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Sell or Trade your car in San Antonio… easy as 1-2-3!

Here are 3 easy options to get a sale or trade value for your vehicle:

Make an Appointment for a Professional Appraisal

Option One:

Make an Appointment for a Professional Appraisal

This is the fastest, most accurate, way to get a value for your vehicle. Simply click the button to schedule an appraisal appointment convenient to you.  We can typically provide you with an offer in only 10 minutes!

Schedule Appraisal Appointment

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Remote Appraisal

Option Two:

Work Remotely with an Appraiser

If you are unable to bring your vehicle to the dealership, you can work remotely with one of our professional appraisers. Get started by filling out some basic information about your vehicle; a representative will then reach out and coordinate the necessary items needed, such as photos.

Get Started on Remote Appraisal

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Kelley Blue Book

Option Three:

Get an Estimate from Kelly Blue Book

If you are not quite ready to get an actual offer for your vehicle, you can get an estimated value based on year/make/model/miles through Kelly Blue Book.
Get Estimate

Sell Us Your Car

Selling your vehicle in San Antonio can be stressful. Listing your car for sale, handling phone calls/emails, arranging test drives with strangers, and let’s not forget…avoiding scams! Save yourself the headache and sell your car to Red McCombs Toyota–we buy cars even if you don’t buy one from us!

Trade Your Car

If you are looking for a trade in value, keep in mind that you will get an additional 6.25% tax savings on top of your vehicle’s worth!  In the state of TX, taxes are calculated after the trade in value reduces the total amount of the sale. For example, if you are purchasing a $40,000 vehicle, and your trade is worth $25,000, you only pay the TX vehicle sales tax of 6.25% on the remaining $15,000. By using your vehicle as a trade, you get an additional $1,562.50 in tax savings!




How accurate is the Remote appraisal offer?

  • The remote appraisal offer is completely accurate as long as the correct information is provided and disclosed. Vehicle will still require a final in-person inspection before transaction is guaranteed.

How accurate is the Kelly Blue Book Offer?

  • Kelly Blue Book bases their offers off of similar year/make/model/mile vehicles in the region. Most values are close to your vehicle’s actual worth, but cannot be completely accurate due to variables such as equipment, condition, and local market demand. An in-person professional appraisal will still be required with a Kelly Blue Book estimate.

What if I still owe money on my car?

  • Your car does not have to paid off to sell it to Red McCombs Toyota. We will take care of the paperwork to pay off your vehicle with the lienholder and get the title so you can get your check.

What happens if I owe more on my car than what it’s worth?

  • If you owe more to the lender on your vehicle than what the appraised value is, then you will have to pay the difference up front, before the transaction can be complete.

Do you buy vehicles with out of state titles?

  • In most circumstances yes, but it depends on the state and if/who the lienholder is. Either way proof of ownership and how the vehicle is titled must be provided. Consult with representative for details specific to your situation.

What happens if I lose my car title?

  • You can apply for a duplicate title at your local TX DMV. We recommend visiting their website for details.
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