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A New Leased Corolla is Always in Fashion
In botany, a corolla is the eye-catching swirl of petals on a flower. It draws in pollinating bees, and helps couples woo. In the automotive world, the Corolla is an eye-catchingly beautiful car. Like its namesake, the Toyota Corolla has a presence which lifts the spirits of all who encounter it.

Red McCombs Toyota would like to invite you, our customers from the San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Converse, Boerne, and Live Oak areas, to lease a new 2018 Toyota Corolla.

The 2018 Toyota Corolla offers a host of elegant and inviting features. Available SofTex� upholstered seats are soft and supple as fine leather, but are water and stain resistant. The dashboard is sleek, with aerodynamic lines that draw the eye across it. Few other cars put this much effort into making the utility of the dash as gorgeous as their exterior. The Corolla does have its name to live up to.

It’s not just about looks– the Corolla is all about the fun of the drive. The Corolla S can be transformed into Sport Mode at the touch of a button, adjusting your Engine Control Unit and shift points for a more heart-pounding driving experience. Paddle shifters allow you to change gear faster than ever before, giving you the control of a manual, with the ease of an automatic.

Of course, for those enthusiasts who believe manual is the only way to truly express, fear not– the Toyota Corolla still comes in a 6-speed manual.

Leasing is an excellent alternative to buying a new Toyota. Let’s say you want the sportiness and premium features of the Corolla S, but you’ve only got enough room in your budget for the monthly payments of a lower trim level. Leasing lower your monthly payment, so you can afford the premium model.

If you, like the Corolla, like to stand out in a crowd, then you always want the latest, coolest technology. Leasing, rather than buying, means you can always have a new car, and keep setting the trends.

Benefits of Leasing
I. Lower Payments: since you are actually only financing a portion of the entire vehicle price, payments on a lease are usually much lower than on a purchase. This allows you to get more vehicle at a shorter term than if you would purchase. Prefer that Camry XLE with navigation over the basic model but just can’t fit it into your monthly budget? With a lease your payments on that XLE might be the same or lower!

II. No Negative Equity: Since the “Residual” (amount the vehicle is estimated to be worth at the end of the term) is calculated in advance, you will never have to worry about current market conditions leaving you with negative equity. Most people get the “itch” to trade out of their current vehicle after about three years; which happens to be the average lease term. On a purchase of 60-72 months, you are usually still “upside down” after three years and would have to roll the negative equity into the new loan. On a lease, you simply turn it in without the worry of negative equity!

III. Latest and Greatest: Vehicles today are similar to cell phones and other technological gadgets. Just when you get latest and greatest version…they come out with a better one. Toyota technology evolves at a rapid pace and you know something new and better is always around the corner. Why not get the most updated features every three years? Instead of having to wait 5-6 years on a purchase contract.

IV. Lower Maintenance Costs: With complimentary “Toyota Care” for the first two years on all new vehicles, people who lease a vehicle are typically only going to have to pay maintenance on their vehicle for one year. The first three years is also when the vehicle is less likely to have expensive maintenance costs like new tires, etc.

V. Warranty Coverage: The Toyota factory comprehensive warranty is 3 yrs/36k miles; this pretty much covers most standard leases, so you won’t ever have to worry about putting money out of pocket. On the contrary, 5-6 year purchases leave you with 2-3 years of possible out of pocket expenses at a time when your vehicle is more likely to incur them.

VI. Flexibility: And for those customers who say “I want to own my car” that option is available. At the end of a Toyota lease, you can either choose to keep the vehicle and finance the remaining balance…or turn it in and choose something else. With the lease scenario, you can still own your car, but it gives you three years to think about it! Circumstances change in life: perhaps that Corolla you bought when you graduated college is not the perfect fit anymore after three years and you want something bigger. Or that Tundra you bought when you worked down the street doesn’t fit your the 60 mile commute to that new job.