Toyota Prius LB Level Two Lease

Lease a new Prius LB Level Two

Lease a new 2017 Toyota Prius Two: $299/month with $1999 down payment (or $359/month with $0 down payment). Based on model 1223 Total MSRP $25,900 & net capitalized cost of $23,684. Lease end purchase option is $13,727 plus tax, title, fees, and license. 12k miles per year for 36 months. With approved credit through Toyota Financial Services. Payments are calculated using TFS Tier 1+ rate with no security deposit; other tier options available. Does not include tax, title, $150 doc fee, or license. $1999 down payment and first payment of $299 due at signing. Additional vehicle equipment or trim levels available with relative payment.  Offer includes $0 GST Lease Bonus Cash. Offer Exp 5/1/17

Get Greener With a Prius Lease from Red McCombs Toyota

The�Toyota Prius�has been the poster child of green cars since 2001. These vehicles are clean-running, and keep you out on the road and away from the gas pump longer than nearly any other vehicle. They are also renowned for reliability.

Why, then, should our customers in�San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Converse, Boerne, and�Live Oak�choose to lease instead of buying one outright?

There are a few very good reasons. One, the Prius is not the cheapest of compact cars. What you save at the pump, you pay a little extra for upfront. A lease lowers your monthly payments, while you rake in the savings on gas.

The Prius is entering its fourth generation, with 2015 Prius models arriving in dealerships like�Red McCombs Toyota�by the end of 2015. Short of complete redesigns like this one, each new model year brings with it a host of new and improved technologies that can save fuel, add luxuries, and keep you safer.

If you love staying current and taking advantage of the latest updates, then a lease can help you do that.

The Toyota Prius comes a Smart Key fob standard on all models. Simply press the power button, like you're turning on a computer, and the Prius will spring to life. You can just leave the key in your pocket or purse.

Some other cool technology: you can get a Prius with a solar panel roof. When you park in the sun, the solar panel powers a fan which cools the cabin down. With Remote Air Conditioning, you can start up the AC from up to 30 yards away. No more coming back to a parked oven-- take that, summer.

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