhemiry was so easy to work with on the whole car buying experience!!!! He was very knowledge about every car, and never pressured us, really listens to us and our needs. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends when buying a car!

    O.C. – July 10, 2019
    My name is Oscar, i just purchased a new 2019 Toyota highlander from Ali Alhemiry. I had the best experience here at Red McCombs. It felt like i was in the right place. From showing me the difference between vehicles to showing me the numbers on how my payments were going to be with my credit, i give a 10 plus rating. All my questions answered and explained , detail by detail. I really appreciate the help i got from Ali and ED. it got me the vehicle i was looking for to build memories in with my family. Proud to be part of the Toyota family. Thank you.

    Dr. Ahmed Y. – June 5, 2019
    It’s great experience to make a deal with Red mcCombs for Camry 2019, I love it and appreciate for every help I got it from your team.. it’s wonderful I wish to you all the best…regards.

    K.R. – May 21, 2019
    Ali made sure we were taken care of from the moment we walked into the establishment until we left. He showed us our options and communicated each step of the process as we went about purchasing our first vehicle.

    Jennifer S.- October 8, 2018
    We want to “Thank” Ali Alehmiry with helping me buying an awesome and great car! I been buying cars since i was 18 and i can say this was the best experience ever, ali was very attentive and understanding, since am also in sales i was asking question and make sure i stay under my budget i call ali since my husband had work with him before and he was very courteous and helpful. he always return my calls and answer my text whenever i had a question even after the purchase was done. He didn’t pressure me at all, the purchase process was easy and painless! he is my favorite and number one sales person definitely change my perception about car sales guys !!! great job best wishes Toyota red mccombs you have a great employee take care of him!

    Sidney B.- September 24, 2018
    Thanks so much Ali and Red McCombs Toyota!!!! I love my new car! I am very impressed at your willingness to work with the customer. I will be back for another car!

    Norman B.- July 10, 2018
    I thought that Ali was a great guy, he didn’t try and pressure my into
    buying anything. And when they didn’t have the vehicle that i was coming in
    to look at, he was able to find me another vehicle for the same price.
    Defiantly made my first time buying a car easy. Highly recommend Ali.

    D.R. – June 16, 2018
    Ali was extremely helpful and kind. I truly appreciate his help with the purchase of my car.

    C.S. – February 6, 2018
    Ali was the very person that approached me once I walked into the Toyota dealership. I told him what I wanted (or at least what I thought I wanted). He very patiently worked with me and gave me countless options. A test drive quickly turned into a purchase. I wanted a few extras added to my 2018 Tacoma and Ali never once hesitated to deliver each demand or request. Ali will always receive my salesmen recommendation. Thanks Ali, I am in LOVE with my Taco!!

    Jessica B- December 16, 2017
    My experience buying my car from Red McCombs was excellent! Ali made certain all of my questions about the car were answered and I was making the purchase as a well informed customer. He made sure the purchase went smoothly and was there through the entire process until I drove off the lot. I have even had a couple of issues that caused me to bring the car back for cosmetic issues and he has been up front and helpful the entire time. Easy to get a hold of and great to do business with. I also dealt with Stephen who was initially the contact person for coming to your dealership and he made certain I was being taken care of through the entire purchase. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the car I got and ease of this purchase and owe it to Ali and Stephen for a pleasant experience. I will definitely be doing business with you all in the future!

    Beatriz R.- November 29, 2017
    Ali was so helpful and courteous, I told him I would recommend him highly to my family, friends

  • Austin Gist

    Austin Gist

    Sales Professional

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    Austin Gist

    Austin Gist

    Sales Professional

    Austin’s Customer Testimonials

    David D. – January 29, 2021
    We briefly meet with Ali but the sales person that we dealt with was Brian Austin Gist. He conducted himself very professionally and we had a very good experience! P.s. This will make it the 2nd car we purchased from Red Mccombs and we are very happy with the experience, and am sure we will come to you again!

    C.W. – January 13, 2021
    Austin was very efficient. Not pushy . Got things moved quickly which is what we wanted to do. We asked for an item that wasn’t included in the sale. He got it with no issues. We would recommend him highly.

    I.B. – November 7, 2020
    My experience in Red McCombs was simply awesome. I got the best car deal ever, great price and warranty. Austin Gist and all the Red McCombs staff were very professional and made my transaction very smooth. I recommend 110% to anyone I know.

    Alyssa & Mike – July 11, 2020
    Austin made our car shopping and buying experience so simple and quick. He went above and beyond for us. We thought we would be at the dealership for the whole day, but Austin made it happen within 2 hours. We will definitely be back for our next car and we will be asking for Austin! Thanks Austin!

    A.S. – May 1, 2020
    I had a great experience at Red McCombs where I purchased a new RAV4. My sales person Austin Gist was great. He was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I really appreciate that. He helped me get the payment I wanted. I will definitely recommend him and Red McCombs Toyota to my family and friends. Thank you Austin!

    A.M. – February 29, 2020
    I had a great experience, my daughter and I are very happy, thanks.

    D.Z. – February 19, 2020
    Due to being rear ended by a car and pushed into another my daughter suddenly lost her beloved car and needed to find another right away. Austin couldn’t have been more knowledgeable, patient and pleasant as we walked her thru all the steps of car shopping and buying. Thanks for making a traumatic experience much easier. While still mourning her old car she has another Subaru that she loves.

    R.D. – July 19, 2019
    I was very pleased with Austin Gist’s knowledge and caring for me as a customer. Keep up the good work! I’ve been with Red Mccombs for a while and this is our 3rd vehicle bought with your company. Be sure to pass along the good words. I will continue to return as a customer.

    Audrey H. – June 5, 2019
    Austin Gist was a fantastic sales professional. He listened to my specific needs, helped me narrow down my options and in the end got me a great deal. At other dealerships I’ve felt pressured to make a decision or pushed into buying something. Austin was clearly working with and for me to get a car I’m very happy with!

    Valorie M. – March 22, 2019
    I totally give Red McCombs Toyota a thumbs up! My salesman, Austin, was friendly upbeat and always included the option for me to say “No”.Our test drive was great and to be frank, I have never gone from online ad to dealer to purchase so fast. The finance and paperwork coordinator was very gently, very respectful and also always included option to say no. The whole process from arrival to owner took about three hours and that is far less than I have previously experienced.

    Theresa V. – July 23, 2018
    I would like to start that we had not purchased a vehicle since 2011.   We appreciated the courtesy given to us by Austin Gist.   He approached us in a very professional manner and we explained to him what we were looking for and he went to work locating a vehicle for us.   He answered questions asked and if was not familiar he would say I will have to check on it.   I appreciate that if you do not know you will find out instead of just saying something and it may not be true.   We returned a few days later and once again he was very professional and made sure we were taken care of.   He even took time to help my husband with questions and working with him to answer his questions.
    I must say everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and always asked if we needed help.
    I explained to Austin that we drove from NE side of town even though we were only a few miles from Universal Toyota.   We had purchased a vehicle from them and never liked the service department.   I went online and read the great reviews that were posted by YELP and decided to come to Red McCombs.   We are very pleased and glad we came to purchase a vehicle.

    Danny O. -June 4, 2018
    Austin met all of our expectations. I had gone to 3 prior Toyota dealerships and it wasn’t until I got with Austin at Red McCombs that felt I was dealing with a salesman I could trust. He was fast and honest and won my business instantly. I can’t say that about the majority of salesman I’ve dealt with. Great job Austin. I will definitely recommend you to family and friends.

  • Jason Moran

    Jason Moran

    Sales Professional

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    Jason Moran

    Jason Moran

    Sales Professional


    Jason’s Customer Testimonials

    Jennifer C. – December 1, 2021
    This is the second car I’ve purchased from Jason and both times he’s made it as easy for me as possible. I can’t imagine buying a car from someone else!

    D.V. – May 10, 2021
    I was very impressed with the service I received at Red McCombs Toyota from the time I walked into the dealership until I left with my new vehicle. Jason Moran was patient and exceptional, he was such a pleasure to deal with, very knowledgeable and so very patient explaining things to me. He is an asset to the company. Thank you for the pleasant experience and my beautiful new 4runner.

    Kathryn N. – December 18, 2020
    It was a pleasure to buy from Red McCombs Toyota and Jason was awesome. He had the vehicle freshly washed and waiting for me to test drive when I arrived. He was very efficient and made the process smooth and enjoyable. Thank you!

    C.B. – December 6, 2020
    Jason Moran and Jerry Martinez were so helpful. They always kept us informed on everything going on. They never lied or mislead us about prices or about the vehicle. I couldn’t ask for a better salesman. I would totally recommend either Jason or Jerry to anyone looking for a Toyota vehicle. Thanks again for Jason as our salesman and Jerry in finance.

    Charlie B. – November 25, 2020
    We had a very pleasant buying experience and Jason was the primary reason.  He seems to truly care about the customer (me) and was very attentive.  We are glad he was the salesman taking care of us.

    A.R. – November 23, 2020
    The whole experience buying with Jason was excellent, wouldn’t hesitate to buy another vehicle with him or send family or friends to him. He made the whole process as easy as possible. Gave me the best info about the vehicle and was always upfront about everything.

    R.K. – November 2, 2020
    We were very pleased with Jason Moran’s assistance!! He was very knowledgeable and understood what we were looking for. He did everything possible to make sure we were satisfied with our purchase!! I will recommend Jason to my friends and family!! Thank you, Jason!!

    S.M. – August 28, 2020
    I just love my new Tacoma and Jason was absolutely great. I enjoyed working with him in finding my dream vehicle. He worked extremely hard at helping me find the exact Tacoma that I wanted.

    John W. – August 25, 2020
    I started my car search via TrueCar and received a text message from the Red McCombs sales rep. Jason Moran. I was able to communicate all of my requirements via text messaging and a couple of phone calls. The car was delivered to my house for the test drive. I finalized the purchase via a phone call with the sales rep and one with the finance mgr. Ibrahim Tamer. The car was delivered to my home where I signed off on the purchase documents. This was the best car purchase experience I’ve ever had. The salesman Jason Moran did an absolute wonder job, can’t thank him enough. The Finance mgr. Ibrahim Tamer also did a great job.

    A.P. – August 22, 2020
    We bought a Toyota at Red McCombs with Jason Moran 2 years ago. When we decided to buy another Toyota, we asked for Jason. Both times, he did a fantastic job getting us exactly what we wanted with the best incentives. He clearly went the second mile and surpassed expectations. We have sent our friends to him and will again.

    H.H. – March 7, 2020
    We heard from Red McCombs Toyota after looking for a Toyota Corolla through TrueCar. They were quick to give us a good deal and put us in touch with our internet salesman, Jason Moran. He was very helpful in guiding us through the process and helping us fill out the paperwork. When Jason was not available, we worked with Harvey Noiel. Both were respectful to us and our time. They asked us if we wanted additional features without being pushy, which is greatly appreciated. Overall, Jason Moran and Harvey Noiel were wonderful salesman to work with and respectful. I would highly recommend these two and Red McCombs Toyota.

    Stephen T. – February 21, 2020
    My experience with Red McCombs was easily the best I’ve had with any of the other local dealerships I visited. I never felt pressured and they had exactly what I wanted without trying to get me into something I didn’t want. My sales rep Jason Moran was extremely knowledgeable and engaging, was a pleasure to work with him. I will definitely recommend Red McCombs and particular Jason, to those that are looking at getting a new vehicle.

    J.N. – January 24, 2020
    Jason did a great job helping me with the purchase of my new truck.  I appreciate the patience, knowledge and professionalism.  This was the easiest and best buying experience I’ve had purchasing a new vehicle.

    F.M. – November 11, 2019
    Jason was great. Made the buying process easy and fast. In and out with a truck within a few ours.

    Chris O. – November 5, 2019
    I think the world of Jason when it comes to buying a vehicle. That’s why I came back to him for the second vehicle. He has patience and takes the time to ensure you are totally satisfied. I would highly recommend him to friends.

    D.H. – October 21, 2019
    Jason Moran was wonderful and a joy to work with. He answered all my questions and made our car buying experience a pleasure.

    Jennifer C. – August 6, 2019
    Buying a car can be stressful, especially when you have a pushy salesperson. Jason is not pushy. Instead, he is an easy going guy who will take care of you and get you what you need. He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle he was showing me and it was one of the reasons I decided to purchase the vehicle. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will absolutely buy from Jason again!

    Luis H. – July 10, 2019
    Jason Moran is the reason why RMT is keeping me as a customer. He is knowledgeable of the vehicles that he sells. Jason is by far the best salesperson that I had dealt with, keep in mind this is my 8th vehicle from dealership in the last 4.5 years. Mr Moran is the only person who has been able to get me in and out of the dealership with a vehicle before I realized I was there. I been in dealership that I wasted more than 14 hours waiting for nothing and with Mr Moran I was in and out in less than 3 hours. Also, the Finance gentleman Mr. Rudy was straight forward and fast with the finance part of my last vehicle purchase. RMT exceeded my expectations of fast service and the best price in the area.

    Fred B. – July 1, 2019
    My spouse Sue and I are very thankful that we purchased our 2019 Toyota Tundra from Red McCombs Toyota, but we are even more grateful that we had Jason Moran as our salesperson. Our purchase was made possible because of Jason’s knowledge of the truck, his efficient sales process, his high level of professionalism and service he provided, his integrity, and his honesty. We could not be happier with our truck and with our experience working with Jason.

    We have purchased many vehicles over the years dealing with many car dealerships and suspect sales people throughout. I believe that every car business is built one customer at a time. Customer loyalty and trust are both earned through good deeds and moral salesmanship. Jason truly work hard and he went out of his way to make us feel comfortable displaying exemplary honesty, customer service and efficiency throughout the entire buying process. Whereas Jason is indeed an honest and great salesman, this letter serves to confirm that he has earned our trust and loyalty, and I feel certain that we will be purchasing many fine vehicles from Jason at Red McCombs Toyota in the future. In closing, you can be sure that when we have family and friends looking to purchase new vehicles we will highly recommend Red McCombs Toyota and tell them to ask for Jason Moran.

    J.G. – May 6, 2019
    Mr. Moran was exceptional in his representation of Red McCombs and its entire team. We had been in contact for several weeks while I was deciding on the right time to purchase my new vehicle. Mr Moran did not pressure me one but but kept me up to date on sells, incentives, inventory available. Finally when I came into the dealership he had prepared a list of vehicles that met my request and exceeded my initial expectations driving in. I was pleased with his knowledge on vehicles I was interested in. Was able to answer questions inside vehicle and under the hood. He is the type of salesman each consumer should encounter in helping make an important decision. I drove off with not one single regret than not recognizing him to his management team. Glad I am able to do so via internet. Thank you again Mr Jason Moran wishing you all the best and hope you continue to bring smiles to other purchasers.

    A.H. – April 20, 2019
    I recently purchased my second vehicle from Jason at Red McCombs Toyota; like my first purchase Jason was so helpful throughout the entire process. Jason is professional, courteous, and best of all has infinite patience in helping with any concerns or questions during my recent purchase. And because of my experience with Jason I very likely will return to Red McCombs.

    R.W. – April 2, 2019
    Jason was very easy to work with! Got a great quote via email, setup a time to meet via text, drove home with the car the same night! The whole process was quick and easy.

    Delia H. – March 4. 2019
    I worked with Jason Moran who made a normally stressful experience so seamless. it was one of the easiest vehicle purchases I have ever made. I appreciate the great service and all the laughs!

    H.G. – February 18, 2019
    I came in on a mission when I came to Red McCombs. My brother in law bought 2 new vehicles from here and recommended me to Jason Moran. Jason Moran helped me get into a vehicle that I wanted. He took his time with me and respected a lot of my decisions that I wanted. He wasn’t pushy at all. I really appreciate everything that he did for me and I will recommend him to my friends and family. Mission completed!!!

    C.B.- January 9, 2019
    I had an awesome experience. Jason was wonderful and even took the time to explain the features of my new car before I left the lot. Thank you Jason on exemplifying great customer service.

    G.W. – January 2, 2019
    Jason was professional, courteous and honest in his dealings with me during my recent vehicle purchase. He’s a good guy!

    M.K.- December 14, 2018
    Worked with Jason Moran this week when buying my 4Runner. He was responsive and knowledgeable, made the whole process very easy – from the first text to driving off the lot. Patiently answered all my questions and even answered questions I did not ask but should have. I probably laughed more during the process than one should while buying a car, but he was really fun to work with – highly recommend buying a car from Jason!

    T.B.- November 12, 2018
    Jason Moran is an awesome sales associate. He really cares about his customers and ensures only the best customer service. He went above and beyond to ensure everything was taken care of and I was 100% happy. If you want a great experience go see Jason. You won’t be disappointed.

    Jennifer H.- October 4, 2018
    Awesome service highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle. Thank you Jason Moran and to all the sales people who assisted with my wonderful experience!

    Luis H.- September 5, 2018
    Mr. Moran has respect for the buyer’s time, a lot of patience and excellent interpersonal skills. Great knowledge of the vehicles, easy and straight negotiation with Mr. Moran. He will do whatever is in his power to make you happy as customer. I will definitely be back in this dealership because of his professionalism.

    Bob S.- September 1, 2018
    Red McCombs Toyota made buying a car a lot more fun than any other car buying experience. Jason Moran helped us through the whole process and making sure I was 100% sure that was the car for me and would always make sure there were “tasty beats” on. He helped the process go by fast and helped us know exactly what we were buying.

    Paul & Pat A.- August 29, 2018
    We visited Red McCombs on Saturday and worked with Jason Moran for the very first time and had a great experience. He made us feel very comfortable and he had us laughing the whole time. We will definitely be going back to him at our next purchase.

    Eileen T.- August 27, 2018
    Jason Moran was honest, direct and upfront… which i appreciated. He went above and beyond with the trade-in of my vehicle. I recommend anyone to use Jason if they find themselves at this dealership.

    Julie Anne H.- August 14, 2018
    We had purchased a Prius years ago from another Red McCombs and were very happy with the service received then. We were now needing to go down to one vehicle and really needed get a truck. We had been looking at other places when a friend of mine shared her positive car buying experience at Red McCombs Toyota. She highly recommended us to get with Jason Moran. & We are both so glad we did! Jason provided EXCELLENT service to us! He was very patient not pushy (I honestly leave when sales people are pushy!!!)…my hubby is disabled and Jason went above and beyond making sure we had an opportunity to see many different options to find the best fit for his needs, he really listened, he verified important things we needed in a truck and assisted making sure everything was squared away with the finance department before we signed anything. It was a SUPER LONG day for us all. We left very satisfied with our purchase and with peace of mind knowing things were properly taken care of. Thank you Jason Moran & thank you Red McCombs!

    Eileen T.- August 13, 2018
    Jason Moran is an excellent sales person. Is very honest and up front, got me a great deal. He went above and beyond.

    K.P. – June 1, 2018
    First and foremost I would like to commend Mr. Jason Moran for his professionalism, advice, and patience. He was definitely a pleasure to work with. He made me feel comfortable with making decisions. He was very cordial as well. I have always felt overwhelmed when car shopping, Jason however, eased the nervousness without pressure. I appreciate Jason and called him personally the next day to let him know. I have also sent an e-mail to Mr. Korda about Jason. Please recommend Jason for some employee excellence award. I would be very happy for him. I am very happy with my purchase of my new Tacoma. Thanks again for everything.

  • Harvey Noiel

    Harvey Noiel

    Sales Professional

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    Harvey Noiel

    Harvey Noiel

    Sales Professional

    Harvey’s Customer Testimonials

    T.C. – January 31, 2022
    Our experience with Harvey Noiel was outstanding; possibly the best “sales interaction” we’ve had. Harvey made us feel welcome, heard, and comfortable throughout the entire process. Above all, he was genuine, and that is a quality we respect above all others. Thank you…Harvey is top-notch.

    Z.R. – November 19, 2021
    I’ve purchased 7 new vehicles the past 7 years — this was hands down the best experience. Harvey for life.

    R.A. – August 17, 2021
    Jesse, Harvey, & Rudy (F&I) were a pleasure to work with. Let’s be honest, it’s exciting buying a new vehicle but it’s not fun. This is our 2nd vehicle we have purchased through these same 3 individuals & have referred them to both a good friend & to my son who are going to buy new vehicles very soon. They make the process as painless as possible given how short inventory supplies are currently. Jesse has always been crazy responsive to any phone calls I’ve made to him. Good organization, including their service & parts departments. As a life long Minnesota Viking fan wasn’t crazy about Red as the team owner, but he owns some nice auto dealerships. Highly recommend them!!!

    F.C. – August 13, 2020
    We were very pleased with Harvey and the way he took care of us. He was professional, yet personal enough to make us feel comfortable. Excellent job Harvey!

    G.S. – August 10, 2020
    Harvey is a great salesperson! I didn’t know what to expect while shopping for a new vehicle while social distancing, but Harvey made our experience a lot easier he was very friendly while social distancing he answered all our questions and never rushed us. Overall great experience.

    H.H. – March 7, 2020
    We heard from Red McCombs Toyota after looking for a Toyota Corolla through TrueCar. They were quick to give us a good deal and put us in touch with our internet salesman, Jason Moran. He was very helpful in guiding us through the process and helping us fill out the paperwork. When Jason was not available, we worked with Harvey Noiel. Both were respectful to us and our time. They asked us if we wanted additional features without being pushy, which is greatly appreciated. Overall, Jason Moran and Harvey Noiel were wonderful salesman to work with and respectful. I would highly recommend these two and Red McCombs Toyota.

    Ron W. – January 5, 2020
    Great service from Harvey, he is a true professional. He is the reason I bought my car from Red McCombs!

    J.O. – December 16, 2019
    Harvey Noeil was an excellent and extremely personable salesman. After spending months searching for a new car, Harvey was hands down the most respectful, honest and helpful salesman I have encountered and this includes dealing with salesmen across the entire country that I had reached out to. As a customer I do value the fact that I am able to trust that my salesman is credible in a business that does not always look out for the customer, Harvey Noiel does. No sales gimmicks, no games and no tricks, Harvey Noiel is a man of his word and it seems that he really cares about his customers and that is something that dealerships across the nation lack. Harvey took care of any problems that arose and made sure all my needs were met as a customer.. I would recommend any family or friend to do business with Harvey Noiel based on my experience. 5/5 A+ Excellent experience!

    Robbie D. – December 10, 2019
    My car buying experience was made easy by the great input from Christian and Harvey helping me thru the process. They answered all of my questions in order for me to make a decision. I’m very happy with the choice of my new Rav4.

    A.M. – March 29, 2019
    Times have changed, haven’t they? Car buying now is almost fun. The Red McCombs Toyota dealership did everything possible to make my car purchase a pleasant experience. Harvey was one of my first McCombs dealership contacts online. When I finally made the decision to visit the dealership, Harvey was there to greet me. He introduced me to the salesperson, Andrew, and the process began. Through it all Harvey supported the sales staff with his friendly, helpful demeanor. After the purchase, Harvey answered every question I had about tagging, and customizing features on the XSE Camry I bought. Car sales psychology evolved in a good way, though I’m still no match for the professional sales staff when it comes to negotiating. I’m happy with the vehicle and with the treatment I received and Harvey is an asset to the dealership.

    Z.S.M. – March 28, 2019
    Excellent survive from Harvey!!!! So great that after my son bought his car I came back and bought a car there too!!! I was already in the market for a lexus and he won my business!! Not easy believe me I was already sold on the Lexus had even started negotiating for a vehicle!!

    Jesus C. -November 23, 2018
    Harvey was my salesman on Thursday, November 15. Harvey was very polite, courteous and a true professional. Be it known that he is a great positive an extremely valuable asset in your corporation.

    Monica F. -October 13, 2018
    I had the pleasure of working with two of your superstars (Ahmed and Harvey). They were both very responsive, informative, and patient. I never felt pressured but consulted. And I ended up with a vehicle I LOVE!

    Jim M. -October 9, 2018
    My wife & I have purchased a few new vehicles here in San Antonio over the past 20 years. This is our first purchase at Red McCombs Toyota…….and I must say it was one of the best. Process was quick and easy (neither of us like sitting around the dealership for long periods of time)…………..our Salesman Harvey was knowledgeable and brought us thru the process efficiently & delivered as promised. Thank You.

    Paul Z. -September 10, 2018
    Recently, Harvey Noiel assisted me with the purchase of a new Tacoma truck.  He was courteous, knowledgeable and professional.  Harvey had the answers to my questions and concerns at his fingertips.   It was a pleasure to work with him.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a Toyota vehicle.

    Benjamin M. -September 5, 2018
    Harvey was a great salesperson that provided a truly exceptional experience from test drive to purchase. Someone give the guy a raise!

    Lon W. -July 23, 2018
    My buying experience at Red McCombs Toyota was a good experience due to my salesman Harvey Noiel. He had the truck I was interested in parked out front when I arrived, and within minutes we were on a test drive. Got right down to negotiations after that and settled on a price in a very reasonable amount of time. After the paper work was completed, he synched my phone to the truck display, and I was on my way home in my new truck. Harvey is a bright, capable young man, who made what can be a difficult process pretty easy. Thanks.

    Brian C. -July 18, 2018
    Harvey was easy to work with, we came to terms quickly by texting. My son and I showed up to confirm and I warned him ahead of time that we would likely be disappointed with some surprises. Harvey delivered on commitments with no surprises.

    A.T. – June 8, 2018
    In response to your query, I want to say that I enjoyed working with Harvey Noiel when purchasing my Camry from Red McCombs Toyota. He made my online and face-to-face experience hassle free. He is friendly, knowledgeable and patient.

    Beatriz P.- January 22, 2018
    It was a wonderful experience for our daughter. It is her first vehicle. Harvey and Ibraham did a marvelous job dealing with us. We drove 4 and a half hours to make the deal. It was well worth it. You all made a fascinating life experience, jaw breaking and very emotional day for our daughter. May God continue to Bless all of you with great health, happiness and success!!! Thank you

    Beverly M. – January 19, 2018
    I drove 2 hours to buy my vehicle from Red McCombs. It was definitely worth the trip. Harvey Noiel answered an inquiry I submitted on your website and from that point on he took charge of finding the right vehicle for me. He had several ready for me to look at and test drive when I arrived. He was consistently courteous and listened to my questions and comments. He stayed with me through the whole purchasing process which I really appreciated. His follow-up texts and phone call make me feel like my business matters to you!

  • John Asadi

    John Asadi

    Sales Professional

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    John Asadi

    John Asadi

    Sales Professional

    John’s Customer Reviews

    S.D. – September 6, 2019
    John was not high pressure. He kept me informed of what he was doing, and he was interested in what I needed and what he could do to help me get in that red 4Runner! He was also thorough after purchase, helping me get my Bluetooth and other systems set up.

    Irma C. – May 6, 2019
    I am thrilled with the service I received from John Asadi. He is a gentleman and his knowledge of the RAV4 I bought runs deep. I appreciate his attention and his patience throughout the entire process. I especially like his mild manners and style. I have bought 7 Toyotas from Red McCombs and will continue to do business with John and Manuel Ibarra in service. I also want to give Melissa Bellamy a shout-out. All three are AWESOME professionals! Thanks to Red McCombs for hiring high caliber individuals! Last, thanks to Rudy in finance for making my payment and insurance affordable! Love y’all!

  • Ayman Musleh

    Ayman Musleh

    Sales Professional

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    Ayman Musleh

    Ayman Musleh

    Sales Professional

    Ayman’s Customer Testimonials

    S.A. – November 20, 2021
    Ayman Musleh was really very nice and helpful and took time to help me, great guy. I appreciate your dealership and Ayman’s time.

    V.L. – October 29, 2021
    Ayman is great! He works hard to meet the needs of his customers and to give them a satisfactory car-buying experience.

    Gerald J. – July 15, 2021
    Ayman was incredibly helpful and kind. He wasn’t pushy at all which I really value. Dealerships need more people like him. Nothing angers me more than someone who pushes to get a car sold, and I will walk away pretty quick when sales people do that. Ayman, however was respectful and courteous and was very knowledgeable about the cars. I was very thankful to have him helping me throughout the process. He kept his word and was honest about everything. He has continued even after to be helpful with checking up on parts that he ordered for me.

    J.V. – June 24, 2021
    I had a great buying experience with Ayman at Red McCombs Toyota. Very professional and I felt comfortable and not rushed during the entire purchasing process. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends and for my future Toyota purchases. Thank you Ayman!

    T.C. – March 5, 2021
    I had a flawless experience and thankful for the efforts Ayman made to make the deal for my new 2021 Tundra TRD. This is the third vehicle I have purchased from Red McCombs toyota and they will continue to keep my business. Thanks to Sam/Sales Manager and Rudy/Finance as well to make it a smooth process. Ayman is the man to see if you’re in the market for a vehicle, thanks again my friend.

    J.J. – January 6, 2021
    We bought a new RAV4 for ourselves and a used car for our grandson from Ayman. He was helpful every step of the way. We had been to another dealer and were turned off by their misinformation and false advertising. Ayman was upfront about all details; we enjoyed dealing with him.

    J.G. – November 13, 2020
    This is the second transaction I have had with Ayman and I must say he is Super Friendly, knows his business and his old customers for that matter. Great Job Ayman!

    N.R. – September 26, 2020
    I am very happy with the exceptional service Ayman Musleh provided! Definitely recommend him and Red Mccombs Toyota!

    Cassandra P. – June 10, 2020
    Had a great experience with Ayman! He was friendly, knowledgeable and went out of his way to find me the 4Runner that I wanted and made sure it had all the “fancy Nancy” amenities I wanted. He was quick to reply to all my questions and communication was a breeze. He even helped me stay close to my budget and gave me great advice! He took the time to make sure I knew how to use my Apple Play and helped me download and set up my Remote Connect! I Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new Toyota!

    Jose M. – May 25, 2020
    Ayman is the Man, he was very helpful and real to talk with which was a great change as we had already been considering other options. We are thrilled and happy with our final decision. We appreciate all of your help.

    Kay B. – February 29, 2020
    It was a pleasure working with Ayman. He was straightforward, honest, and worked hard to get me a good deal. This is the fourth Toyota I have purchased and I’ve dealt with a lot of salesmen. I would highly recommend Ayman and would definitely purchase another vehicle from him.

    Stephen K. – December 6, 2019
    You have a beautiful dealership. Ayman Musleh is a great person to deal with. He is friendly well manered, easy to talk to. He is the type of person all salesmen should take after.

    H.I. – September 23, 2019
    Ayman Musleh was knowledgeable, diligent, and not pushy that’s what made my car buying experience so good. I wasn’t planning to buy a car that day I thought I’ll just check to see what the dealer have in stock but since Mr. Musleh made the car buying easy I bought a new car.

    Juan G. – August 31, 2019
    We were very pleased with Mr. Ayman Musleh. Mr. Musleh is very good at selling vehicles. We simply went in to service our 4Runner and we drove off in a brand new one. He is very proffesional and kind. The whole staff was very kind to us. Thank you very much!

    Bonnie K. – August 27, 2019
    I appreciate Ayman for listening to my needs and wants (and I was very specific.) He found me the car I wanted from my very first car search online 6 months ago. He was patient and attentive to all of my questions and comparative numbers. I would recommend friends and family to visit Ayman for any new car needs. Thank you Ayman!

    C.P. – August 26, 2019
    Red McCombs Toyota has given me and my household an amazing car buying experience. We purchased 3 new vehicles thanks to Ayman Musleh! We love our 2019 Tacoma TRD sport, 2019 Camry SE, and 2019 RAV4 XLE! Ayman was very professional and we left with a smile on our faces knowing we we offered great deals!

    F.B.A. – August 26, 2019
    Ayman Musleh was a very respectful and trustworthy salesman. When I first came into the dealership I was merely looking for a new car and wanted to get right to the numbers. He showed me everything I needed to know about the 4Runners I was interested in and for the extra packages I wanted to add to my vehicle. When I left Ayman was not upset or pushy on me to try and sell a car, he wanted to make sure I was informed and ready for my purchase. I went to another dealership to look at other cars I was interested in and felt lam-bashed by the car salesman. The next day I went back to Red McCombs Toyota to speak with Ayman knowing that I was set on my purchase. The process ended up being longer then expected because I had requested additional items on my 4Runner but Ayman made the process simple and easy going. Not only was I satisfied with my 4Runner purchase but I was extremely satisfied with my experience with the staff at Red McCombs Toyota and mostly with Ayman Musleh.

    C.V. – August 24, 2019
    As a senior citizen I’ve had the opportunity to purchase many new vehicles and dealt with many different types of personalities when dealing with salesperson but never have I met a person with the honesty and care for others like Ayman. Five gold stars for him.

    Cora B. – August 17, 2019
    He was very helpful and resourceful. Also patient allowing us to understand the way to proceed and make a satisfactory decision. Thank you all very much for the quick response.

    Jose U. – August 16, 2019
    I thought that Mr. Musleh was extremely professional and helpful during my purchase at the dealership. I had told him about my bad experience with a previous dealership, and he had a good attitude about making sure that what I got was a fair price. Sure enough, I got a great deal on a truck that I have been wanting for quite sometime now. I’m definitely very impressed with the amount of help he gave me.

    T.B. – August 6, 2019
    Ayman Musleh has been our salesman on two new vehicles. His professionalism and knowledge will keep us coming back to Red McComb’s in the future. Thank you!!!

    T.R. – July 20, 2019
    I was very impressed. Everyone seemed very pleasant and professional. Ayman listened closely to my requests. He was pleased to answer all of my questions, and he explained each process in a way that I could understand. He was very patient with me, and this allowed me to make find the deal which best suited my financial situation. I left the dealership feeling very happy and comfortable with the deal I was given. I would like to thank Ayman and his team for taking such good care of me.

    P.N. – July 19, 2019
    My recent experience at Red McCombs Toyota was very satisfying. With the help of your rep, Ayman Musleh, I found just the right vehicle for me. I knew Toyota was the right brand and we just had to find the right vehicle. Ayman fit my style perfectly – what a gentleman, easy-going, considerate, a good listener who anticipated my needs and expectations; we just hit it off. He seemed to know what would work best for me even before I did. I am so happy with my RAV 4 and with Ayman and Red McCombs Toyota. I will be happy to recommend you all to any and everyone in the market for a car, whether used or new. Thank you.

    Joel G. – May 14, 2019
    Amman Musleh did an amazing job in making my purchase go as smooth as possible, he was very professional and very knowledgeable on the vehicle I purchased. Made my experience very satisfying.

    Jay D. – March 15, 2019
    Ayman Musleh was GREAT! Of all the car salesmen I’ve dealt with in my 48 years and over 12 new car purchases, Ayman was the first person that came across sincerely. He doesn’t have the stereotypical car dealer slime on him. Ayman worked hard with management to get us a GREAT price on our RAV4. I don’t know many dealerships in town, but just because of Ayman, Red
    McCombs has my business as long as he is there and we live in San Antonio.

    Alexander R. – February 13, 2019
    Good morning, thank you reaching out to me about my recent purchase. The experience was outstanding! So much so that this is the second vehicle that my family has purchase within the past month! Ayman was attentive and informative. He has been great to work with as well as your sales manager Sam. Both gentlemen went above and beyond to ensure myself and family were both taken care of. I’m sure this will not be the last vehicle we purchase from Red McCombs Toyota.

    G.M. – January 12, 2019
    Ayman Musleh, is the most professional sales associate I ever dealt with, he provided exceptional service, he’s well informed and he gives you all the information and details you need to find the best choice for a car.
    5-star experience overall, personally speaking I would go to Ayman every time I need to purchase a car.

    J.G. – January 9, 2019
    We have always had a great experience at Red McCombs. Ayman was very professional and is very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all questions and even helped make the decision a lot easier. Thank you Red McCombs! We are customers for life.

    V.R./Lucien – January 3, 2019
    Great work Ayman Musieh! I’m still convinced we should have saved more but we like his sincere personality that we bought 2 cars. Twas a pleasant transaction and we hope to get same treatment when we go back for car maintenance!

    M.S. – December 31, 2018
    Ayman was very helpful.  He found exactly what we were looking for and worked with us to give us a great deal.  He had us in and out of the dealership in record time which is a huge plus in my book.

    Richard C. – October 31, 2018
    Ayman was great, answered every question we had! Smooth process and had extensive knowledge of inventory, put us in exactly what we wanted! Awesome Job!

    Atnan E. – September 5, 2018
    Ayman Musleh is a wonderful salesperson. He assisted me very well and took care my questions and requests perfectly. With his help, the process of purchasing my new car was quick and very convenient. I thank him and all the crew at Red McCombs Toyota very much.

    Vincent A. – July 20, 2018
    I was sent an email to give feedback about my recent purchase with you guys. I bought a Toyota Yaris and the person who helped me was Ayman Musleh. He was very helpful and informed me of an awesome deal that I could get. Instead of going through my Credit Union I was financed through Toyota! My interest rate was about 2.0%! That was amazing and Ayman was very helpful. He showed us all the features the car had and never once did he try to pressure us to buy anything. We went in just to look and left with a brand new car. For me this was very special since it was my first new car purchase. My fiancée and I bought this car because she currently has a 2007 Yaris and it has 200, 000 miles and even though it is still running great we felt it was time to get a new car. Aymen is one of your best employees and he deserves any accolades he earns. I feel he deserves a raise as well.

    Rocky H. -July 12, 2018
    Best buying experience ever.   Ayman did a great job listening to what I was looking for in a new truck.   Took me to exactly what I was wanting to buy.   Showed me several alternatives, but the first truck he showed me was exactly what I wanted.   Thanks Ayman, great job.   Love my new truck!

    Pablo M. – May 7, 2018
    Ayman is a very good salesperson.  he took care of all our needs in prompt manner.  I would definitely buy another vehicle from him.

  • Daniel Abdel

    Daniel Abdel

    Sales Professional

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    Daniel Abdel

    Daniel Abdel

    Sales Professional

    Daniel’s Customer Reviews

    J.H. – October 25, 2021
    I spent about two months contacting various dealerships throughout Texas to find the color and trim 4Runner that I wanted. I probably worked with 15-20 different salespeople in total. Daniel was by far a cut above the rest both in the information he provided me, as well as his responsiveness and dedication to getting me the vehicle I was looking for. I reside in Austin but will be working with Red McCombs San Antonio in the future because of the stellar attention and service I received from start to finish.

    G.P. – September 10, 2021
    Daniel, thanks for great service , we appreciate you and the Red McCmbs team for helping us buy our new 4Runner!

    L.R. – August 23, 2020
    Daniel Abdel was our salesperson. He was extremely knowledgeable about the vehicle and was very helpful in streamlining the whole process. I will definitely be a return customer. The whole process from salesperson to financial title processing was organized and shortened compared to other car buying experiences.

    S.M. – May 9, 2020
    Daniel was a great salesperson — treated us with respect, answered our questions and made very good suggestions, but was not pushy at all and there was none of the “car salesman” drama. He took the time to really understand our needs and was able to get us a great offer right away, no haggling, which I hate. Great experience!

    D&K B. – October 19, 2019
    We had a great experience with Daniel and Red McCombs Toyota! We were on the road in our new 4-Runner in less than 3 hours including a trip home to unload our trade in. Daniel was extremely professional and helpful. We will be a customer of Red McCombs for a long time after our experience with Daniel and the staff!

    Mike J. – September 21, 2019
    My wife and I just bought a new Toyota Highlander. Daniel Abdel was our salesman and he was outstanding. His knowledge of the vehicle and helpful attitude certainly were major factors in our decision to buy. Best experience we’ve ever had in buying a vehicle. Roman Galindo in service and Ernest Torres in parts were also very professional and helpful. Kudos to McCombs Toyota for having such quality employees.

  • Walid Aouina

    Walid Aouina

    Sales Professional

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    Walid Aouina

    Walid Aouina

    Sales Professional

    Walid’s Customer Testimonials

    C.S. – May 19, 2021
    Walid was wonderful! Very knowledgable, listens to his customers and makes sure they see everything they want. He is the most pleasant sales person I have ever encountered. I would definitely buy from him again and will be recommending him to friends, family and co-workers. Thank you.

    A.G. – April 8, 2021
    We had a great experience working with Walid! He was very informative, straightforward, and very welcoming! Huge thanks to him and the team!

    S.N. – March 26, 2021
    My husband had a great experience! He bought his dream truck and Walid treated him with courtesy and respect the whole time. It’s actually the second truck we bought there!

    Daniel and Adelaida G. – June 24, 2020
    Our experience of buying a first car for our son David was amazing. Walid knew exactly what he was looking for and made him feel very comfortable. You have an extraordinary gentleman working for your dealership.

    Richard C. – June 2, 2020
    Great service from Walid. Really helpful, informative, and a true people-person.

    Angela C. – March 16, 2020
    I went to purchase a vehicle a week ago, and I had a fantastic experience with Walid. I felt he was patient with me, and I was able to consider each car without pressure. He was professional, and as a first time car purchaser, I felt comforted. I would recommend Walid to both friends and family due to the ease and comfort I experienced there. Thank you all for all you do!

    A.J.V. – November 8, 2019
    Throughout the years, I have gone to many dealerships with family and friends when they were in search of a vehicle. I have seen the sales methods that salesmen use to push the best and newest vehicles for every person. However, Walid Aouina broke all my expectations of dealing with difficult pushy salesmen, from the warm greeting and asking me what I want, helping me stay within my budget and find a good, reliable car that I loved from the moment I test drove it. Walid made me feel in control of my search for a vehicle and actively listened to my concerns while asking the right questions about what I looked for in a vehicle. Not only have I been a fan of Toyota since I first started to drive, but service like Walid’s will make me want to go back when I search for my next vehicle.

    L.A. – August 31, 2019
    Mr. Aouina was an amazing and helpful person that understood what I wanted and needed that day; he treated me like real person and not a business transaction. He is an example of what a salesman supposed to be.

    L.A.V. – July 23, 2019
    We are blessed and happy to get the car we want, thanks to the patience and persistence of Mr. Walid A. This is our third vehicle from your dealership since 1998. I highly recommend your sales associate to the procrastinating and undecided customers.

    J.R. – July 20, 2019
    Walid was very thorough, courteous and extremely helpful from the beginning. We have been back to the dealer a couple of times to tie up some loose ends. Each time, Walid was very professional and attentive. I must also mention Stephen Reynes, he was very helpful and sincere during our purchase. We Love Red McCombs Toyota!

    M.H. – November 12, 2018
    Walid made my purchase pleasant and seamless as possible. I’m very happy with working with him and choosing Red McCombs as my dealership.

  • Geovanni Morales

    Geovanni Morales

    Sales Professional

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    Geovanni Morales

    Geovanni Morales

    Sales Professional

    Geovanni’s Customer Testimonials

    M.E.M. – December 15, 2019
    Geovanni Morales is such a nice, respectful young man. He is very professional in the questions that he asked me to get me into the vehicle I wanted. He was also very patient with me. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I received.

    Daniel C. – October 24, 2019
    Our salesperson was Geovanni Morales. He was awesome, very patient, very neat in appearance which counts in my book and was always professional.  The main thing I like about him, he did not pressure us to buy car.  This is important on any purchase large or small, let the customer look and decide.

    O.M.M. – September 23, 2019
    My experience was great. This is the 3rd vehicle that Geovanni Morales has helped me with. Each time he has assisted me, I have viewed what I wanted to purchase on the web and when I arrive at the dealership Geovanni has the vehicle waiting for me. It has been a pleasure dealing with him. He is always polite, courteous and knowledgeable in all that he does at your dealership. Thank you.

    J.D.B. – September 21, 2019
    I was used to driving Dodge but a test drive in a Toyota changed it for me. After discussing all the details with with Geovanni Morales I bought a Tacoma 4×4. I will forever be grateful to him. He was so easy to deal with and very professional. He is an asset to your dealership. Thank you.

    D.R. – August 31, 2019
    Giovanni was really amazing in helping us find the right car and getting financing in place that worked for us. He stayed late on a Friday night and showed up early the next morning to get it done. In top of that he was funny and cheerful through the process! I’ll definitely be going back for our next purchase.

    M.B. – July 8, 2019
    Very easy transaction. I got what I wanted to buy, no pressure. I will recommend this dealer and sales person Giovanni Morales to my friends and family.

    Richard D. – July 2, 2019
    Geovani was the best salesman I’ve ever talked to, he made the experience great. 10/10 would recommend.

    Gabriele T. – February 14, 2019
    Great service . Geovanni answered all my question and worked hard to get me the best deal. I highly recommend asking for him.

    Santiago T. – December 26, 2018
    Mr. Geovanni Morales was very helpful and professional and provided great advice to us when making the decision on purchasing our new 2018 Toyota Tacoma.

    J.S. – October 26, 2018
    Geovanni was awesome! We loved the service his advice and we love our truck. Thank you for a great experience!!

  • Gabe Ibrahim

    Gabe Ibrahim

    Sales Professional

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    Gabe Ibrahim

    Gabe Ibrahim

    Sales Professional

    Gabe’s Customer Reviews:

    A.W. & M.C. – November 12, 2021
    Our experience this weekend was seamless, we completed our application online and our salesman Ghaith Ibrahim had everything ready for us to come pick up our car. Thank you all, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

    O.V. – November 28, 2020
    We had a great experience purchasing our truck from Gabe, a very knowledgeable salesman.

    Katherine F. – June 12, 2020
    Gabe Ibrahim welcomed me with a smile on my arrival at Red McCombs. Having reviewed options on the internet, I pretty much knew what I wanted. He led me straight to the RAV4 Hybrid and within minutes I decided to purchase. He treated me with care and respect and when I arrived to pick-up the car he had it shining, filled with gas and readdy to go. I appreciated his commitment, dedication and interest in finding the car I wanted.

    A.S. – June 1, 2020
    Ghaith Ibrahim was awesome to work with AGAIN! This was our second vehicle to purchase from him in 6 months. Ghaith is extremely knowledge on ALL the Toyota Vehicles. Our next Toyota will be purchased from Ghaith Ibrahim as well as he is like family now.

    C.J – April 5, 2020
    Ghaith was extremely helpful and professional, and worked to get me the best financing deal on my new Toyota. It’s always a great experience at Red McCombs Toyota, which is why I always go back. I wouldn’t buy a Toyota from anywhere else. Thank you.

    V.L. – February 14, 2020
    Ghaith was helpful in finding the car I was looking for. I came in knowing I wanted a Camry but didn’t know exactly what model I wanted. One caught my eye, the XSE, it had all the things I was looking for in a car though it was little out of my price range. Ghaith was able to get it at the price range I was looking for, now I have had the car for a week and I absolutely love it. Overall great service from Ghaith.

    D.Y. – February 10, 2020
    Gabe is a consummate professional that is as friendly as he is informative. We couldn’t have asked for a more personable individual to take care of our needs. Red McCombs should be proud to have such an amazing sales person on their staff.

    Al S. – December 9, 2019
    Working with Ghaith Ibrahim, Gabe, to help our grandson buy his first truck was an absolutely wonderful experience!! Gabe was experienced, very professional and resourceful. Our grandson told Gabe what he was looking for and the price that he could afford, and Gabe provided several options for consideration. We had a few questions about financing and insurance, and Gabe provided excellent advice as he worked with us to find the answers that we needed. At the end, we were all completely satisfied with Gabe and Red McCombs Toyota, and will tell all of our friends to give Gabe and Red McCombs a chance to meet their future vehicle needs. Finally, the free Dome Dogs at Red McCombs were an unexpected treat for our entire family.

    A.Z. – November 26, 2019
    I had a great experience at Red McCombs Toyota. My salesman Gaith Ibrahim was excellent. The director Mr. Ceasar Kondo gave me the best experience EVER. I stopped at Universal Toyota and Cavender Toyota and I did not feel welcomed and loved but at Red McCombs Toyota it was hands down the best service ever. I highly recommend Gaith and Mr. Kondo they made me feel welcomed and at home. Thank you Red McCombs Toyota for having  Gaith and Mr. Kondo work for you and for the awesome experience. I highly recommend this dealership. High five to the finance department Mr. Rudy Lizaola. He made the process fast and easy, I was in and out the dealership. Great smile too! Thank you Red McCombs Toyota.

    S.W. – August 2, 2019
    Dealing with Gabe was a pleasant experience. He was personable, professional, and mild mannered.

    M.A.M – March 18, 2019
    Ghaith (Gabe) was a fantastic salesperson and very knowledgeable. This was the easiest deal to get a newer vehicle.

    T.J. – January 29, 2019
    Gabe Ibrahim was extremely helpful, kind, and friendly. He really helped me get the best deal that I could on my new lease.

  • Cory Arriaga

    Cory Arriaga

    Sales Professional

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    Cory Arriaga

    Cory Arriaga

    Sales Professional


    Cory’s Customer Reviews

    J.B. – December 20, 2021
    Cory was just awesome, I went there to only ask a few questions and I walked out with a new 2022 Tacoma. He made everything so easy, and he made sure I got the best APR. I think I told him this, but I wouldn’t have bought that truck if Cory wasn’t the sales guy.
    P.M. – September 3, 2021
    I am glad Cory was the person I went to because he got me the car I wanted and didn’t lie. When it comes to Cory he means business and he won’t stop till you get what you want. Thanks Cory!

    M.R. – December 29, 2020
    The first impression we got from Cory Arriaga was a positive one, as we were about to enter the building he approached us with a confident and friendly greeting. He was very informative on the features of the car, he helped us in many ways but first offered something to drink. Being seniors he seemed very attentive and made sure we were comfortable, something we appreciated very much. He helped us when we were upset about the car being scratched in your premises when it was washed. He took care of the matter
    right away. So our overall experience was a great thanks to Mr. Arriaga.

    K.T.  – July 30, 2019
    I went with my girlfriend to Red McCombs Toyota to purchase a new Tundra. This was my first experience ever buying a vehicle on my own. We worked with a gentlemen named Cory who was a phenomenal salesman. He is not your prototypical salesman that is pushy or anything. He is very patient during the process and is truly there to help you find the exact vehicle you want. I would highly recommend buying from this dealership and working with Cory.

    B.C. – July 30, 2019
    We had a very good experience dealing with your company. Cory couldn’t have been more helpful or attentive to our wants and needs. He kept us informed at all times. He’s a real asset to
    the company.

    D.D. – July 10, 2019
    Cory was on point from the beginning. Always honest and doing everything he could to advocate for my wife and I. One of the best experiences I’ve had with a car salesman. Hope to work with him again when I decide to pull the trigger on a Supra! 5 out of 5

    Kristian M. – June 30, 2019
    My husband and I worked with Cory Arriaga for the last week and Cory was very helpful into getting my husband his truck. We’re very happy customers and would recommend talking to Cory.

    B.B. – June 6, 2019
    Cory made the buying experience great. He was considerate and informative and a pleasure to work with. Just a great person who added to the fun of getting a new vehicle.

    N.L. – January 28, 2018
    I love my new RAV4! Thank you Cory for working hard in helping me get the deal that I wanted and always courteous and professional!

    R.T. – November 23, 2018
    Cory Arriaga is the best!!! We are very appreciative of how he handled the buying process. Cory definitely made buying two trucks easy and we will definitely buy from Red McCombs again. Thanks Cory!!!

  • Ed Al-Maliki

    Ed Al-Maliki

    Sales Professional

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    Ed Al-Maliki

    Ed Al-Maliki

    Sales Professional

    Ed’s Customer Testimonials

    Jhane & Gordon I. – January 16, 2021
    Ed Al-Maliki did an outstanding job! We had stopped just to look, and the next thing we knew Ed was handing us the keys to the car we were considering. He encouraged us to open the door and take a seat inside the vehicle. He was personable and well informed. He provided details about the car and asked if we wanted to drive it. We did! We loved it, and we bought it. While completing the paperwork, Ed was again professional and friendly. We will seek out Ed again for any future dealings with your franchise. Thanks, Ed!!

    D.N. – December 30, 2020
    Ed AlMaliki did a great job when I purchased my vehicle. He was very professional, and did everything in power to make sure I got a great deal. You have a great sales person on your team and his effort definitely deserves recognition! Great job Ed!

    S.B. – December 12, 2020
    Ed was a great salesman and worked with me to get the best deal!

    M.S. – November 23, 2020
    Awesome customer service by your employees OMAR and ED. They are awesome assets to your company. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe.

    Dale & Asia M. – November 17, 2020
    Our salesman Ed in used car department was extremely helpful, went out of his way to accommodate us with scheduling appointments, adding additional accessories I wanted, kept us up to date throughout the sale, everyone was kind and courteous to my wife and I, Ed’s boss, forgot his name went out of his way also to help us! Great experience and very happy with my Tacoma. Thanks, we’ll be back, great experience!

    D.C. – October 13, 2020
    Ed Al-Maliki took great care of us from the time we arrived at Red McCombs until we finished the lease process on our new Camry.  He was friendly, professional and very helpful.  He guided us through each step of the leasing process and took time to explain everything in the car to us.

    P.G. – April 26, 2020
    I really wanted to say thank you to Ed Al-Maliki and the entire Toyota team who spent the time to help me. Ed made it easy and comfortable for me. He made me feel important and really cared to help from sending me a video of the vehicle I asked about and even other options just in case I needed it. He answered every question I had and I really was impressed with everything he did for me. He made me feel like I was family. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to be able to do more business with you guys. Thank you for being a blessing, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU THERE.

    R.L. – March 3, 2020
    Ed provided first class service throughout the transaction. He was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly – always available to answer questions even after the transaction.

    J.H. – February 19, 2020
    Ed Al-Maliki was fantastic. He was honest and genuine and was a pleasure to work with. Between Ed and the other Toyota staff we have dealt with, we are very impressed and pleased with our service so far.

    A.T. – January 17, 2020
    I would like to thank Ali, Ed and Ibrahim . They all did their best to help us fit our needs in all ways. Financial and vehicle comfort wise. Y’all are all the best. Thank you for the experience.

    Patrick M. – December 30, 2019
    I had a fantastic experience working with Ed. When I arrived at the dealership, he already had a car I was interested in waiting out front. He was patient with all my questions and very knowledgeable of the vehicle and its comparables.. Ed was personable and honest with me throughout the whole process. Overall, it was a pleasure working with Ed. He listened to my needs and helped me every step of the way.

    Pat & Gary D. – December 13, 2019
    Well, what can I say about Ed. He is a very personable salesman – very gracious – very helpful – very knowledgeable about the two (Tundra & Camry) vehicles were were looking for..He was very helpful with our choices and always had an upbeat attitude even when my husband was not sure if he wanted the Tundra (silver – he wanted white at first). We loved dealing with Ed & will refer him whenever we can. Will see you when we come in for our maintenance work. Thanks to Paul in closing office.

    J.C. – October 8, 2019
    It was one of the best and easiest way to get car. Red McCombs Toyota has what you want and they’ll help you get the vehicle. Especially with help of the sales person like Ed Al- Maliki and Michael Martinez . Not only you get good news, but when you go to see the Finance Manager like William Brennan, he gives you a whole lot great news. From start to finish it only took 2 hours. Then I was going home with my NEW VEHICLE. Happy Results.

    R.R. – February 18, 2019
    Just want to take the time to say, thank you. I’m a first time Toyota buyer and my sales person ( Ed Al-Maliki ) was very professional and made mine and my wife purchasing experience most pleasant. He gave you a feeling that I was dealing with a very honest person. My experience was so well in a year and a half I will return to purchase another vehicle for my family. Thank you Red McCombs and thank you Ed.

    Stan I. – January 9, 2019
    I think my experience at Red McCombs was outstanding in the sense that the first time I visited, things didn’t workout with the price they’re asking for. Surprisingly, I never knew that Ed still have me in mind while I was
    planning to travel to Brownsville Toyota to buy another vehicle he called and said “Stan I have something that you will love.” He immediately sent me some pictures about the car with the price and I was shocked when I saw it. I said, this the real deal. Now, all my coworkers, friends and families loved the car. What’s most interesting is that he kept me in mind with an outstanding customer service.

  • Stephen Reynes

    Stephen Reynes

    Sales Professional

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    Stephen Reynes

    Stephen Reynes

    Sales Professional


    Stephen’s Customer Reviews

    E.C.G. – April 4, 2022
    Thanks for all. Stephen Reynes Is an Amazing person and such a kind salesman . Was a pleasure to make a deal with him. Thanks!

    D.S. – March 6, 2022
    Stephen Reynes is the best sales person with whom I have ever worked. I have bought a number of cars from him and he provides excellent service. He is not pushy and listens to ascertain what my needs are in a vehicle. He is friendly and knows his cars. He’s always my “go to guy” for buying a car.

    J.A. – January 20, 2022
    I recently purchased a 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport and absolutely love that truck! I have to tell you that my experience from start to finish was nothing short of excellent with Stephen Reynes. I had an older Tacoma and was thinking about trading in for a slightly used Tacoma. The timing wasnt right because I was in the process of refinancing my home. I had to wait until that went through before I could get more serious on getting another truck. Throughout that time, Steve was very patient and would periodically reach out to see where I was at and also let me know of any great deals that were available. Ultimately, because of the market, it just made more sense to order a new truck. Steve walked me through the process and I never felt pressured to buy what I didnt want. I got the Barcelona Red I always wanted. Please give Stephen the kudos he deserves for his excellent customer service! Thanks!

    W.G. – August 7, 2021
    Stephen is awesome and really takes the time to know his customers. That is why our family only gets our cars at Red McCombs with him.

    M.H. – August 6, 2021
    Stephen Reyes was great!! He was very kind and had such a bright positive attitude. Anytime I had a issue Stephen and John made sure I was taken care of. I’m 6 months pregnant and Stephen made sure I was never hungry or thirsty, which I really appreciated. I love my new car!

    Keith H. – June 5, 2021
    Absolutely fantastic! Great person to work with and went beyond what I was expecting from a customer service perspective. Just an overall awesome experience.

    Iris H. – May 13, 2021
    We recently bought a gorgeous Supersonic Red 2021 Camry at Red McCombs. We had a very pleasant experience. Our salesman, Stephen Reynes, was so helpful and knowledgeable. He asked all the right questions and found the car of my dreams right there on the lot, sold it to us, and helped us (mostly me since I will be the one driving it) learn all the new technology we are unfamiliar with on new cars. I know he will be available if I need help with anything in the future use of the vehicle. We have previously purchased Toyotas from Red McCombs and bring them in to the service department whenever service required and have always been satisfied.

    J.H. – June 8, 2020
    We had top notch service. Stephen was wonderful and made our purchase easy.

    Luis R. – February 24, 2020
    I would like to thank Stephen for all his help and the patience he had with us. It took almost 1 month but with his help we were able to get an awesome deal and he follow up any question that we have.

    Julia S. – January 2, 2020
    Stephen Reynes is a great salesman. I will not do business elsewhere as long as he is there working. He made us feel very welcome. I give him 5 stars for his work with us. Thank you.

    Richard C. – December 4, 2019
    Stephen R was a great salesman he did a great job. Thanks for the great service at Red McCombs Toyota.

    O.V. – October 20, 2019
    Stephen Reynes was wonderful! He went the extra mile to help both my husband and I get new cars. Without him, this would not have happened. He is very personable and just so sweet! Thank you Stephen!

    Wendy D. – October 14, 2019
    We love Red McCombs! My husband bought a car from them 4 yrs ago and has had very good service from them. Last week we bought another car from them and we were very happy with our experience. Stephen Reyes treated us very well with his excellent salesmanship. He was very attentive, listened to exactly what we were looking for, and went out of his way to provide outstanding service. Mark Bear worked with him the entire time to make sure we had a great experience. They brought us cold water repeatedly (on two very hot days), brought the cars to us rather than have us walk all over the lot, and worked quickly with respect for our time. They were so polite and worked so hard with such enthusiasm and cheerfulness even though we kept changing our minds about what we wanted. We will be sure to go back to them for our next car!

    R&N – October 4, 2019
    I can absolutely say that me and my husband had the BEST experience purchasing our first vehicle at Red McCombs Toyota! We want to thank the whole Team at Red McCombs for making it possible and especially to our salesperson Stephen Reynes, who did an amazing job assisting us on our purchase. Stephen was able to answer all of our questions, find a great deal and make it possible for us to drive off in our new car. We can truly say that we our very satisfied with our experience at Red McCombs Toyota!

    Bruce H. – August 12, 2019
    I recently purchased a Toyota Certified Used car from Red McCombs Toyota and was very impressed by the service provided by Stephen Reynes. He was patient and helpful in guiding me towards the best car for me without pressuring me to towards the purchase a vehicle out of my budget or that was not suited to my needs. I will definitely recommend Stephen and the
    dealership to others!

    John C. – August 6, 2019
    Stephen was great! Probably the best car buying experience I’ve ever had. He took time to explain things and answer questions. He made us feel at home and not like just another customer. Thank you, Stephen!

    J.R. – July 20, 2019
    Walid was very thorough, courteous and extremely helpful from the beginning. We have been back to the dealer a couple of times to tie up some loose ends. Each time, Walid was very professional and attentive. I must also mention Stephen Reynes, he was very helpful and sincere during our purchase. We Love Red McCombs Toyota!

    Angela & Brian C. – June 8, 2019
    We always stop to say hi to Stephen whenever we are at the dealership! Stephen Reynes always goes above & beyond his sales expertise! We have bought several vehicles at Red Mccombs Hyundai & Toyota! Stephen Reynes has always & forever our salesman & friend! Also a great finance manager Rudy Lizaola! We love you two gentlemen for always giving us a fantastic experience @ Red Mccombs Toyota!

    Kayla A. – June 7, 2019
    I had such a positive experience with Stephen Reynes. He was simply so attentive, understanding, and patient. I appreciate his advice and excellent customer service. He made the car buying experience so positive and was overall helpful. He went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations!Thank you.

    B.H. – April 22, 2019
    I just want to start off by saying the I have purchased 5 vehicles from Red McCombs since 2001. The only salesperson that I have chosen to deal with is Stephen Reynes. In addition I have referred Stephen to my friends and he has always delivered the same customer service and positive experience that I have received. Stephen is awesome and knows how to make the car buying experience a great milestone. I can’t say enough about him. Mr McCombs should be very thankful to have this guy on his team. Thank you Steve for being such a great guy and for always going that extra mile.

    W.W.T. – March 22, 2019
    I purchased my 1st car from Red McCombs, a long time ago and this recent purchase was even better….This team just continues to be the very BEST. Stephen Reynes was professional and personable and made the entire transaction seamless. Thank you TEAM.

    Ryan R. – January 25, 2019
    I spoke to salesman Stephen Reynes and good him exactly what I was looking for and the price range. I expected the usual salesman back n forth games. Steve was professional, friendly, and got me the best deal I can’t so for on a truck. All this within almost 24hrs from my initial phone call to him. I have a busy schedule and he communicated with me as needed via text msg phone call and etc. Steve made the process super easy. When I buy again it will def be from Steve! Kudos to him and his great work!

    J.K. – December 31, 2018
    Working with Stephen Reynes was a pleasure. He listened to what I wanted and my budget and worked to get me into a perfect vehicle. This was our 4th auto from Red McCombs.

  • Hector Granier

    Hector Granier

    Sales Professional

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    Hector Granier

    Hector Granier

    Sales Professional

    Hector’s Customer Reviews

    J.M.H. – March 23, 2020
    Mr. Granier is a very professional salesman. I will recommend him and Red McCombs Toyota to anyone interested in buying a Toyota. He answered any and all questions I had regarding the car that I purchased.

    Jennifer P. – October 21, 2019
    From the sales man Hector to my finance dude Rudy! Hats off to you guys to making my experience with you guys feel like top notch!

    T.O. – July 23, 2019
    Hector was responsive and professional – a pleasure to work with!

    Melisa H. – April 3, 2019
    We had a wonderful experience while shopping for a car the entire staff was very friendly and Hector Granier was amazing he was very patient with us & helped us purchase the car we wanted!

    Plu T. – March 29, 2019
    Everyone was wonderful and courteous during this stressful process. My sales partner Hector Granier is the absolute best. He asks questions about your needs and finds what works best for you and your situation. He’s a no pressure and not pushy which is rare these days.

  • Joe Silva

    Joe Silva

    Sales Professional

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    Joe Silva

    Joe Silva

    Sales Professional

    Joe’s Customer Reviews

    R.H. – October 5 2021
    Jose Silva is a great sales man. I was very satisfied with the way helped me get into my truck. Everybody was very helpful and great customer service. Thank you again for the help.

    Cynthia and Roy C. – May 26, 2021
    Thank you for the opportunity to become a forever customer of Red McCombs Toyota! I have had the honor of purchasing my last two vehicles with assistance from Jose (Joe) Silva who by far is an incredible person! His attentiveness to detail, time and customer needs are exemplary! I am a Hospice nurse and I needed a car fast but didnt have the time for the haggle that comes with a car lot…I gave my list of needs for purchase and Joe did the rest… I was in a bind and Joe and Toyota helped maneuver things so that I can pick up my new car so that I can return to work and returned to finish my paperwork a few days later! That’s the difference in a satisfied customer and a delighted customer! I am delighted with Joe’s work and Toyota! God Bless him and the company amen!

    H.P. – January 22, 2021
    Jose was very oriented and patient. My wife and I were in on a Wednesday and went back on the following Friday. Jose remembered what we were looking for and had the cars upfront ready for us to look at. Great salesman. Thank you.

    P.R. – May 25, 2020
    I am not a fan of car buying procedures, however, Jose Silva did an amazing job helping us out. He was able to get me the perfect car for me. I love my new car and I am really glad I got to work with him on this process. 10/10.

    S.M. – January 28, 2020
    Joe was a pleasure to deal with, answering all our questions and allowing us time to make a decision without being pushy. Sales service was great.

    K.A. – October 22, 2019
    Jose Silva was an excellent salesman and he answered all my questions in a manner way and got me the best deal.

    Ailyn S. – October 22, 2019
    I was finally able to purchase my first car. Thanks to Joe Silva. His hard work and dedication helped me get a car around my budget. He explained everything so clear and answered all the questions I had. I totally recommend y’all to stop by Red McCombs Toyota! But don’t forget to ask for Joe Silva he will do anything possible to help you! Once again thank you Joe Silva.

    Selena A. – October 21, 2019
    Joe Silva is such an amazing salesman!! I walked in with very low confidence and he really turned my whole day around by getting me into a great car! He made the whole process smooth, easy, and comfortable! I highly recommend him due to his knowledge, patience, and his excellent customer service!!

    Malissa S. – October 19, 2019
    Joe Silva made my first time buying a car experience a breeze! He was very helpful and explained every part of the process well!! He was able to get me into a car all within my budget! I recommend Joe Silva if you are looking for a car!! Thank you Joe Silva for all your help!

    L.E. – September 11, 2019
    I had a great experience. All the teams were very professional and friendly. The salesperson Joe Silva treated me very well. I recived an email from general manager saying thank you for buying my new car. Very happy. Thank you!!!

  • Ahmed Al-Jamie

    Ahmed Al-Jamie

    Sales Professional

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    Ahmed Al-Jamie

    Ahmed Al-Jamie

    Sales Professional


    Ahmed’s Customer Testimonials

    H.A. – January 14, 2022
    Mr. Al-Jamie was very helpful and transparent. He was very welcoming and took the time to answer all my questions and provided me with the best options and services available. Thank you, Ahmed!

    L.G. – September 21, 2021
    The customer service provided by Ahmed Al Jamie and the sales team is always superb. He is very attentive to the customer needs and works tirelessly to meet our needs. I’m glad to be part of the RMT family. Job well done, another satisfied customer! Thanks.

    D.O. – July 20, 2021
    Ahmed was most helpful throughout the purchase period and through the delivery. He made the entire purchase an enjoyable affair. I will recommend him to others.

    R.C. – July 10, 2021
    Ahmed has been extremely helpful, honest, and friendly. I am so happy with my new car.

    I.T. – April 30, 2021
    I had visited 2 other Toyota dealerships, a few days prior to visiting Red McCombs Toyota and what a difference! I did not feel intimidated or pressured from the first call to the signing of the paperwork. This has been the fastest and easiest car purchase I have experienced. Ahmed was knowledgeable about the vehicle, he was very patient and friendly. Jerry, the finance guy was awesome as well. SO HAPPY I purchased from Red McComb Toyota and had Ahmed, Sam and Jerry helping me.

    G.G. – January 15, 2021
    Ahmed Al Jamie is an excellent salesperson. He explained every detail about the car in an easy way to understand. He is friendly and very professional. He stayed with us after 9 pm explaining and reloading all my contacts from my phone to the car’s phone. I am very happy that he waited on us. I am glad that we went to Red McCombs to get my car.

    Miguel V. – November 7, 2020
    Ahmed Al Jamie is an excellent salesman, didn’t pressure me, he was straight forward, provided suggestions and made sure I was completely satisfied with the sale. This is the best auto dealership I have ever been to. I definitely recommend RED MCCOMBS TOYOTA. Thank You.

    L.G. – May 30, 2020
    As always the RMT team once again is exceptional. I have been shopping here for the last 5 plus years. Totally a RMT family, 3 Corollas, 1 Camry, 1 86, 2 Rav4, and 2 Tundras. Their sales team in excellent, specially Ahmed Al Jamie. He goes above and beyond to ensure his costumers are pleased with the vehicle selection. Thanks Ahmed Al Jamie. I will keep coming back! Superb service!

    S.M. – May 29, 2020
    Ahmed did a great job! He was courteous and explained everything about the car! He has now sold two cars to members of my family.

    C.H. – May 19, 2020
    Ahmed was very professional and knowledgeable, also quick and efficient. I have no doubts that he fulfilled his job that day as a salesman for Toyota, while also enhancing the customer experience. Thank you again to Ahmed and all at Toyota!

    George C. – May 16, 2020
    My saleman Ahmed did an outstanding job!! On a scale of 1-10 his service was an 11.

    Buddy M. – February 7, 2020
    Ahmed was very courteous and informative. He gave every effort to orient us about the vehicle and invited us to come back to further orient us at our convenience. I woul definitely return and buy another vehicle from him.

    J.M. – February 2, 2020
    I just received my new Tundra which is my 3rd vehicle I have purchased and I could not be happier. Ahmed was amazing and great to work with. While customizing my vehicle he kept on top of the status. Great place to buy a vehicle!!!!!

    Steve O. – January 6, 2020
    This is the second vehicle we buy from Red McCombs Toyota with the help of Ahmed Al Jamie in the last year. He never hesitates to find the answer to our questions if he doesn’t know it already! Thank you.

    Elizabeth P. – December 7, 2019
    Ahmed Al Jamie provided me an excellent customer experience and I now feel part of the Red McCombs Toyota family. He was extremely professional, listened to my needs and responded quickly. He immediately understood what I was looking for and showed me a vehicle I couldn’t refuse because it was affordable and within my price range. I am thrilled to be driving the new vehicle I purchased! It is so much more comfortable than my old vehicle. I commend Ahmed that he went above and beyond my expectations to accommodate my requests and ultimately satisfy my concerns. I left your dealership a very happy and most satisfied customer. I appreciate that Ahmed sold me a high quality yet affordable vehicle. I will continue to service my car at this Toyota location. Rating for Ahmed: OUTSTANDING! 2 thumbs up! NAMASTE

    C.H. – November 18, 2019
    Ahmed Al Jamie was the first person I met when I went to Red McCombs looking for a new car. He was very attentive and helpful that I decided to go the following day and purchase the car. He went the extra mile and provided an excellent customer service and followed up on every step of the purchase. Thank you Red McCombs and Ahmed Al Jamie.

    Estefany A. – November 8, 2019
    Ahmed was awesome. He helped a lot to make this purchase happen, excellent customer service on his part. I give him 5 stars.

    G.T. – August 27, 2019
    Ahmed was very knowledgeable about the product. He was friendly and professional and went out of his way to make sure that the whole process went smooth.. I will get my next car with Ahmed.

    Angel C. – July 8, 2019
    Ahmed ALJamie is a great sales man i recommend him the process of buying my vehicle was so great and smooth thank you so much Ahmed.

    Steve O. – July 6, 2019
    Walked in after doing some research and Ahmed helped us find what we were looking for!

    G.U. – July 3, 2019
    I’d like to take the time to recognize here a salesman, Mr. Ahmed AL Jamie, that I feel went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure me and my family were investing in a vehicle that would be safe, efficient, and cost effective. He presented a genuine desire to satisfy his customers and at our own pace. He honored our limits, worked effortlessly to meet them, and offered resources on services needed even after the purchase. I’d like to emphasize on his service a little more by saying, I was not the easiest customer to service either. I was coming in with a close minded mentality that “knew” Toyota wasnt really for me, hated cars, and did not trust “salesman”. Ahmed greeted me respectfully, was extremely patient, and showed no problem offering to walk all around the lot to find what I wanted. Even after purchasing, he took his time showing me apps, how to use the vehicle for it’s full potential, and stayed after closing just to make sure I knew how to operate the vehicle comfortably and safely. I was a bias Luxury SUV (Landrover specifically) lover, definitely NOT a fan of Toyota styles. I am thankful he provided me so many options; for I would have never known how AMAZING Toyota is and how a Camry cruise could feel! I love it!!! Thank you Ahmed for your service. You are an excellent representation of this company. They are lucky to have you.

  • Robert Dudley

    Robert Dudley

    Sales Professional

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    Robert Dudley

    Robert Dudley

    Sales Professional


    Robert’s Customer Testimonials

    K.W. – December 20, 2019
    Robert Dudley was incredible as a salesperson. He is extremely professionally and as a problem solver, he helped me get the best deal possible for myself.

    Patrick Y. – November 4, 2019
    Robert Dudley was amazing. I have purchased several vehicles but I have never had the customer service that Robert had. I greatly appreciate him working with my wife and answering all our questions. I don’t think we would have purchased from red McCombs without the help we received. From start to finish, even the finance department was great. I won’t purchase from any other dealership because of the staff. Thank you.

    B.A. – September 30, 2019
    I was an out of town customer, so I needed to complete my transaction long distance. Robert stayed engaged and responsive through text, phone and email and we negotiated a drive-off price. Everything was ready to go for a hassle-free closing when I arrived to pick up the car.

    I.S. – August 10, 2019
    I am loving my new Toyota and I could not be happier while experience of buying it. Mr. Dudley came in with an initial offer that blew the competition out of the water. The process from start to finish could not have been easier!

    S.R. – August 1, 2019
    Mr. Dudley was very helpful and I am very happy with my new van. The entire transaction went smoothly and without any problems. I am completely satisfied.

    G.C. – July 30, 2019
    I am grateful to Mr. Dudley for the personal attention . He provided the best experience I have ever had in buying a car.

    Tim H. – July 25, 2019
    Robert Dudley was great to work with, we were able to complete 90% of the deal via text, email, and phone.  I reached out to your dealership on a Sunday afternoon and by 8:15AM on Monday, Robert called and the deal was put in motion.  We picked up our new 4Runner on Thursday morning of that same week.  I’d highly recommend Robert and the team there at Red McCombs to my family and friends and I look forward to doing business with them in the years to come. Thanks again Robert!

    Bob R. – April 3, 2019
    Robert Dudley was great, professional and attentive to make sure I was happy with my purchase. A true customer care specialist!

  • David Vidal

    David Vidal

    Sales Professional

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    David Vidal

    David Vidal

    Sales Professional


    David’s Customer Reviews

    Helen L. – February 12, 2021
    The service we received while shopping for our new car was outstanding. Blake Adams was great but I’d also like to recognize David Vidal. When we arrived at the dealership, Blake was busy with another customer, so David actually showed us the cars we were interested in and allowed us to test drive the Highlander that we eventually bought. He patiently answered our questions and was very helpful. After that, Blake followed up with us and he was also very helpful and kind in explaining things to us. Both of these young men are great assets to your Dealership.

    E.F. – December 4, 2020
    David was amazing. He gave me peace of mind and put my mind at ease when it came down to what was important to me when buying a vehicle. David is a huge asset to the Red McCombs Toyota team. He took care of me and my family and I couldn’t be more happy with the end result of my new vehicle. Thank you David and thank you to the team that helped back you up to make this all possible. I am beyond grateful. God Bless!

    P.A. – September 2, 2020
    Excellent service with David, as always being a long time customer we get treated like family. Rudy in finance always gets the job done for myself and my wife. That is why we keep coming back we will continue to be a loyal customer of Red McCombs Toyota!!

    Jovan S. – February 4, 2020
    My experience with David Vidal was great. He got me the car I wanted and kept me informed regularly. I ordered the new 4runner and waited for months for the new 2020 Green 4runner. When one came in early, he called me immediately. Negotiation was reasonable and didn’t take too long haggling over price. The price offer for my trade in and purchase price were fair. The deal was done quickly. I have recommended that my friends call David for future purchases at Red McCombs.

    Channing W. – June 10, 2019
    Very upfront, personable, and honest. Thanks for your help!

    D.B. – May 14, 2019
    This was my first buying experience with Red McCombs. You guys honestly were not even on my radar for a purchase as I already had North Park in Boerne as my go to. David Vidal reached out to me and showed me the truck I was after on a cold call, but I just thanked him and let him know he was in the hunt if my dealer couldn’t produce. As it turns out my dealer couldn’t get me the deal within their group so I gave David a shot and he was awesome to work with. More importantly, you guys had me on the road in my new truck in less than 2 hours in my time on your lot. That is epic in my opinion as I’m not a fan of the whole car buying experience. I did have an issue with a weird vibration in the truck on my drive home as I didn’t catch it on the test drive. David made sure the problem was corrected today and I didn’t lose any work time because he made sure I was able to connect to your WiFi. Again, very pleased with the attention to my needs as a customer. With that said, I will definitely recommend your dealership to my circle and hope that I can send business your way.

  • Matt Berenji

    Matt Berenji

    Sales Professional

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    Matt Berenji

    Matt Berenji

    Sales Professional


    Matt’s Customer Reviews

    Gene W. – March 28, 2021
    Had a great experience there. Matt did everything he could to make sure that the road blocks were removed, if any came up. It was a pleasure working with Matt, if I’m buying another vehicle that’s who I’m going to be seeing.

    Terry S. – Feburary 26, 2021
    Matt went above and beyond to make the transaction easy. Even though the dealership was closed, he was able to provide all the information I needed to make a decision.

    C.C. – July 1, 2020
    Couldn’t ask for a better salesperson in Matt Berenji. He was very courteous and professional in helping me find and decide on purchasing a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

    D.T. – May 13, 2020
    Matt was professional in every area. Took the time and went with every change of mind I had. He knows his profession.

    Priscilla M. – May 5, 2020
    Thank you Matt Berenji. My car buying experience in April 2020, was one of the best I have had in a long time thanks to Matt Berenji. During this COVID outbreak, I didn’t want to have the hassle of walking around the dealership looking for a vehicle. I made an internet inquiry about buying a vehicle and was shortly contacted by Matt Berenji. Matt Berenji’s communication skills were spot on. He listened quietly as I explained what type of vehicle I wanted. Matt summarized what I had said (which informed me that he was listening) and quickly provided me with a specific vehicle. He also gave me other options, but his first hunch was 100% accurate. He provided me with a price and kept his word. During this transaction, I was extremely nervous. However, because Matt was calm, warm, genuine and encouraging, I was able to make the transaction. Matt’s humbleness, positive way of being, and integrity is why he is a great person as well as a salesman. The Toyota Dealer has the best, Matt Berenji, in its organization. Thank you!

    A.P. – January 10, 2020
    Wanted to take a moment to thank my sales representative Matt Berenji for going the extra mile to ensure I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I have been purchasing vehicles for some time and this was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had hands down. From finding me the exact vehicle my wife wanted to staying late to help me finish the paperwork process Matt was there every step of the way. Hats off to him and all of his efforts.

    J.G. – December 21, 2019
    Red McCombs and Matt Berenji welcomes us about 6:30 on a Friday evening with the car we were interested in parked at the front door. Our customer service with Matt was far beyond excellent. He was knowledgeable and dedicated to getting us the exact Rav4 we wanted for our daughter’s 18th birthday.. We were in and out of Red McCombs with a brand new car in less time than it took us to drive to San Antonio. Thank you again Matt for making our Toyota buying experience so smooth and quick without the runaround typical of other sales lots.

    K.G. – December 17, 2019
    Our first contact with Red McCombs Toyota was with Matt Beneji. He was prompt, professional and helpful. He had the car we were interested in ready for us upon arrival. He was knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. Will definitely put this dealership at the top of my list! Thank You!

    W.E. – August 7, 2019
    Matt Berenji made the vehicle purchasing experience simple, informative, fun, and pressure free. He was very helpful about finding a vehicle that I would enjoy and that fit my every need (color choice, performance, features, and price point). He was very knowledgeable about the features of each vehicle that I was looking at and demonstrated them hands on when walking through the car and during the test drive. Matt was very honest and answered questions directly while also providing a lot of information about the various options for each vehicle. Finally,
    Matt was personable and made the experience hassle free and fun.

    A.R. – July 1, 2019
    Matt was very patient and helpful in assisting me to get my car. He stayed back late past work hours and got me a great deal. I’m extremely satisfied with his service.

    Brittany S. – June 28, 2019
    We went in with a list of “must haves” and “don’t wants”. We were greeted by Matt Berenji and he did such an amazing job finding the exact truck that fit what we wanted. The process was easy. The best part was that we were able to get slightly below the price we were willing to pay and truly got an amazing deal on a brand new 2019 Tundra. I would highly recommend not only this dealership but also this salesman. Matt Berenji went above and beyond for us.

    Justin H. – May 15, 2019
    Matt Berenji was a great salesman who made sure I was happy with what I got the entire way through the process. Great job!

    Isabel H. – May 14, 2019
    Came in thinking I wouldn’t get approved due to Recent car accident and Our new friend Matt Berenji really really really helped us out. He was very easy to talk too and understand. Happy with my new 2019 Camry!  Thanks Matt !

    Christine M. – May 9, 2019
    We are thrilled with our ‘new to us’ Tundra! This is the third used Toyota that we’ve bought from Red Mccomb’s and once again we’re very happy with the process and professionalism. Thanks so much Matt Berenji!

  • Samer Sardini

    Samer Sardini

    Sales Professional

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    Samer Sardini

    Samer Sardini

    Sales Professional


    Samer’s Customer Testimonials

    L.G.L. – February 15, 2022
    Samer Sadini was very helpful and transparent in everything he did. The car was ready when he said it would be and ready to go. I am very pleased with his helpfulness and working with me. The person who handled my extended warranty was also very helpful and again, transparent in the costs and very clear on what was available. Red McCombs as good place to get your car.

    Melanie S. – March 19, 2021
    Samer Sardini was extremely helpful, I came in knowing what I wanted and he got the job done quickly. I was coming from out of town and we were able to get the financing done the day before. I was in and out in my new Toyota in 30 minutes. Thank you.

    Ron H. – February 5, 2021
    My wife and I have purchased many vehicles over the last 40 plus years and I have to say our experience with Samer was the best by far. He was responsive, respectful of our time and a real professional throughout the process. We had a great experience at your dealership due to Samer’s outstanding performance!

    J.O – October 19, 2020
    Samer was professional, courteous and fulfilled my every request. I will only buy from Red McCombs based on this OUTSTANDING experience. Thank you Samer! And I am loving my Highlander!

    Sarah P. – September 10, 2020
    Samer was fantastic to work with! I really appreciated the time that he took to get in the vehicle with me and show me all the functions of the car after the purchase was complete. I had never had anyone do that with me, so this level of customer service really stuck with me. I would recommend Samer and everyone that I worked with at Red’s!

    L.W. – June 27, 2020
    Mr. Sardini worked with me remotely to minimize my time at the dealership.

    C.F. – April 20, 2020
    Samer was professional and so helpful with all my questions. He was patient with me as I made my decision which allowed me to get the exact vehicle I wanted. Excellent experience. Thank you!!

    M.Z. – April 17, 2020
    Samer was very nice and personable. He did all he could do to make our buying experience as pleasant as possible. We will definitely recommend Samer to anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle. Actually, all the staff we dealt with at Red McCombs were top tier. We couldn’t be happier about our decision to go to Red McCombs Toyota. 

    A.B. – December 6, 2019
    Samer was professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable. Buying my new Tacoma was fast and efficient. Thank you.

    G.A. – August 31, 2019
    I’m genuinely glad I had Samer as my car salesman. He was a very honest, respectful guy and hope he’s still there for when I buy another truck.

    S.C. – August 27, 2019
    Samer was patient, understanding, and very helpful. It made our experience of buying a car stress free!

    J.B. – August 26, 2019
    I must say that Samer was very well informed on the Tacoma he sold me. He was able to find me the truck I wanted and had it waiting for me when I arrived at the dealership. He has called me several times to see if I had any questions and answered them promptly. Overall a very positive and painless experience for me. Thanks Samer and keep up the good work!!!!

    Fernando C. – August 6, 2019
    Samer was great in keeping me posted on what was going on during the process and stayed late to get the deal done. I would and will definitely be going back to Red McCombs due to that. The finance guy which I forgot his name but is from Laredo really helped me out by saving me some money. That’s always a plus!

    S.A. – July 8, 2019
    I thought Samer was very helpful and did everything he could to find what I wanted. He went above and beyond to accommodate. Kudos to him.

    G.C. – July 4, 2019
    I really enjoyed my experience at Red Mccombs, Samer was helpful, polite and professional. And at every step was there to answer questions and make sure everything was going well! Thanks for the enjoyable stress free experience.

  • Nerio Parra

    Nerio Parra

    Sales Professional

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    Nerio Parra

    Nerio Parra

    Sales Professional

    Nerio’s Customer Reviews

    Francisco S. – March 11, 2022
    The salesman Nerio Parra is an excellent guy, he knows how to do the sale of vehicles and treats the person kindly. I am so proud and happy for him. Thank you so much for treating us well.

    Christopher D. – May 27, 2021
    Great buying experience. Salesperson Nerio Parra Angulo was great and getting my value for my trade in quickly and came back with a very nice offer. Nerio was honest and quick on his feet to show me the very limited inventory on site. This experience was the fastest, most efficient vehicle buying I’ve experienced in a very long time! Thank you. New Tundra owner.

    F.L. – February 5, 2021
    I am very happy with my Tacoma SS offroad. My sales consultant Nerio Parra did a great job, great expert in what he is doing, he was and he has been very patient with me and helpful. Over 10 I will give Nerio 20 points. Thank you.

    N.N. – November 7, 2020
    GREAT Service!! Mr. Parra treated us with respect and professionalism!

    D.R.B. – September 2, 2020
    Thank you for your advice and giving me the opportunity to buy a new vehicle, I never thought I’d get it. The seller looking for alternatives to meet customer demands. It’s a great experience to shop with you. You have quality care and excellent service with Nerio Parra.

    R.G. – August 28, 2020
    Nerio was extremely helpful in finding a vehicle that met our needs and terms that met our criteria. Really appreciate all his help and would highly recommend him and the dealership.

    G.A. – August 24, 2020
    Nerio Parra was my salesman and he was awesome, he was very friendly and very professional he made the whole experience very pleasant, I’d recommend anyone that needs a car and wants to deal with friendly staff and professionals to go to Red McCombs Toyota. Thank you.

    Moises B. – December 17, 2019
    Sales Representative Neiro Parra was amazing. He went above and beyond to help us find the truck we wanted. It was a great experience buying our truck from Red McCombs thanks to him. He made the whole process of getting a new truck super easy and smooth. He’s a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guy. Next time we buy another vehicle from Red McCombs will be through him definitely.

    Thomas W. – November 29, 2019
    Nerio Parra Angulo was wonderful to work with. He found the exact Highlander XLE configuration that we were looking for. He explained and showed us all the features of the vehicle during a test drive and was very knowledge of all aspects of the vehicle. During the negotiation of the selling price, he included all of the rebates that we qualified for resulting in a price that was completely acceptable to us. Overall, we had an exceptional buying experience with Nerio that was hassle free. Nerio reflected the excellent service that sets Red McCombs above other dealerships.

    G.M. – November 27, 2019
    I had a amazing experience buying my first car! Excellent service! I recommend Nerio Parra. He is a good seller! Very friendly and helpful!

    Luis Z. – October 17, 2019
    Nerio Parra is the greatest salesman ever! He will find you the best deal for your desired new car, if you’re looking for a great service and attention in every little detail, then come here and ask for Nerio. Excellent service!

    Atilio R. – October 12, 2019
    The best experience ever with Mr. NERIO PARRA. Very recommended. If you are looking for a New or Used vehicles he is the guy. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

    E.R. – October 4, 2019
    We had an exceptional experience. Nerio was extremely patient, informative and never pushy which was much appreciated. We will certainly refer family and friends to Nerio in the future.

    Shane D. – October 2, 2019
    Nerio Parra was very helpful!! We are very happy with our new car! Excellent worker and very professional

    Albert S. – October 2, 2019
    Highly recommend Mr. Nerio Parra Angulo. He is very helpful.

    Jessica C. – September 12, 2019
    My experience here was incredible! Thank you Nerio for all the help! At first I thought I had an idea of what i wanted but by the end of It i knew I was making the right choice. Thanks for the patience and guidance, and let not forget the deal! Definitely recommending people to come visit you!


  • Jonathan Orozco

    Jonathan Orozco

    Sales Professional

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    Jonathan Orozco

    Jonathan Orozco

    Sales Professional

    Jonathan’s Customer Reviews

    Andrew F. – March 19, 2021
    Jonothan was an excellent car salesman. He went through all of the details of the vehicle and provided a calming and informative experience through the buying process. He was very helpful and I would recommend him to anyone.

    Jason D. – May 14, 2020
    Jonathan was great! We told him what we were looking for and he delivered. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a car.

    Mike E. – March 18, 2020
    I have been to several Toyota dealerships in the San Antonio area over the last six years and Red McCombs has been the best by far for service. So when I came time for a new vehicle I made sure to stop by and see them. After seeing the new vehicles, I decided to stop by the Certified Used section and see what was available. The man who assisted us was Jonathan Orozco and he was great! He was very patient with us (we were still unsure exactly what we wanted), and he showed us everything we asked for. When we were not sure he offered to contact us if anything new came in that had our specs and he called me two days later with a vehicle that was near exactly what we were looking for. We ended up with exactly what I wanted and the whole process was very painless. I would gladly recommend both the dealership and Mr. Orozco if you are looking for a certified pre-owned car.

    E.T.C.  – February 8, 2020
    On February 1, 2020, Jonathan Orozco provided excellent service.  His hospitality and knowledge was greatly appreciated.  In fact, he did such a wonderful job that my daughter was shopping for a vehicle and I recommended she go see Jonathan.  Sure enough she went in, asked for him and a hour and half later she was a proud owner of  a red 2016 RAV4.  She named her vehicle “Strawberry”.  Which was perfect because as we walked out it beginning snowing.  So you might say,  she she receive strawberry with cream.   Thank you again for the wonderful service

  • Nicholas Barajas

    Nicholas Barajas

    Sales Professional

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    Nicholas Barajas

    Nicholas Barajas

    Sales Professional

    Nick’s Customer Reviews

    H.F. – July 7, 2021
    Nick Barajas is a very good salesperson.  I had test drives & he answered all questions. He allowed me to make my own decision without any pressure.

    A.C. – April 8, 2021
    Nicholas Barajas was an awesome salesperson. He was very polite, respectful, and most importantly honest. He was super helpful, and made my first car buying experience smooth and easy. He worked hard at getting me the best deal possible at the price range I wanted. I appreciate Nicholas for all his help, and I will definitely come back in the future to see him.

    A.C. and R.C. – March 26, 2021
    We wanted to give Nick a big congratulations! He displayed excellent customer service skills! Nick was courteous, well mannered,  enthusiastic and very professional.  Please give him our best. He is a bright young man! He made our car shopping experience very smooth.  Toyota should keep him and reward him, keep him as long as possible. We wish him the best and a very fulfilling future.

    Brian H. – February 19, 2020
    Nicholas is the consummate salesman! He did a great job of gathering and delivering information via phone and text that allowed me to make a decision to further pursue a deal with him. As we spoke more I made the decision to come to the dealership to look at the new vehicle with my daughter and have my trade evaluated. It was at this point the deal started to fall apart but Nicholas was persistent and walked us down a path that allowed a deal to occur. It would not have happened if Nicholas didn’t get creative, bring the right people into the conversation and ask for the order. I appreciate that he was my salesman and didn’t give up on our deal!

    Jeremy S. – April 20, 2020
    Walked in and walked out with a 2020 Camry SE. Nick Barajas took care of me, he made the deal happen nice and easy! Really love it!

    Mark G. – March 3, 2020
    The whole experience was awesome. Even before we arrived Nicholas sent us pictures and answered all of our questions. It was a non-haggle approach when we discussed financing. Nick got us the term and price we wanted. Our financial representative Paul Garza was so helpful and knowledgeable. He worked our offer and brought the price even lower with a 4 year extended warranty and gap insurance! Nick was right by our side from start to finish. He even took some amazing pictures to capture the moment the vehicle was ours. The world is in need of more businesses and associates like Nick and Paul. I will be purchasing another vehicle shortly and will only work with Nick and Paul. We are extremely satisfied customers.

  • Edgar Ramirez

    Edgar Ramirez

    Sales Professional

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    Edgar Ramirez

    Edgar Ramirez

    Sales Professional

    Edgar’s Customer Testimonials

    Imelda H. – July 25, 2021
    I want to say that Edgar was awesome excellent customer service very knowledgeable and responded to every question and request. I would recommend and refer my friends and family to him.

    A.K. – July 4, 2021
    Edgar Ramirez asked a few questions and knew exactly what I wanted and needed. I was very particular but he was able to check off all my lists. I didn’t even mention it but he even picked out the color I wanted. He really knows his customers and is very upfront with all of the information I needed. I had a wonderful experience. It was a pleasant surprise.

    M.R. – June 24, 2021
    Edgar is a fantastic salesman. He was so helpful and made buying a car painless. He’s also very knowledgeable about the vehicles.

    R.P. – May 10, 2021
    Edgar reached out to me in response to an inquiry I submitted online. He was very responsive to all of my questions, had the vehicle ready for me to view when I visited the dealership, and truly made my car buying experience painless. Edgar is a true professional!

    W.W. – April 8, 2021
    Edgar Ramirez gave me outstanding service when I went to Red McCombs Toyota to purchase a 2021 Tundra TRD Pro. He was informative about all the options available and did not pressure me to purchase options. My vehicle was ordered for delivery approximately 90 days later. He answered my texts promptly when I asked questions about the order and had everything prepared when I came in to take delivery of the vehicle. He has followed up about an option that was not available when I picked up the vehicle and performed professionally.

    G.P. – March 7, 2021
    Edgar was great, since the beginning of the process he was very helpful providing pictures and videos, during the purchase he was very friendly and professional, showed us options and provided information and after the purchase he reached out with a follow up call and again assisted in providing videos and information about the new vehicle we purchased, kudos to Edgar for a job well done, we will be regular customers going forward. Thanks so much Edgar!

    J.S. – January 18, 2021
    Everything was awesome. I talked to Edgar over the phone a couple of times. Agreed on a price, he got the paperwork ready brought me my truck, I signed for it and it was all covid safe during this unusual time. Just a great experience. Thanks Edgar.

    E.H. – December 26, 2020
    I already knew what I wanted and had the loan walking in. Edgar showed me all my options, he was quick and nice. Ibrahim in Finance Department was very quick and not pushy on any of the extra warranties. We had a small detail on the paperwork that needed to be changed for our bank and Ibrahim typed it all back up and didn’t waste any time getting it done. This was probably the smoothest car transaction we’ve ever had.

    B.C. – September 11, 2020
    Edgar was very knowledgeable. He was informative, courteous, prompt and professional.

    Lori H. – August 31, 2020
    Edgar did a great job of keeping us informed on a difficult to find Highlander. The minute one became available on the lot, he called us, got us in and got us a great price. Also, he was well informed about the vehicle and did not push us to make quick decisions.

    K.C. – June 4, 2020
    Edgar Ramirez made our buying process an over all greatexperience. He genuinely cares and answers all your questions.

  • Cem Yesildag

    Cem Yesildag

    Sales Professional

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    Cem Yesildag

    Cem Yesildag

    Sales Professional

    Cem’s Customer Reviews

    L.P. – February 25, 2022
    Cem was attentive and gracious. He went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with my purchase.

    A.H. – February 5, 2022
    Cem was very helpful! He kept it simple and honest! He made our car buying experience stressless and smooth! Thank you!

  • Ali Elmezain

    Ali Elmezain

    Sales Professional

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    Ali Elmezain

    Ali Elmezain

    Sales Professional

    Testimonials coming soon!

  • John Beriji

    John Beriji

    Sales Professional

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    John Beriji

    John Beriji

    Sales Professional


    John’s Customer Reviews

    Evelyn C. – August 21, 2021
    I received exceptional service from John Beriji, and will definitely recommend him to friends and family members interested in purchasing a vehicle. My brother Louis Cervantes and I, enjoyed the great service he provided, as well as his sense of humor. Both he and his manager Matt, went above and beyond to ensure all the questions we had were answered. Thank you.
  • Jake Margozewitz

    Jake Margozewitz

    Sales Professional

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    Jake Margozewitz

    Jake Margozewitz

    Sales Professional

    Testimonials coming soon!

  • John 'JT' Trevino

    John 'JT' Trevino

    Sales Professional

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    John 'JT' Trevino

    John 'JT' Trevino

    Sales Professional

    JT’s Customer Reviews

    P.L. – November 8, 2021
    Awesome place,  awesome people, awesome sales! JT, thank you sir for all your help.

    R.P. – July 13, 2021
    John Trevino was patient, answered every question we had concerning the value of our car, the trade-in value and the difference in cost between a used vehicle and new vehicle. When we decided what we wanted to do, John did everything he could to make the trade-in process and purchase of the vehicle we chose done quickly and affordable. Once purchased, he did everything possible to make sure we were comfortable in knowing about the vehicle before we drove off the lot. I recommend seeing John if you are in the market for selling your vehicle or purchasing another one!

  • Steven Likens

    Steven Likens

    Sales Professional

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    Steven Likens

    Steven Likens

    Sales Professional

    Steven’s Customer Reviews

    R.J.M – May 8, 2021
    Steven Likens, the sales professional provided suggestions and assistance without pressure and we bought what we wanted. My first purchase from Red McCombs, but not my last because of the friendliness and efforts of all McCombs personnel. Steven Likens is excellent and very helpful.

  • Sina Mandavi

    Sina Mandavi

    Sales Professional

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    Sina Mandavi

    Sina Mandavi

    Sales Professional

    Sina’s Customer Reviews

    Ryan E. – June 22, 2021
    Sina was awesome, he simply was great to work with. He was great to my 1 yr old and was all around a great person. Definitely best salesman I have ever dealt with.

    G.C. – May 6, 2021
    Sina was great, i had a great experience he was very honest and straightforward from the beginning, truly a great asset to the company definitely will bring business his way. Thanks again Sina.

  • Tyler Broome

    Tyler Broome

    Sales Professional

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    Tyler Broome

    Tyler Broome

    Sales Professional

    Tyler’s Customer Reviews

    M.T. – April 9, 2021
    Tyler Broome greeted us warmly when we arrived. Tyler found out what we were looking for and worked with us patiently and kindly. He worked hard to help us get the car we wanted for the best possible price. His communication skills and personability really made the experience better. I would give Tyler a score of perfect ten.

  • Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn

    Sales Professional

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    Kevin Dunn

    Kevin Dunn

    Sales Professional


    Kevin’s Customer Reviews

    Jessica N. – December 25, 2021
    Kevin was patient, knowledgeable, and prepared to make the best deal in our best interest. We truly had a great experience with the dealership and the buying process!!

  • Eddie Nealy Jr

    Eddie Nealy Jr

    Sales Professional

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    Eddie Nealy Jr

    Eddie Nealy Jr

    Sales Professional


    Eddie’s Customer Reviews

    E.B. – November 23, 2021
    Eddie is a great salesperson to deal with. Since our first visit to the dealership he understood what our needs were and never tried to sell us a different car. He patiently searched for our car and was quick with updates until the final sale. Great experience!

    Robbie S. – July 29, 2021
    I was thoroughly happy with Eddie Nealy. Very kind and made sure I was comfortable driving and knowing the ins and out of my new car. Thanks so much. I’m thinking of places to go just to drive my Highlander. Thanks again.

    R.S. – May 17, 2021
    We had a great experience at Red McCombs Toyota. I first spoke with your salesman Eddie Nealy on the phone and then came on down to the showroom. Eddie made the whole car buying process as painless at it could be. Thanks!

  • Jose Gutierrez

    Jose Gutierrez

    Sales Professional

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    Jose Gutierrez

    Jose Gutierrez

    Sales Professional

    Testimonials Coming Soon!

  • Alan Poole

    Alan Poole

    Sales Professional

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    Alan Poole

    Alan Poole

    Sales Professional

    Alan’s Customer Reviews

    M.P. – February 19, 2022
    My entire experience was great! Alan was extremely helpful and courteous. I left with the vehicle I went in for and the process was smooth and quick.

    S.A. – February 7, 2022
    Alan Poole was very helpful and informative. I felt he really cared about making sure I got the best vehicle for me, and I’m very happy with my purchase!

    E.P. – June 11, 2021
    Dealing with Red McCombs Toyota was very pleasant from the start, real easy to work with and very attentive to detail and fast response. I did everything on line and my vehicle purchase was ready in a few minutes. Alan Poole was great and very responsive to my inquiry, he followed up with me promptly and made my deal happen in no time. I will definitely recommend Alan Poole and Red McComb Toyota to all of my friends and family. “Your work is a mirror image of yourself, paint it with excellence.”

  • Malachi Diaz

    Malachi Diaz

    Sales Professional

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    Malachi Diaz

    Malachi Diaz

    Sales Professional


    Testimonials coming soon!

  • Isaac Olivar

    Isaac Olivar

    Sales Professional

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    Isaac Olivar

    Isaac Olivar

    Sales Professional


    Testimonials coming soon!

  • Yesenia Camacho

    Yesenia Camacho

    Sales Professional

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    Yesenia Camacho

    Yesenia Camacho

    Sales Professional


    Yesenia’s Customer Reviews

    Paul & Rose K. – November 21, 2021
    Yesenia was awesome; very nice, friendly, and knowledgeable!  Thank you for making it easy to make my purchase. Thanks.

  • Jose Jimenez-Baez

    Jose Jimenez-Baez

    Sales Professional

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    Jose Jimenez-Baez

    Jose Jimenez-Baez

    Sales Professional


    Jose’s Customer Reviews

    E.G. – November 17, 2021
    Jose was a great salesman; he did everything he could to help me with my new car. He was very helpful and honest.

  • Richard Barrera

    Richard Barrera

    Sales Professional

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    Richard Barrera

    Richard Barrera

    Sales Professional


    Testimonials coming soon!