Red McCombs Toyota is a trusted CarPro Dealer in San Antonio

Red McCombs Toyota is proud to be a trusted dealer partner of the CarProUSA radio show. Jerry Reynolds has selected us as a CarPro Toyota dealer in San Antonio to help assist his valued guests in finding the best car to buy and setting up financing, leasing, and trading. You can expect a smooth and transparent process with the CarPro VIP Priority Pass and our dedicated CarPro Manager, Mike Buffenbarger.

About the CarPro USA Radio Show

Host Jerry Reynolds is passionate about the car business. In his weekly radio show, with co-host Kevin McCarthy, they explore all topics related to automotive. Whether you are trying to figure out which vehicle to buy next or what to look for when trading in your current one, Jerry and Kevin bring over 20 years of experience and research to offer expert advice. Aside from the show, Jerry and his team at CarPro USA have put together a program with trusted certified dealers, like Red McCombs Toyota, to make sure his listeners get a straight forward process with experienced CarPro Managers. Make sure to tune in to WOAI 1200 every Saturday or join them on their next Podcast to hear what’s new!


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Jerry Reynolds and Mike McCarthy Bios

Jerry Reynolds

Jerry Reynolds has over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry. He is a former police officer and was a successful Ford dealer for many years. After selling his dealerships, he decided to take his love for automotive to the radio airwaves as host of CarPro USA.

Jerry is a trusted source of all things automotive, such as insider insight and new car reviews. He is passionate about helping customers through the car buying process, so listeners can make the best decision for them.


     Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy is a long-time radio and tv personality. Being a lifetime car enthusiast himself, it was a natural fit to join Jerry on CarPro USA as co-host of the show. He is every bit as passionate about educating car buyers as Jerry is.

Kevin is a charter inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, a 5-time winner of the “Best Talk Show Host in Texas” award, and was the Public Address announcer for the Dallas Mavericks for 20 years.



What are the benefits in buying from the Red McCombs Toyota CarPro Program?

We agree with Jerry that the car buying process should be straight forward and transparent. Only the most seasoned sales professionals qualify to be a CarPro Manager. They understand the program requirements and what it takes to provide our CarPro VIP members the right type of experience.

Am I required to only work with the Red McCombs Toyota CarPro Manager to take advantage of my CarPro VIP Priority Pass?

It is not required to work with a CarPro Manager, but it is recommended that you at least communicate with them during the process. If you are already working with another sales associate, the CarPro Manager will still assist to make sure you are getting the proper VIP experience.

Is the Red McCombs Toyota CarPro Program available for both new and used vehicles?

Yes. The CarPro Manager will assist you with the same easy, transparent, process regardless of new or used.

Do I get a discount on the vehicle I buy through the Red McCombs Toyota CarPro Program?

In most cases, yes. There are some limitations based on vehicle availability, reduced prices, and special editions. Your CarPro Manager will be able to provide you details.

Do I get a discount on Warranties, Maintenance, or other F&I products through the Red McCombs Toyota CarPro Program?

Yes. As a CarPro USA Program participant you will qualify for special discounts on extended service contracts, maintenance plans, and other F&I products. Make sure you communicate your interest with your CarPro Manager.





Mike Buffenbarger


Mike has been with Toyota for over 22 years. Prior to working in the car business, he retired from a 20-year career in the US Army where he was a Military Police K-9 instructor. Mike’s extensive knowledge of the Toyota brand, as well as his high level of customer service, led him to be selected as the Red McCombs Toyota CarPro Program Manager. Mike makes the car-buying process simple and easy. He can help you find the right new or used vehicle already on the lot, or if necessary, he has access to custom build and order the perfect Toyota made just for you.

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Red McCombs Toyota is located at: 13526 IH 10 Frontage Rd • San Antonio, TX 78249
Red McCombs Toyota 29.4903467, -98.2156519.