How Long Can I Go Without An Oil Change?

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Replacing your vehicle’s engine oil on time is among the most crucial elements of automobile upkeep. The engine is a complicated piece of technology, with thousands of moving parts that need oil to keep them lubricated. Oil also prevents wear and tear on your vehicle’s critical components.

Oil becomes dirty over time as dust, debris, and dirt accumulate. Dirty motor oil is harmful because it fails to function correctly and increases the chance of costly damage down the road. Regularly changing your oil is vital to keep your automobile’s engine operating smoothly and efficiently. Here are several reasons why an oil change is essential:

Prevents Corrosion

Your engine is extremely prone to corrosion from the elements. Engine oil acts as a natural protective layer, preventing humidity, dust, dirt, and other harmful air particles from entering the engine. Over time, your oil can degrade and become polluted with carbon molecules, moisture, and unburned gasoline within the engine. So, regularly replacing dirty oil is critical to keeping your engine corrosion free.

Keeps Engine Parts Cool

The combustion and friction process within your engine creates a lot of heat that can harm its components if the surplus heat does not dissipate properly. Engine oil helps to keep your engine parts from overheating by decreasing friction and moving heat away from the sensitive sections. Ensuring the oil is clean and adequate reduces the chance of the engine getting too hot.

Maintains the Engine Free of Dust

Without engine oil, metal shavings can become caught in the engine and cause harm because of the continuous tension and contact between the various components. Engine oil aids in removing these particles from your car’s critical components and, along with the oil filter, eliminates any debris or dirt that may penetrate the engine, ensuring the engine is clean and performing at its best.

A high concentration of debris and dust can cause excessive damage and diminish the oil’s capacity to keep the engine clean. So, we recommend regular oil and filter replacements.

Preserves the Environment

Do you care about the environment? When you stay consistent with your oil changes, it’s simple to be “green.” If you delay replacing your oil, it can result in unclean, old oil that emits unpleasant engine fumes. Because new oil doesn’t burn like old oil, regularly changing your oil will make your automobile more ecologically friendly. Put oil changes on your schedule and help keep our San Antonio air clean.

Enhances Mileage

Oil changes benefit both your engine and your wallet. Aside from acquiring a hybrid or electric vehicle, oil changes are a simple way to save money on petrol. One of the lesser-known advantages of frequent oil changes is better gas mileage. Friction created by outdated oil can slow down your vehicle, increasing how often you visit the pump. If your engine is well-oiled, your automobile will travel further than you imagine.

In many U.S. jurisdictions, most automobiles must pass an annual emissions test to remain authorized on the road. Regular oil changes can help your car pass these tests since they help improve fuel economy and lower emissions.

Helps You Avoid Costly Future Repairs

When you bring your vehicle in for scheduled oil maintenance, you can ask the technician to inspect your engine’s general condition. While beneath the hood, they can check if anything needs to be replaced or repaired, saving you money and preventing future damage to your vehicle.

An oil change is a low-cost procedure that a technician can complete in as little as 15 minutes. It’s a far better option than risking significant engine damage and spending a long time and a large amount of money on repairs. If your engine fails, replacing it with a new or used engine can cost between $3,000 and $6,000, depending on your vehicle’s make and model.

Prolongs Engine Life and Boosts Resale Value

Wouldn’t it be great to have a long-lasting automobile that doesn’t break down? For this to happen, it’s crucial to understand that buying a high-quality car, such as the ones we have in stock at Red McCombs Toyota, is just half the battle. A dust-free engine, helped by frequent oil changes, may prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. Who can say? That family vehicle may outlast more generations than you realize.

If you have kept up with periodic oil and filter changes, you will most likely profit from a better resale value when the time comes to sell or trade your automobile. A record of frequent oil changes demonstrates that you have taken excellent care of your vehicle’s engine and avoided early damage.

The engine is the most significant and costly component of your car. You should generally check the condition of your engine oil weekly. The oil, along with its filter, should be replaced every few months or every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. A timely oil change is vital for ensuring the health and durability of your engine.

Oil is necessary to keep your automobile operating smoothly. All you must do to keep old oil from collecting in your engine is bring your vehicle in on time. Most mechanics or auto repair providers post a tag on your windshield to remind you when it’s time for an oil change. What’s the bottom line? It’s well worth the effort and small maintenance expense.

Of course, changing the oil yourself can be a dirty and time-consuming job. Thankfully, many car dealerships offer this service at relatively affordable prices, with the advantage that they do a better job and save you time. Getting your Toyota’s oil replaced at the factory-suggested maintenance intervals is an excellent way to keep your Toyota operating smoothly and its value intact. At Red McCombs Toyota, we use Toyota Genuine Motor Oil, designed to guard against corrosion and foaming and ensure optimum oil application on cylinder walls.

Red McCombs Toyota in San Antonio has Toyota-trained experts ready to perform this service quickly. Make an appointment with us for your next oil change.

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